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Our staff are appropriately trained in order to effectively implement the Quality Management System. Lide, David R., Daniel (Editor-in-Chief). psi - pound[-force] per square inch; ksi - kilopound[-force](kip) per square inch; ksf - kilopound[-force] (kip) per square foot.
Although uncommon, it is occasionally also considered a unit of mass, equal to 1000 pounds, i.e., one half of a short ton.One use is as a unit of deadweight to compute shipping charges. Mechanical properties – details of hardness or mechanical properties such as tensile and yield. 500000 Pa / 100000  [ (Pa) / (bar) ] = 5 bar. Where P is equal to pressure, F is the normal force and A is area. B.9 Factors for units listed by kind of quantity or field of science. One ft-lb is equivalent to 1.356 Joules of energy. Type the value in the box next to Mpa (using the drop down to change the unit of measurement). The achievement of quality and continuous improvement is fundamental to all the steel products and services provided by us and are practiced by all employees as an integral part of their work. multiply by the conversion value in the right column in the table below. B.8 Factors for Units Listed Alphabetically and Please request what certification requirements are needed when placing any orders.

One psi equals 6,895 Pascals, which is the same as 6,895 Newtons per meter. B.8 Factors for Units Listed Alphabetically, B.9 Factors for units listed by kind of quantity or field of science, CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 89th Edition. The largest knowledge of steel grades online. Psi : Psi is the abbreviation of pound per square inch, and is widely used in British and American. To convert among any units in the left column, say from A to B, you can multiply by the factor for A to convert A into Pascals then divide by the factor for B to convert out of Pascals. T = 0.0167 x P x D T = torque (foot-pounds) P = bolt tension in pounds( 1 kip = 1000 pounds ) D = bolt diameter in inches So to get the torque if required to pretension a 5/8" bolt to 2.35 kips None of the answers are correct. Wetherby, Leeds. Example: convert 40 pound-force/square foot to psi: 40 pound-force/square foot = 5760 psi Kilonewton/Square Meter : The kilonewton per square meter (kN/m2) is a non-SI unit for pressure. I have seen many posts on how to convert kips to foot pounds. To simply convert from any unit into pascals, for example, from 5 bar, just Pressure is a scalar quality reflecting how force acts on a surface.

A kip is a US customary unit of force.It equals 1000 pounds-force and is used primarily by architects and civil engineers to indicate engineering loads where the pound-force is too small a unit. Our database has been compiled over 40 years and offers knowledge of hard to find steel grades and alternative standards. In addition to our online specifications we also offer a comprehensive offline database of specialist and rare steel grades. 1 Newton per square meter equals 1 Pascal, therefore, 1 kN/m2 =1000 Pa. Psi and ft-lbs can be converted into their respective units in the International System of Units. 1 pascal = 0.00014503773773 psi. Size & quantity – details of the shape, size, length and quantity.

inch )? When enquiring on cut pieces of steel please ensure you provide the following information to our sales team:-. Pressure is defined as force per area and the SI unit for force is Newtons(N) and the SI unit for area is square meters(m2). Convert twenty psi to kips per square foot: 20 pounds per square inch = 20 × 0.144 = 2.88 kips per square foot. Type the value in the box next to Joules to convert to foot/pound (use the drop down to convert from foot/pound to Joules), Click on the headings below for further information. Conversions are performed by using a conversion factor. All rights reserved. The pound per square inch or, more accurately, pound-force per square inch (symbol: lbf/in 2; abbreviation: psi) is a unit of pressure or of stress based on avoirdupois units.

In order to achieve this it is our policy to maintain an efficient and effective Quality Management System based upon the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2008.

Email:, COVID-19 Coronavirus Update: Business as Usual  We want to reassure our customers that we are doing all we can to protect our employees and deliver a seamless service to our customers. How Many? Fact Check: What Power Does the President Really Have Over State Governors? The NIST Guide for the use of the International System of Units - Appendix B, subsections CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 89th Edition New York, NY: CRC Press, p. 1-28, 2008. Neither one is in the International System of Units as a primary form of measurement. Pressure is defined as force per area and the SI unit for force is Newtons(N) and the SI unit for area is square meters(m2). So, to convert directly from bar to pounds per square inch, you multiply by 14.503774. Psi and ft-lbs are primarily American and British units of measure. Metric: Pa - one newton per square meter. Fax: 01937 580128 The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) - Use the following calculator to convert yield or tensile values in ksi, Mpa, N/mm² or psi. How to convert psi to pascal.

Example: convert 40 psi to Pa: 40 psi = 0.0058015095092 Pa Use the search box at the top of this page to help you find your required grade. Our policy is to satisfy the quality and delivery needs of our customers and we measure our performance by meeting customers’ requirements. Sandbeck Industrial Estate, Use the following calculator to convert yield or tensile values in ksi, Mpa, N/mm² or psi. Or, you can find the single factor you need by dividing the A factor by the B factor. engs refer to streses in psi as opposed to the much friendlier ksi ( kips per sq. Our steel specifications supplied are available with a BS EN 10204 3.1 mill certificate, a cast and analysis certificate or certificate of conformity. Type the value in the box next to Mpa (using the drop down to change the unit of measurement). Call: 01937 584440 2011. One psi equals 6,895 Pascals, which is the same as 6,895 Newtons per meter.

Festival of Sacrifice: The Past and Present of the Islamic Holiday of Eid al-Adha.

© 2006 -2020CalculatorSoup® 1 psi = 6,894.76 Pascals. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, last visited 26 Jun. West Yorkshire Steel are stockholders of a large range of steel grades and specifications. Our steel grades are supplied in accordance with our ISO9001:2008 registration. Our sales team will provide a friendly and reliable service combined with a wealth of experience and knowledge. Wikipedia contributors. We work to continually improve the service that we provide. 1 kN/m2 equals 1,000 N/m2. Since pressure is derived from force and area, many units for pressure directly relate force to area.

Some are obvious, such as pounds per square inch, but even the SI standard Pascal is actually an expression of one Newton per square meter. LS22 7DN UK A dictionary of units of measurement at One ft-lb is equivalent to 1.356 Joules of energy.
Steel specification – full details of the steel specification. ), The Secret Science of Solving Crossword Puzzles, Racist Phrases to Remove From Your Mental Lexicon. For example, to convert from bar to pounds per square inch you would multiply by 100000 then divide by 6894.757. It was invented by engineer James Watt to describe the amount of work a horse can perform over a specified period of time. - Online Calculators. It is the pressure resulting from a force of one pound-force applied to an area of one square inch.In SI units, 1 psi is approximately equal to 6895 N/m 2.. divide by the value in the right column or, multiply by the reciprocal, 1/x.

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