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Alas, this is the challenge of making new opera. Proving Up . Alan Naylor in a non-singing role, nonetheless made a great impression on all the audience as the half-starved, half-crazed older brother.
fbz_FitForm('F10834_sb');,,, F10834_sb_validateFields.push('F10834_sb_Name'); Literary Devices. Conducted by Christopher Rountree . The music is filled with the sound of wind and weather, flying night insects, perhaps a lone bird call, and everywhere the sound of dryness. I felt the original inquiry into the larger questions the creators intended to tackle got lost. Conducted by Christopher Rountree . “Ma” Zegner is a real pioneer woman, massively planted in the earth, who has watched over her family in illness and death and who continues to work herself to the bone. var F10834_sb_wait=setInterval(F10834_sb_wait_fn,100); Reprint Policy: Our articles may not be reprinted in full but only as excerpts and those portions may only be used if a credit and link is provided to our website. In Proving Up, these same well-matched collaborators turn to a Karen Russell short story for their potently charged material. Kudos to all the singers. Other Resources. It is set in Nebraska in the 1860s but should prove to be both resonant and relevant to audiences today. Susan moved to Boston where she was part of Boston Shakespeare Company’s acting company under Peter Sellars. Filed Under: Opera, Our Reviews Tagged With: washington national opera. The creative duo were driven by such questions as, “What is the pioneering spirit that had people risking everything to carve out a place in the American landscape, facing the roughest of challenges of weather and backbreaking work? Proving Up . Ghost stories are a marvelous premise for opera. She helped co-found Alliance for New Music-Theatre and collaborated on original works across disciplines, styles, and cultural expressions of music-theatre. Geis has a lovely bright quality that broke the gloom of the opera. The scoring for the vocalists is anything but straightforward. I was left with uneasy questions how and why the Sodbuster returned and what then happened to Ma. As in her last opera, “Breaking the Waves,” the characters are lashed by the uncontrollable forces—drought, mortality, government indifference—that rip across their lives. …This is a tomb” and Ma’s aria, mourning the death of her children. F10834_sb_requiredFields.push('F10834_sb_publisherid'); The haunting, supernatural story of Nebraska homesteaders in the 1870s and their dream of “proving up” and obtaining the deed to the land they’ve settled, the opera draws us vividly into a world where the requirement of a single glass window can shatter the hopes and dreams of a family. LIBRARY. Based on the short story by Karen Russell . F10834_sb_requiredFields.push('F10834_sb_cids'); A harpsichord might be followed by trombone or rasping of sandpaper. ©2018 G. Schirmer, Inc. Production photos: Opera Omaha/ Proving Up 2018 And most particularly, what does this empty, wide-open space sound like, what does it feel like? View All Titles. The opera made me think that we are once again being asked to consider, “What is that dream?” “Who gets to live it? As someone whose grandmother was one of those courageous seekers of a dream, driving alone in a covered wagon as a seventeen year old, to settle in what were the Dakota territories, I care deeply about stories of early pioneers. Susan Galbraith received a BA in English and Drama from Tufts University, graduating summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa. It’s been a tough five years. Proving Up by Karen Russell. and “Why?”. I loved the collection of the simple assortment of props and shapes: two ladders of unequal heights, a rough-hewn blue-painted kitchen table, and a trunk, leaving most of the stage empty but for a string curtain across the back onto which A.J. Produced by Washington National Opera . Where the opera is most successful is in plowing deeply into this last inquiry through Mazzoli’s fascinating, and deeply impressionistic score. var F10834_sb_fieldcol='#000000'; Alison Moritz is a sharp, confident director and tackled this opera with the  bold decision to ground the atmospheric music with lots of stage business, constantly changing the stage pictures. It also put me in mind of Conrad Susa’s opera, Black River, both in theme and tone, as it also deals with harsh climate, dark loneliness, and the hallucinating madness that can ensue.

var F10834_sb_requiredFields=new Array();var F10834_sb_validateFields=new Array(); Christopher Rountree conducts the International Contemporary Ensemble and a gifted cast. (Rossum's Universal Robots) as a retro-futuristic cabaret musical, and, with composers Dawn Avery and Milad Yousofi and co-writer Yalda Baktash Women has developed Troy/Voices from Afghanistan, a music-theatre work featuring the stories of Afghan women and American female veterans. Mazzoli explores in many ways and asks us to give over to the inventive soundscape through her instrumentation and texturizing of sound.

