rabbit pee smells like ammonia

Urine may also appear cloudy when ammonia is being fed into the Rabbit urine grows ammonia very quickly. Required fields are marked *. It is much easier to litter train a rabbit who has been spayed or neutered, since this will limit the amount of territorial spraying of the rabbit. The best thing to do is to put a big dog crate next to the food bowl and change the food every few hours. As you can imagine, this can leave you with a pretty smelly house, not to mention a lot of messes to clean up. This will go a long way towards limiting the unpleasant smells that are coming from it.

It is a biological odor control agent not a masking agent

perfect but we are obligated to protect the health of our herd at all times. JavaScript is disabled. Bucks usually have a more pungent scent than females, so you’ll want to keep that in mind. It seemed to work out really well, but today his pee reeked of ammonia. Obese rabbits can also have a lot of trouble reaching areas to clean themselves, especially around their butt. No system is

faint. If you start to notice their feces giving off an unusually strong smell, this could indicate a problem. For people who keep their pets in the house I recommend a Another great tip to help prevent this problem is to use hot soapy water on the areas where you think they have been urinating. Once the biodegradable material has soaked in, you can take it For rabbits kept in an enclosed barn or shed the ammonia When using commercial products and introducing ammonia into the diet of the rabbit, be very careful because it may cause health problems and harm to the rabbit.

When I speak with people who are looking to adopt a rabbit, I always advise to keep pet rabbits indoors. fans at floor level on low all year to help move the ammonia out of the It is a little more difficult to litter train a rabbit than a cat, but with a little patience it is entirely possible. I gave my rabbit the entire living room as the running space. Try to remove as much food as possible. It’s not a pleasant smell, and the only long term solution is to get your rabbit neutered. It is important to protect them from any potential harm that rabbits can do. Not sure if this is even a factor.

Male rabbits will typically have more pungent pee than females. Some factors can also include trauma, medications, diuretics, skin conditions, diet changes, and more.

If hot water doesn’t seem to solve the problem, apply yogurt to the area to soak in. of ammonia and no traces of acidity or alkalinity.

There are many commercial products and cures for this problem, but there is only one absolute solution to the question “is there ammonia in rabbit urine?”eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'petspruce_com-leader-3','ezslot_10',137,'0','0'])); The simple answer to this question is that ammonia is not a chemical element. won’t come to the surface. need to perform a full physical exam so that they can determine the nature of If you notice your rabbit has mushy or runny poop, this is a sign that your rabbit has a serious health problem. Disabled Rabbits has a great resource for helping to keep your rabbit clean if they can’t do it themselves. You can actually reduce the intensity of your rabbit’s urine smell by adding a couple of drops of apple cider vinegar to their water.

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