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Average Customer Ratings.  12,40 €, 22,51 € Fraser, of course has won lasting popularity as the author of the Flashman series, and he brings all his literary weight to this memoir.

National Review "George … Quartered Safe Out Here He writes of the camaradarie of these men; how they lived and fought beside each other; and how they created bonds of loyalty and trust. Hutton, who's not really a. Its only demerit is Fraser's compulsion to defend his generation's political and racial attitudes; the occasional use of Jap would likely have passed without comment by most, given its context. One can hardly speak of typical experiences: almost every soldier fights a different war, and Burma was different from the many other battle-fronts. Having served in infantry units myself, I felt the truth of this account in my bones.  12,40 €, 8,99 € Many episodes are affecting.  24,00 €, 9,40 €

The series begins with Flashman, and is notable for the accuracy of the historical settings and praise from critics. Fraser carries a more reflective style, that is particularly interesting in that he addresses the differing perspectives of now and then. Cookies are used to provide, analyse and improve our services; provide chat tools; and show you relevant content on advertising. "Burma was a barebones war", Fraser says, with simple arms and close-range combat.

Fraser tells it like it is from first hand experience as a ranker in the infantry, from the mundane routine of guard duty to blow by blow accounts of hairy firefights and clearing Jap bunkers. Written by the author of the Flashman historical novels, it benefits greatly from Mr. Fraser's talents as a fiction writer, but it's all true. This is, hands down, the best first person account of war in the China-Burma-India Theater in WW2. By the way, the title is "Quartered Safe Out Here", not "Quartered Safe Out There"--the ISBN search pulled the wrong title.

 12,90 €, 9,56 € There are also humorous episodes, and Fraser is particularly taken with the largely good-natured camaraderie of his fellow-soldiers, heroes all to him. His incredible gift for capturing language around him, his outstanding gift for description are absolute treasures for his readers. The realism of his story, combined with the skills of a talented novelist, create a book of sentiment and excitement. On. P.G. I particularly enjoyed Fraser's rendering of the Cumbrian dialect. 17,06 €  20,10 €, 13,26 € Fraser is brutally honest, as when he describes being in the last battle of the war, in which, finally, the invisible enemy became visible. Fraser also writes with considerable humour and affection for his squad mates, something that I didn't find in S. A very well done memoir from the perspective of pbi (poor bloody infantry) in Burma. In this rattling-good memoir, novelist, historian, and screenwriter Fraser vividly recounts the nerve-racking frontline action he saw while serving as a nineteen-year-old soldier during what turned out to be the last great land campaign of World War II—the British army’s ferocious campaign against the Japanese in Burma.

Quartered Safe Out Here: A Recollection of the War in Burma is a military memoir of World War II written by the author of The Flashman Papers series of novels George MacDonald Fraser that was first published in 1993.. Quartered Safe Out Here (Publisher Summary) George MacDonald Fraser—beloved for his series of Flashman historical novels—offers an action-packed memoir of his experiences in Burma during World War II. It's a difficult balance to strike in a book about wartime experiences, but Fraser manages it almost throughout all of Quartered Safe Out Here.  24,00 €, 17,31 € I'm sorry it's over. Still, Fraser's novelistic touches are all for the best.

Well worth the investment of time to read with care. Some people fall in love.

Occasionally, the enemy is engaged at closest range. What a delightful book this was! Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Quartered Safe Out Here: A Harrowing Tale of World War II. Fraser covers the basics of the war there -- the bigger picture, including the final smashing of the Japanese lines that doomed the army in 1945, and the consequences. They fight the Battles of Mekteila and Pyawbwe. Fraser describes R&R in Calcutta; at that time, India is still under the Raj. The Yanks 'ave dropped a bomb the size of a pencil on Tokyo an' it's blown the whole fookin' place tae bits!". Incredible. By the time I got to this conversation, near the end of the war (and the book), I could really start to understand what they were saying.

