purple clouds dream meaning

Perhaps there will be events happening at higher-ups in your organization. And I was scared to walk further into thee clouds because I thought I would fall.

It may also reflect despair. Black colored eyes in a dream represent a religious person. Dark colors represent passion and intensity. Dream About Purple Clouds Dreaming about purple clouds suggests that you will meet with positive people or role models who will become your mentor.

Dream About Phenomenon that Looks like Clouds. A cloud covering a town in a dream means blessings. This will usually be represented by lighter shades of purple.

Dream About Gas CloudDreams of gas clouds suggest that you will face certain issues out of your ability nor control. If one sees clouds welcoming him in a dream, it means glad tidings. If the skies rain stones or blood in a dream, it means calamities and punishment for people’s sins. Cartoon Character Dreams are Pure Fun If you dream of cartoon characters, it is often… Read More, Dreams of Infants are Cute When you dream of infants, it can hold a variety… Read More, Friend Dreams are Always Welcome When you dream of a friend it is usually indicative… Read More, The Yaasa Infinity blanket is probably unlike any blanket you have tried. Did you dream about the cloud? If a traveller sees rain in a dream, it means hindrances along his journey. Grieving. I was like on a ship. If one sees himself riding over a cloud in a dream, it means exaltation or marriage to a pious woman, or that one will attend a pilgrimage should it be his wish. I felt like I could be in the clouds for a while. If you see the dream that clouds pass quickly, it indicates that problems will be solved soon; and if you see that heavy clouds are hanging over you, it portends long-lasting troubles. If one sees himself mixing with the clouds but does not carry anything out of them in a dream, it means that he will mix with people of knowledge and learn nothing from what they say, or practice nothing of what they teach. Green eyes in a dream represent a religion that is different from all religions. To hear the patter of rain on the roof, denotes a realization of domestic bliss and joy. Red means the world or material gains. An issue in your waking life may be clearing up. Red clouds in a dream mean distress, adversities or a sickness. Rain in a dream also represent mercy from God Almighty, a helping hand, knowledge, wisdom, the Qur’an, rejuvenation, revival, resurrection and life. Green in a dream also means youth or fear of wrongdoing. If the person who sees such black clouds in his dream is intending to take a trip, it will take place, though his safety cannot be insured. Yotuber. Feeling that bad times are ahead or that the future will not be very bright.

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To dream of walking on a cloud represents a sense of control over situations which overshadowed your life or distracted you. If one turns into a cloud that rains gold in a dream, it means that he will learn wisdom from a great man. Positively, purple can symbolize having no bias, or situations that are open.

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