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She then mentions something rummaging through her and Bill's camp, and a Brazilian couple going missing. When Bill returns, it is pitch black. She did so, which is why she left a note behind for Bill. Bill can also find a map of Pillet Creek, in a random container. Sarah is listed as dead on the Rescue List, so she is likely to have been the dead woman found on the trail from Bill's camp to the helicopter pad. To make one Biofuel, 200 units of raw food are spent. The game has a total of fifteen notes, of these fifteen, nine will be chosen randomly, although some notes, like Sarah's note, will always spawn.

Get to high ground, preferably a hill that doesn’t have a lot of stuff around it so that you can always see where the Screecher is. Bill and Sarah most likely were there on a week-long camping trip, which would be why they stayed so long. come on there is no flying animal that has this strategy stupid strategy in the real world.

When he turns the flashlight back on, he witnesses a woman being killed by the Screecher, a bloodthirsty monster with the body of a human male and the head of an owl. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America).

The name of the woman whom Bill finds still alive and runs when he approaches her, and later is seen being killed by a Screecher, is most likely Kristine, which is the only female name on the rescue list not listed as FOUND, DEAD, or MONSTER. Who they were or how they became Screechers to begin with is not knowable.

It has also been theorized that the Brazilians may be Ryan and Rene, but this is dismissed, mostly due to the fact that these names are not Portuguese (Ryan is an English name and Rene is a French name). In the end, many Screechers can be seen, indicating a lot of campers were converted, more than just Ryan and Rene, probably including all of the unaccounted for names from the rescue list (aside from Kristine), whose bodies were probably not found because they had been converted already, and the bodies found already dead became Screechers between discovery and Bill reaching the helipad. Yeah I've also had many arrows phase through the screecher and I agree with the bow changes. The Brazilian couple could also be Marco and Vera Rassi (listed on the manifest), but these names are more likely Italian.

There are three other notes, dated January 9, 12, and 14th, which are written from the perspective of someone arriving from the helicopter who made camp with Bill, which most likely means Sarah. it's a tank flying animal that can take 10 arrows and drops boulder in you and does not give you a opening for melee. He will also find multiple notes. The main problem is that his hitbox is a lie and he flies in VERY bad patterns.

The Screecher is also known as the Stone Bird.

You can easily dodge his boulder by sprinting after firing. It is possible this method of (literally) defacing victims allows for the Screecher's owl-like face to replace it, making the victims into new Screechers. However, in the current version, only one layer is needed. Before we start excuse me for my bad english! TYVM Jynn, just got my first screecher kill and see many more in the near future.

A guide detailing the easiest strategies I have found to deal with The Screecher.


This indicates that the Screechers kill their victims in the same manner Kristine's death is witnessed, by the Screecher tearing off the face with its beak-like mouth. Screechers will attack you by picking up boulders from the island and dropping them on your head. no comments yet. The Screecher's design is based on the bearded vulture, also known as the Ossifrage or Lammergeier.

On his way, he notices many other abandoned campsites, and finds some batteries for his flashlight, a map of Pillet Creek, and multiple notes, including diary entries, letters, scraps of paper with eerie warnings, a manifest for the helicopter, and the Pillet Creek emergency radio frequency. There was also a tour guide mentioned in the dated notes. Consequently, Bill's face is never seen, but images can be found of his face in the game files. I stand still under cover on the island and wait for perfect shots.

This likely provides the Screechers with some form of sustanance, but probably also has to do with creating more Screechers. Consequently, Bill's face is never seen, but images canbe found of his face in the game files. best. According to legend, a bearded vulture mistook Aeschylus's head for a rock and dropped a tortoise onto his head, killing him. Bearded vultures drop tortoises onto rocks from great heights to crack their shells before feeding on them.

Hey I'm not going to be rude here at all, but there is another weapon available that most don't even think about and it will definitely add a challenge to killing things.

All rights reserved. Following is a list of the foods that can be used in the Biofuel Refiner and their "fill"-value: https://raft.gamepedia.com/Biofuel_Refiner?oldid=15797, Mix raw food and Honey in the Biofuel Refiner.

As Bill progresses, he discovers several bloodied bodies, including one that appears to be Sarah's body. The main character is identified by the radio as Bill, making him most likely the William Moran from the Helicopter Manifest and the "Bill" from the rescue list and the dated notes. This indicates that she was found alive, but died before she was able to be evacuated. Some posts online mentioned trying to run to him while grounded and stabbing with the spear, I was never able to get that method to work, so I'd say bow and metal arrows are the way to go.

Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Many of the names are crossed out with the word "DEAD" written next to them, indicating those characters were found dead.

Its detection radius is fairly big, so once approaching be sure to keep an eye of for when it dives and listen for the sound of a boulder being picked up. Your info is off. The Screecher always tugs three times before lifting off with a boulder. ꊼᖘ꒒ꍏꀤꈤ.

Turn on the beacon with the generator!" Furthermore, the shared surname hints at them being a married couple.

An annoying bird to fight, but it’s easier than you think once you get the hang of it. A few have the word "-FOUND" written next to them, indicating that those persons were found by rescue teams and subsequently rescued. This effectively makes one Watermelon worth 80 units of raw food.

I couldn't find the correct timing for hitting it while flying and I was basically waiting for it to land and hit it with an arrow. Oh yeah, there was a point where seagulls would die in one hit from metal spears and stone arrows. Finally, she mentions Bill went out to search for the Brazilian and subsequently also disappearing, and so the writer gets scared and states that she needs to find the guide and leave Pillet creek, even though Bill is still gone. The Screecher is a total-conversion horror mod for Don't Starve, made by Klei Entertainment.It is a horror game similar to "Slender", played through the eyes of protagonist William "Bill" Moran as he attempts to escape a campground while being stalked by a monster. Sometimes when I park the raft too close the screecher drops the rocks on my raft. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. However, it can be noted that when the flashlight goes out in Bill's hand and the Screecher begins gradually increasing the volume and intensity of its screech right before it attacks, it sounds a great deal like Charlie does before she attacks, which, along with the way the Screechers appear to detest being seen (like Charlie), and the fact that The Screecher was developed by Klei Entertainment, may indicate some level of continuity with the story of Don't Starve proper. This method is not always viable because the Screecher tends to land far from the player, taking off after three pulls; before the player can reach it. Kill 10 Screechers.

Although the Bill from the rescue list is listed as dead, this is explained during the conversation with the person on the radio, who says that they thought Bill was dead. Its detection radius is fairly big, so once approaching be sure to keep an eye of for when it dives and listen for the sound of a boulder being picked up. This was fixed in patch 11.00. I hope “Raft: How to Kill Screecher” helps you. Thanks! Due to the fact that consoles generally don't have mod support. Expert Screecher Hunter. The seagull and boar also let you reclaim an arrow or 2. This means I'm still covered, but also nice and high up. This article may spoil any scares that may occur while playing "The Screecher." The Screecher‘s method of attack was possibly derived from the death of Aeschylus, an ancient Greek playwright. Biofuel Refiner Mixes raw food and honey to create biofuel.

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