Still, fans will easily recognize his ear for dialect (indiscernible Cumbrian accents abound) and eye for the absurd (battling a foot-long centipede during a mortar barrage!). Secrets of Eden--Chris Bohjalian -- finished, Quartered Safe Out Here (Publisher Summary). These cookies are necessary to provide our site and services and therefore cannot be disabled. They were there to do a job and get out alive, and that's how most soldiers feel. John Keegan. Quartered Safe Out Here is a memoir of George MacDonald Fraser's wartime experiences as a soldier in Burma in the last year of World War II.  11,40 €, 15,60 €

But it is his recollection -- how he remembers it -- that he wants to recount; there are histories enough already for the other details. x 20.32mm Dispatched from the UK in 4 business days. chat tools) that might be of interest to you. Probably the last work by a soldier of the British Empire. Fraser alludes to the nature of memoirs when he says, "This is what the history books say about the event... [insert one sentence summary here]... but here is what it was like to be there... [spend a chapter describing the event]." It did leave me wanting to read more about the special forces/Chindits and the Imphal campaigns as well, not covered in this book.  17,00 €, 15,18 € I figured I might share a few of my favorite passages from Quartered Safe out Here with you. Fraser's book has also been praised by the English author Melvyn Bragg and the American playwright David Mamet.[3].  15,00 €, 11,00 € We share their joys and sorrows.

We acknowledge (and remind and warn you) that they may, in fact, be entirely unrepresentative of the actual reviews by any other measure.  10,30 €, 10,59 €

I've read several books on WWII history, but never one that brought to life the war (especially such a rarely-studied sphere of the war - British troops in Burma) with such realistic descriptions and "characters." His prose style, honesty, ear for dialogue, timing in describing action, pace of thought and event - all perfect. I know I couldn't put it down. I listened to the audiobook narrated by David Case, a few minutes at a time when that was all I could afford and at great lengths when the opportunity arose.

What he states in the strongest and most uncompromising terms are his views on the comradeship and character of the men he fought alongside, his lasting hatred of the Japanese who were such a formidable and terrible enemy and his dismay at the loss over the years of what it meant to his generation to be British. And ghastly mistakes leading to friendly-fire fatalities also occur: war is far from perfect. Written by the author of the Flashman historical novels, it benefits greatly from Mr. Fraser's talents as a fiction writer, but it's all true. The war finally ends; the author writes of a reunion on VJ Day fifty years later.  11,40 €, 8,37 € Things like Fraser's memories of battles where he can remember incidents but couldn't tell if they were five minutes or half an hour apart so blended the timelines became. His recollections of battle, hardship, his mates and the Japanese enemy are vividly rendered, as you might expect from a lifelong journalist and author of the Flashman series. Mixed in with occasional philosophical reflections on the morality of war and killing from the perspective of an unapologetic and battle hardened veteran.  18,00 €, 20,19 € Wodehouse said of Flashman, “If ever there was a time when I felt that ‘watcher-of-the-skies-when-a-new-planet’ stuff, it was when I read the first Flashman.”. George MacDonald Fraser - Quartered Safe Out Here George MacDonald Fraser is most famous for his highly entertaining Flashman novels. It makes it all seem terribly real, authentic not in a strict literal sense but able to convey what it was actually like.

 12,40 €, 15,31 € Fraser offers a firsthand glimpse at the camaraderie, danger, and satisfactions of service. Fraser's ability to illustrate the camaraderie that existed between the men, both in battle and at rest is unparalleled. In regards to Quartered Safe Out Here, truth may just be stranger than fiction. A WW2 Burma campaign (14th Army) junior NCO recounts his service, and does a great job of bringing his largely-Cumbrian section to life vividly in the context of the campaign to Rangoon. ", "No doubt one of the great memoirs of the Second World War." He has won critical and popular acclaim for his successful Flashman series of historical novels. "[2] Keegan gives similar praise to Norman Lewis' Naples '44 memoir, later produced as a movie. Some people love books. Stanley Reynolds, "George MacDonald Fraser: He created Harry Flashman, tormentor of Tom Brown turned comical anti-hero", https://military.wikia.org/wiki/Quartered_Safe_Out_Here?oldid=4563444. Not for the faint of heart, but so truthful in its description of the combat infantryman's world.

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