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In Zombie Tycoon, living dead videogame aficionados will encounter a completely new set of challenges in their role as zombie overlord. Karate_Life_JPN_PSN_PSP-HR38. Itsumono_Hanafuda_JPN_PSN_PSP-HR45. Explore many strange places from the derelict monster infested town of Clover to Gorudo Castle atop Cauldron Peak. Please let us know in the forums here. You play either Mike or Jackie, two people who are sent in to rescue the girl from a gang of vicious punks. Minna_no_Golfjou_Ball_Hiroi_JPN_PSN_PSP-HR28. Exterminate pesky aliens and the evil overlords. Sweets_Koujou_wa_Ooisogashi_JPN_PSN_PSP-HR15. Juegos minis PSP gratis Mediafire descargas sin limites iso exit angry birds N+ bomberman usa bob esponja. Get ready to Jetpack Joyride! Kill hordes of extraterrestrials before taking on X, the Supreme Alien God Emperor. Beware of ghosts, zombies, firebats and golems that stand in your way on your quest to safety.

This minis are untouched scene released they work on PSP and most should work on PPSSPP emulator too. Tetris is now available for the first time on PSP! The worldwide brain-teasing phenomenon is polished to perfection in an exhilarating game of logic that’s challenging and surprisingly relaxing. Taisen_Sensuikan_Sweeper_JPN_PSN_PSP-HR12. Only sweeping accusations and devastating style can save her from the fate she will (possibly) face now! An all-new block-breaking game with light RPG elements set in a fantasy world, Use your magic wand to bounce the orb and cast various magic spells, Epic boss fights and multiple endings and bonus levels. OMG-Z! Kunoichi_Densetsu_JPN_PSN_PSP-HR35.

A built-in game editor offers unlimited level design possibilities, or play through the 90 game levels over several different play modes, including Arcade and Customizable Tournaments. Genso Suikoden: Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki, Akumajou Dracula X: Gekka no Yasoukyoku (4M Hack), Stellar * Theater Portable (Japan) PSP ISO. o en game, Los de formato ISO y CSO en la carpeta ISO , los formatos EBOOT en la carpeta GAME ;). Alert! Immerse yourself in detailed 3D environments enhanced by polished graphics. Flee the forest while collecting as many sparks as possible to unlock new levels and challenges.

You are responsible for the overall strategy of attack and the well-being of your zombie troops as you attempt to spread the undead across the globe. Experience a game uniquely created with the help of the PlayStation Community via the Gamocracy project. Magician_Lord_JPN_PSN_PSP-HR31. Yubi_Star_JPN_PSN_PSP-HR4. Step into the shoes of the main character and take part in an unforgettable adventure. Includes special features and gameplay mechanics. A unique platform puzzle game arrives on PSP and Playstation 3. Choose from a large roster of unique characters and battle it out against vicious A.I. The complex combat system is all about choice: players can focus on the speed of their Ninja training forsaking combative abilities but giving them extra speed, stealth and jumping abilities. On top of that, you can view your progress in The Stash, purchase new upgrades and items and compare scores online with your friends. Numerous weapons of all kinds from hammers to swords. Taisen_Chinchirorin_JPN_PSN_PSP-HR13. Character animation by Paul Robertson, the animator behind Pirate Baby’s Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006, Kings of Power 4 Billion Percent, and the Scott Pilgrim video game. Travel through five worlds, unlock tons of rewards and destroy everything that gets in your way. UNO_JPN_PSN_PSP-HR7. Description: The Best PSP MiNiS! Taisen_Shougi_JPN_PSN_PSP-HR11.

Crush knights, slay swarms of pesky ninjas and gobble up as many princesses as you can find on your quest to prevent a fairy tale ending. A solid combat system allows you to attack humans AND the places they call home. Armed with the abilities of Spad, Cosmo, Bruce, Helmut, and Monk, players will guide each robot along their exciting adventures filled with puzzles, mazes and minigames. Gravity_Crash_JPN_PSN_PSP-HR53. Engross yourself in the video clips, keep a sharp eye on what’s going on around you and, and solve the mystery before you fall pray to it.
According to a plot, player have to fight his way through the numerous combats with monsters and accomplish different missions.

Faced with phenomenal monsters from mythology, battle like the fierce Spartan warrior you are to avoid a tragic death. Hatsune_Miku_Project_Diva_Tsuika_Gakkyoku_shuu_Delux_Pack_2_JPN_PSN_PSP-HR51. War of Sonria is a turn-based strategy game where you play the role as a battle commander. Completely legit, ripped from a site that monetises all of their links. Collect as many gems as you can before the time is up. Determination, speed and dexterity are the key assets needed to complete Trailblazer successfully. UNO_JPN_PSN_PSP-HR 7.

