r6 defenders tier list

Jager's ADS destroys any throwables inside a certain (wide) range, ensuring that Attackers are unable to use frag grenades, stun grenades, smoke grenades, Candela's, EMP grenades, breaching rounds, and even stops a few of Fuze's cluster charges from detonating. Being incapable of doing anything else, he decided to try to make a living out of it.

These four have everything going for them—probably too much. Vital to the team’s success; Map knowledge required, It is hard to discuss the Lord but let’s try to be serious: Medium mechanical difficulty, requires a specific placement to have any positive effect; His gadget allows him to see enemy footsteps and scan them, pinging them on the map for all teammates for a short period of time. Not to mention his incredible primary weapon in the Commando 9, and his option to have a secondary shotgun in the Super Shorty. Each of them can get the job done but is not suited well to be the main fragging option for your team.

Both Hibana and Thermite are incredibly useful, but in the interest in keeping the list varied, only Hibana has been included. Requires game sense & good roaming skills, Mechanically simple; Passive; Vital to team’s success; [Editor’s Note: This tier list was updated in February 2017 to add 10 new operators, including the two new arrivals Jackal and Mira. But, this tier list is an easy answer for those of you having trouble picking an operator to play. Here are the best ones for both attacking and defending during gameplay.

Just keep in mind scanning footsteps can give Jackal's position away, as well. A list of every gun's DPS (damage per second), in order of highest to lowest, categorised by full-automatics, marksman rifles, shotguns and handguns. Now, she has a much better chance in gunfights, and has a pretty decent chance at making a quick and noticeable dent in the enemy team, especially if you've banned Lesion. There are also some super creative setups you can create for Goyo, where the shields can be activated from above or below, making them perfect bait for Attackers that think the coast is clear. Every Operator has a time and place in which they are going to be immensely useful, but some Operators are going to excel more often than others. Mechanically simple;  Flexible placement options; Mechanically simple;  Flexible placement options; Low chance of activating but high reward traps; Medium mechanical difficulty, with high skill ceiling;

Rainbow Six Siege touts an impressively large operator roster. Her ability to figure out where a Defender is with her Logic Bomb and then frag grenade it herself is pretty powerful in and of itself, but that isn't even the most important buff she's received in recent months. If a character you enjoy is not listed in one of the top tiers, don’t fret. If that wasn’t enough, Maestro has Intel-gathering utility; The only downside is his 1-speed. But Warden hasn’t been embraced for his role, which earns him a spot on the lower side of the list. Drew Ferguson has been obsessively discussing games and movies since he was old enough to talk. Speed: 1/3. She now has access to frag grenades, which precious few Attackers have access to. Create a Rainbow Six Siege tier list for R6 Operators. When triggered, they activate a damage-over-time on the Attacker until they remove the needle. Jackal excels at roam clearing, and if his team is coordinated, can wipe the enemy team of everything but anchors with some serious swiftness.

Here are some of the best Operators choices in Siege: Updated February 10th, 2020 by Drew Ferguson: Rainbow Six Siege has seen a bunch of new Operators released since this list debuted, not to mention there's been a ton of balancing changes that have changed how certain Operators are going to perform, and have had a marked impact on the meta. He can toss an EMP grenade from safety and get rid of any gadget that runs electronically. Rainbow Six Siege is a complex game with tons of variables and essentially unlimited tactics. Consequently, you will be able to find success and have fun playing with operators from S Tier all the way down to D Tier. He loves that. In case you would like to learn more about each operator, please click their name to go to a dedicated page or click the below button to visit the list of all operators available in Rainbow Six Siege.

After considering all the factors, we present to you our list of the best-defending operators in Rainbow Six Siege. Nokk has a pretty unique ability when it comes to catching Defenders off-guard, forcing them in many cases to have to make a quick flick to the target in order to deal with her. Here’s a quick look at how the Rainbow Six Siege meta is stacking up so far.

Moving on from the best utility operators, we enter the stage of useful, but not exceptional in every situation, group of operators.

Mute's jammers can also stop Attackers from using Thermite's and Hibana's gadgets, as well as jam Fuze's cluster charge, Jackal's visor, Dokkaebi's logic bomb, Lion's aerial drone, and breach charges. In some cases, those operators are the best at what they do. Rainbow Six: Siege is filled with a wide array of characters. A well-placed ADS assortment can blanket an entire area in a cushion of relative safety, and give anchors a little more peace-of-mind. Zofia has always been very useful, and it doesn't appear that's going to change any time soon. Goyo is absolutely going to be making a marked impact on Siege in the year to come, and it'll be interesting to see how the meta develops around him. It's important to note that they both have frag grenades as well, which can easily snag kills you couldn't have gotten otherwise. Operators in S-tier can adapt to a change and recover when they are in a bad spot. Difficulty: Medium Game Truth is changing the way we read about games by focusing on the truth, none of the other fluff and nonsense. Both Sledge and Buck are great Operators who can cause a lot of anxiety for the Defenders with their ability quickly open any soft wall with their gadgets (be it a hammer or an under-barrel shotgun), and their ability to open some sight-lines above enemy objectives, cutting down an enemies ability to move around by a hundred-fold.

