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There you have it, folks. As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small percentage from qualifying purchases. Harth. Free pizza and a gallon of B.S. Then, again, mental fitness is just as vital as physical fitness. Location: United States Status: Offline Points: 75 Post Options. There is something dour and offputting about the Motaur — I mean, besides the fact that he’s just plain creepy. The folks over at — “a site for motorcycle enthusiasts, by motorcycle enthusiasts” — weren’t as impressed. If you're already a paid subscriber, please sign-in. I just thought it was stupid. If you are, you’ll understand and ride with him. Don’t get mad. I’d like to see advertisers take a more aspirational approach.

Hi, Margaret. Stupid commercials. The commercial ends with the voiceover saying that “For those who were born to ride, there’s Progressive,” while an onscreen line informs that policies start at $7. I’m talking about an audio-visual spectacle that glorifies, glamorizes, and romanticizes every turn of the throttle with dramatic camera angles and movie-quality production values. In the distance, a herd of generic-looking dirt-bike motaurs buzz about like angry hornets. It’s all about our creations being funny, awesome and cool!!11! XXXXX …. If you ride, you would love these ads. Customers can get a free quote and a customized motorcycle insurance policy starting at just $75 per year, thanks to a variety of discounts they might qualify for, such as “Responsible Driver,” “Pay on time,” “Homeowner,” “Multi-policy,” “Safety course” and more. Plus, it's FREE! The camera pans slowly to the kid’s friend in the pickup. . Helpful 0 Not helpful 0. Do you ride? Progressive ‘network’ of characters but also celebrates the true self-confidence shared among the close-knit motorcycle rider community,” Charney tells Marketing Daily. “Tell that to the rain,” the Motaur answers, continuing to read. Not some goofy Motaur.

MediaPost All Stars (January 21, 2021, NYC), Agency of the Year (January 21, 2021, NYC), Creative Media Awards (January 26, 2021, NYC), Marketing Automotive Awards (August 11, 2020, Online), Digital Out of Home Awards (October 15, 2019, NYC), Greenies Takes Humorous Approach In Holiday Ad, Toyota Marketing VP To Retire, No Replacement Named, Clorox Ups Ad Budget To Prepare For New Virus Wave, Best Buy, Target, Shutterfly: Three Different Takes on Holiday Marketing, Ecommerce Weepies: Amazon, Etsy Launch High-Emo Holiday Ads, Keep up-to-date with media, marketing and advertising news, Invitations to exclusive industry events and research. As freaks on wheels? Now I see that he is saying “Tell that to the rain” I get it now.

YouTube, here I come! I never thought of that, but you’re right. The kernel of the Motaur idea — that motorcycle lovers are inseparable from their bikes — is a good one. Report Post Thanks(0) Quote Reply Topic: Progressive's Motaur commercials Posted: 13 May 2020 at 11:02pm: I could accept the silliness of a half-man, half-motorcycle creature if it sold its product but after the 30 seconds are up, I have no idea what the flip they are selling. Nowhere in these ads does Progressive give consumers a reason to choose its motorcycle insurance over any other. Beta Male starts to speak but Motaur cuts him off. Watching 1970’s exercise videos featuring women in black leotards with matching tights! Home   TV Ad Reviews   About  Contact   Hire Me for Copywriting    Privacy Policy. Animated Toiletries Singing, Hudson’s Bay Christmas Commercial – Feat. How is it pandering when you reach an audience that rides motorcycles that you want to sell your insurance to? Across the ad industry, there is a fundamental disconnect between what consumers want and need to hear and what creative agencies want, or are expected, to produce. State Farm, you say? road. “I do,” says the friend, motionless, as he stares straight ahead. In addition to being extremely cool, it’s awfully easy to exercise when your lower body machine components are those of a motorcycle; just roll onto a treadmill, and you’re off to the races! No junk, no sales pitches.

The dozens of bikers enjoying their ride observed by a fellow biker and his ordinary friend. Most find the Motaur off-putting and the concept just doesn’t connect with the audience. As the in-house guy, you have to be solid and sensible. Tags: Progressive Motaur Gym, Progressive Motaur Treadmill. But your bosses don’t want that from me at all. I’m not talking about the usual clichéd scenes. I remember a Johnny Carson classic, wherein he tells the story of this guy who visits a friend’s new apartment. For those who were "born to ride," insurance coverage starts at $75. Ad with the date. In fact it is hated by people that can’t ride anymore.

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Tags: Motaur, Progressive Commercial Motaur. Below: Progressive’s latest Motaur ad doubles down on the CGI effects. Then, it hits him. There is a general deterioration in commercials, especially when they focus on people. Great pay, benefits, and culture. . as in “real bikers.” He would have preferred a motorcycle insurance ad to feature real bikers at a real event… OK, like Sturgis, SD, where he hailed from… just sayin’ …. Oh, P.S.