For the Alliance, Susan co-wrote and directed Sandaya: Burmese Lessons and has collaborated with the Czech Embassy on several works inspired by great Czech writers, including Vanek Unleased and an adaptation of Kafka’s Metamorphosis. Libretto written by Royce Vavrek . This weekend a new opera, Proving Up, proved itself indeed – a chamber opera worthy for the 21st century. Terms of Service The stories “Vampires in the Lemon Grove,” “Reeling for the Empire,” “Dougbert Shackleton’s Rules for Antarctic Tailgating,” and “The Graveless Doll of Eric Mutis” are all told in the first-p var F10834_sb_wait_img=fbz_formMetrics(10834,1); } To drape their inquiry into the dark belly underside of the American Dream, Composer Missy Mazzoli and librettist Royce Vavrek came upon Karen Russell’s short story of the same name in the author’s collection Vampires in the Lemon Grove. This first story I’ll feature is Karen Russell‘s, “Proving Up”. This sextet musical theme serves as a leitmotif throughout, and, while powerful, its repetition rather than a resting place for our ears felt a bit overused. There is so much good here I would hope this work could grow further. clearInterval(F10834_sb_wait); Nathan Troup directs James Darrah’s production, which was hugely successful in Omaha, in its New York premiere. In reality it was a harsh existence filled with failure and death. Produced by Washington National Opera . LEGAL. The 80-minute work is now available on a Pentatone recording. This and getting the musical balance of “just right” between new and repeated musical material. Johannes “Pa” Zegner is a rough, powerful man, pushed to the brink by the hardships he’s endured, and he escapes into hard drink. While Moritz serves up the layering of chores as a strong counterpart to the sometimes overly ambiguous poetic world, she also pushes for abrupt changes in the physical rhythms and emotional shadings of characters both alive and dead. fbz_SmartForm('F10834_sb',feedblitz_full_form); Based on the short story by Karen Russell . Leah Hawkins and Christopher Kenney give impressive vocal performances as Ma and Pa., although their dramatic arcs were less clear. Guban created “big sky” bright and dark lighting effects. The sisters  (Allegra De Vita and Madison Leonard) sang strangely gorgeous duets featuring discordant harmonies then what seemed like vocal improvisations of hissing and plosive consonants. The work is less plot-driven than most traditional opera; it has earmarks rather of an extended tone poem. Its high and constant demands pushed audience and singers alike, but the singers did not seem to miss a beat. Karen Russell tells the stories in her collection “Vampires in the Lemon Grove” in both the first and third-person point of view, with both forms being told with limited-omniscience. F10834_sb_requiredFields.push('F10834_sb_feedid'); Reviewed by Susan Galbraith. The American dream: the promise of a better life for those who work to achieve it. Based on a short story by Karen Russell, and playing at Miller Theatre on Sept. 26 and Sept. 28, the piece pulses with very human heartache, but Mazzoli’s chosen subject—Americans who are left to ruin—is less a metaphor for our times than a statement that things have always been this way. De Vita and Leonard are terrific as the two daughters who fully embody young girls kicking around in the dust, swinging their legs happily then hanging around wraithlike, haunting all as tormenting ghosts. The 2008 housing crisis inspired Missy Mazzoli, a composer of incisive music dramas, to write an opera about the receding American Dream. Composed by Missy Mazzoli . Ultimately, I wanted more development of the relationship between Ma and Pa. Plot Summaries. } catch(e){}
Born out of a spirit of inquiry, Proving Up is mysterious, mesmerizing, startling in moments, and highly atmospheric. Also featured are the family’s two sons. F10834_sb_requiredFields.push('F10834_sb_email'); try{ What was the cost many of these early immigrants paid in pushing deep into unknown territory to follow the American Dream? Washington National Opera led a consortium to commission this one-hour opera to debut as part of WNO’s American Opera Initiative. There is so much to mine and to give voice to the American Dream that, for many, has failed. Does a deed make this land yours? However strange at times the melodic writing, it was always compelling. The Washington Post called Proving Up “harrowing...powerful... a true opera of our time.”, Production photos: Opera Omaha/Proving Up 2018. Also impressive is the physical expression given to the characters, reminding us once again of the outstanding training going on in the Domingo-Cafritz program, developing performers who will lead the field for this next generation of singers because they can meet and excel even in the highly physical demands in 21st century opera. fbz$('F10834_sb_wait_img').innerHTML=F10834_sb_wait_img; Music by Missy Mazzoli Libretto by Royce Vavrek Adapted from the short story Proving Up by Karen Russell Co-commissioned by Washington National Opera, Opera Omaha, and Miller Theatre at Columbia University The opera follows the story’s premise of a group of Nebraskan homesteaders in the 1870’s trying to survive under the harshest conditions in the heart of untamed America. The Zenger family has been on their land for five years. She has collaborated with composer Maurice Saylor on adapting Karel Capek's R.U.R. Elder son, Peter, is a silent mystery, succumbing perhaps to starvation, madness, or both. RESOURCES. The result, “Proving Up,” is a crackling eighty-minute work about a doomed family of homesteaders in eighteen-seventies Nebraska. Bruno with less time on stage than the others, nonetheless creates a profoundly disturbing character as The Sodbuster, making us want to know who is this mystery man, and is he real or a ghost of the man Pa once robbed coming back for revenge.

Vavrek’s libretto is lean, starting off with a list that musically is set as a sextet. In one scene a couple of harmonicas were played on stage to create a strange “vocal” drone by the two ghostly sisters.

Vavrek had some very strong lyrical writing in songs, such as Miles’ “Does a window make a home? Stage Directed by Alison Moritz . function F10834_sb_wait_fn(){ Another compelling number was the anger laden, “The Inspector is a rumor. Adapted from the short story “Proving Up” by Karen Russell Co-commissioned by Washington National Opera, Opera Omaha and Miller Theater at Columbia University.

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