Choose upgrades for your weapons as well as unique new perks for your character as your enemies increase in number and ferocity.
Follow Dr Emily Jones as she solves a mystery that could transform the world. VT Tennis is an ace of a tennis game for the Nintendo DSi system. Play as Commander P. Jefferson and destroy aliens, rake in money and upgrade your ship to take on even more aliens. Or compete against a friend in intense hotseat battles! Play through 60 levels in three challenging gameplay modes. Juegos mini para PSP para descargar solo haz click en la imagen MediaFire espera 5 segundos y solo da click en saltar publicidad. Tienda online GAME España buenisimos juegos me los descargue casi todos. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. Alert! The PSP-1000 through PSP 3000, the original PSP series, allows users to play games by downloading the games from the PlayStation Network to a local storage or using a UMD mini-disc. Zenonia features anime style characters and graphics with numerous quests to follow, and hundreds of items and weapons to acquire. You’re never alone when you’ve got solitaire. Gain experience points and collect gold to buy upgrades, weapons and accessories for your monster. After centuries of war, only you can retain peace between two lands. Dango_Sanshimai_JPN_PSN_PSP-HR57. Go along with the video clips, keep a sharp eye on what’s going on around you and most importantly of all – make the right choices at the right time. Young_Thor_JPN_PSN_PSP-HR 5. The once peaceful Kingdom of Gorudo is threatened by an evil presence. Clicking the game name will take you to its post where you will find the download links. Protect the world from an alien invasion right in the middle of a zombie outbreak in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Perform impressive finishing moves to get rid of legions of enemies. Kinoko_or_Die_2_JPN_PSN_PSP-HR37. Mother Piyo’s nest is becoming overloaded with eggs and it’s up to you to help them hatch in this cute and addictive puzzler. Take on the most ruthless bosses with any of the bizarre objects and weapons you find on your journey. Save_the_Earth_JPN_PSN_PSP-HR16. Keep your wits about you and your reactions sharp as the pace picks up in this highly addictive puzzler.

Ninki_Pro_Wrestler_JPN_PSN_PSP-HR25. Total destruction, of course. Comprar Consolas Ps4 I Divierte con una de las mejores Consolas del momento y aprovéchate de nuestros precios exclusivos online. Along with the fast-paced action found in games where players control more self-serving zombies, Frima Studios has added humorous strategies and managerial challenges into the gameplay for a new take on a classic genre. Hamster_Channel_JPN_PSN_PSP-HR52. One_Two_Boat_Racing_JPN_PSN_PSP-HR23. Take control of the massively awesome and super sexy aristocratic demon known only as “The Duke” in an upwards-scrolling platformer where chasing down giant fleeing monsters is the business at hand. This a list of some of the best PSP Minis we have on this site, if you want to browse ALL the minis we have uploaded to this site check the PSP MINIS SECTION instead. Itsumono_Shougi_JPN_PSN_PSP-HR42. Zombie Tycoon provides you with control over three hilarious zombie squads, with a unique tale of intrigue and betrayal. With reflexive combat options, break-neck speed and high-flying action, players must battle and outrun a number of evil forces. Here with Ronnie O’Sullivan’s Snooker, you play through the highlights of Ronnie’s career culminating in his most famous World Championship wins. In the Age of Zombies, our hero Barry Steakfries employs the use of time portals to stop the evil zombie scheme of Professor Brains. Create the ultimate roster to combat your enemies. Attempt to become one of the few to survive the “Highway to the Danger Zone”! Take on gigantic, unique bosses that lurk at the end of every stage and defeat them before the timer runs out and the city is reduced to rubble. Kusaimon_2_JPN_PSN_PSP-HR34. Baseball_Stars_JPN_PSN_PSP-HR60. PSP: Playstation Portable. Find matching artefacts to trigger Power Totems and cause explosive chain reactions. Quiz_Animania_JPN_PSN_PSP-HR20. Wizorb is a unique combination of classic block-breaking action and light RPG elements. Create your own band of hand-picked soldiers and fight through a plethora of immersive environments. Jugyouchuu_JPN_PSN_PSP-HR39. Hotseat Multiplayer. Ramenyu_Tengoku_JPN_PSN_PSP-HR19.

Unlock lunatic mode to showcase your platform skills at breakneck speed. The goal is to let as few soldiers pass through your lines of defense. What’s the best way to keep a monster happy? is a Compilation video game published by Sony released on August 31, 2013 for the PlayStation Portable. Bashi Blocks offers an unbelievable amount of levels for friends and family to just gather around for some classic arcade fun similar to most beloved game we all know, Brick. Psp Minis Mega Pack Iso Download Full. World_Neverland_JPN_PSN_PSP-HR6. Take the first and most popular of all card games with you wherever you go, whether you’re on public transport or in a waiting room, with a spare 5 minutes or an hour to kill! Home > ISOs > PlayStation Portable > The Best PSP MiNiS! Ronnie guides you through the game, giving advice, even taking you back to his home table where you can refine your skills in his very own practice room. 1300-ish PSP roms. Zap the Scumbags using the Recycl-o-Ray and an array of their own weapons. Neiro_no_Hinkaku_JPN_PSN_PSP-HR26.

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