The Rainbow Six Siege developer team published a blog post - in the middle of Year 5 Season 2 - showing data on the popularity and win delta of all characters in the game, and on the top 10 most banned operators by side. Buck's shotgun allows him to shoot from the floor below the objective and open up some murder-holes, whereas Sledge's hammer keeps him relegated to doing it only from above. Non-vital but can backfire easily; Requires map knowledge and advanced tactical sense, Medium mechanical difficulty, with high skill ceiling; Can be active (“Kaid tricking”); Hunter Boyce is a writer, which probably seems pretty obvious with "author" prominently displayed. Of course, it does not mean that other operators are not needed to the team’s success.

As a result, you should focus your time playing whichever operators bring you the most joy. In the past, this was pretty easily possible because Nokk's primary weapon just could not keep up with most others. He has some very effective primary weapon choices, along with the option to carry a shotgun as his secondary, allowing for some quick-and-easy breaching options. Can be active (“Bandit tricking”); Vital to team’s success; Map knowledge required, Mechanically simple, but potentially vital utility; Weekly email with the previous week's articles. Defenders listed in this group are easy to pick and play, especially as a new R6 Siege player.

There are a slew of Defender's that can impair hard-breachers ability to use their gadget, but Thatcher has an incredibly easy time disposing of those gadgets. But, he's an Operator that certainly has a ton of potential, and we're starting to see that more and more as the meta develops with Goyo in the mix. Maestro has an increased presence in games lately, even with the slight nerf he received recently, and Zofia is an easy way to deal with his Evil Eyes. Make a full tier list ranking today. I was a bit worried when Warden was initially announced. Requires understanding of gadgets interactions and game sense, Easy mechanically, but requires game sense and map knowledge to utilize efficiently; A term that's going to get used a lot on this list, the C7E is just a consistent weapon with a good fire rate and easy-to-predict recoil.

Requires patience and advanced game sense; Requires a lot of map, tactics & meta understanding; Vital to the team’s success and can backfire when used poorly; Mechanically simple, but requires good game sense and map knowledge for correct placement; High-skill ceiling; Great map knowledge needed for optimal usage; Passive utility, Difficult to anchor with; Potential impact on round increases as time passes; High patience and game sense required. Excellent Breach Denial option with great SMG and versatile universal gadgets; 3-speed, LMG on defense. In sections that follow, we will rank all defenders in R6 Siege based on: The best support operator on defense in Rainbow Six Siege; Utility protects nearby defenders from various offensive tools (i.e., grenades), Area denial specialist; Her utility changed the game and META; One-sided mirrors, Intel-gathering and plant denial specialist; Echo brings  to the table 2 unique Yokai drones, Great intel-gathering trap oriented operator; Active utility that debuffs affected attackers and notifies about their position, Area denial specialist; Slows down impacted attackers and gives audio cue about their presence, Breach Denial; Denying breach to attackers is a game within the game in Rainbow Six Siege; Best at electrifying walls, Breach Denial; The only operator capable of consistently denying breaching of reinforced hatches​​, Intel-gathering; 2 Evil Eyes that can serve as turrets and cameras, Support defender; Mag-net pulls various offensive gadgets; Helps to secure areas and is capable of impacting attackers negatively, Support defender; Buffs defensive team by increasing their resistance to damage, Support defender; The only healer on defense in Rainbow Six Siege; 3 Stim shots that heal or revive affected operator, Intel & Breach denial specialist; Versatile operator who disables drones and remote detonation of electronics within his gadgets’ range, Intel denial and gathering defender; Able to hack attackers drones and use them for defenders’ advantage. Each Operator that was on this list originally still deserves a spot on the list, but there are some more Operators that have just as much value as those previously on the list, so we've added them! Non-vital utility; Active usage, Mechanically simple; Passive utility; Armor and Speed is a feature in Rainbow Six Siege that determines the Operator's stat classification. I do not recommend those operators for players who just picked up the R6 Siege. Tier D Defenders: Tachanka.

This DOT stops the Attacker from sprinting and causes some visibility problems; not mentioning that the trap triggering makes a loud enough noise that most of the Defenders can hear it, giving them intel on where the Attacker is. Defensive operators listed in this ranking category are good at fragging, but either have their own limitations or are not centered around this function. They do not serve any vital role from the objective perspective and have … Zofia hasn't necessarily received any meaningful improvements in recent buffs, but there are a ton of things being used by Defenders more often than before that necessitate bringing a Zofia more than ever before. These windows can be shattered from the transparent side to give Defender's a murder-hole, but be wary; lose that gunfight, and you've given Attacker's the same sight-line. Hibana is one, and Thermite is the other (with Maverick being a sort of hybrid). This is where most operators fall into – the middle range of difficulty.

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