Avoiding race issues. Motaur is sharing a very special moment……friends. Free to qualified media, marketing and advertising professionals.

He’s an outsider, and cool, and he can’t be restrained by any laws of social convention! To be honest, I lost interest in her antics long ago. Submissions without photos may not be accepted. Commercials.

because Progressive knows how to mix it up with other characters, according to CMO Jeff Charney. Nov 04, 2019 Hildegarde of Smyrna, GA. Where does it end? . The commercial ends with the voiceover saying that “For those who were born to ride, there’s Progressive,” while an onscreen line informs that policies start at $7. These sci-fi characters allow an escape from reality. The subliminal message is thankfully somewhat more subtle than the giant black man and the scrawny white dork with girlfriend in the Eugenics ad. The quirky brunette who frequently stars in Progressive Insurance commercial is named Flo. The brand is banking on … Kevin the Carrot & Turkey, 2021 Hyundai Tucson Dog & Teddy Bear with Seat Belt On Commercial, Domino’s Carside Delivery Denny Hamlin Commercial, TVision by T-Mobile Rashida Jones & Her Sister Commercial. I would make bike lovers the heroes of these ads — each spot a 30-second celebration of their community as they live and love and laugh on the road. Leg warmers kind of spoiled the streamline look of the leotards.

But too much advertising today is tongue in cheek, and I’m not sure that’s the best way to connect with this audience. In the case of the Motaur, he is truly one with his bike. In the distance, a herd of generic-looking dirt-bike motaurs buzz about like angry hornets. So why do these ads make bike lovers look so goofy? Doesn’t that sound like something prospective buyers might like to know? Based on this campaign, I’d guess not many. First aired in May 2019, Motaur’s debut ad opens at a dusty gas station. The second positive thing is that some folks in Progressive’s target audience may actually appreciate this absurd incarnation of a half-man, half-motorcycle mascot. Both draw your attention in. They agree with me that the look of him appear to be an amputee. What possible grounds does anyone think the ‘Amputee Coalition’ – whoever the *freak* they are – may have to file suit? You would never see a white Motaur shushing a black man. Hate this commercial! That Lemu Emu Liberty Mutual guy with the variable high pitch voice is the most offensive ad being aired. "It's amazing to see them in the wild," the man begins, but his comment is cut short as his motaur friend peers at the sight through a pair of binoculars and shushes him, wanting to live in the moment. Refreshing to see an effective masterful presentation with minimal words. . Or how they want others to see them? If you don’t ride, these ads would make you want to. It’s funny that in the latest ad, a real motorcyclist is silenced and put down by the Motaur. © The Cranky Creative. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Can a Honda mate with a Harley, etc?

This entry was posted on July 21, 2020 at 8:48 pm and is filed under absurdities, advertising, anomalies, biomechanical, bizarre, commercials, fantasy, television, twisted reality. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Submit ONCE per commercial, and allow 48 to 72 hours for your request to be processed. Is this how bike lovers see themselves? But, he gets bored after the first three retrieved tosses of the dog’s rubber ball. Motaur is amusing in his own way. I change the channel every time one comes on. Scott, I had a similar feeling the first time I saw the “Herd” commercial in which Motaur shushes the white beta male. But if you’re not in luck, Richard Simmons will be leading an installment of “Sweating to the Oldies! The point is what started as a joke commercial is being dragged along with current events. It is quite annoying indeed. So, the fourth toss goes a little bit too far. I get it. How many of the people who worked on this ad do you think love to ride?

Progressive’s Motaur commercials are a shining example of what happens when advertisers prioritize creativity and visual gags over the actual job of selling. Good to know, Anonymous. 0. Instead of horse legs though, it has horse power! Motaur is tongue in cheek. Catherine O’Hara and Annie Murphy, Aldi Christmas Plane Advert – Feat. Hire the Budweiser frogs, at least they were funny.

That can interpreted as a show of respect from Motaur to the earthling.

Excellent!!!!! In a May 2019 story, “Absurd Motorcycle-Human Hybrid Isn’t Even Funny,” author Kate Murphy says of Progressive and Motaur, “They’re trying, but maybe a little too hard.” The article is an honest and unvarnished perspective from someone who is very much in tune with the rider community at large. You have to uphold the brand and sell the product. Look around and you will see people being presented as idiots. In our latest Progressive commercial, as our motaur hums along, he’s approached by a gym rat who tries to remind our man-machine that there’s a thirty-minute limit on the treadmill.

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