porsche 944 bolt on supercharger

Porsche 944 8V Normally Aspirated Engine In this guide we will talk about tuning the 944 2.5 litre 8-Valve normally aspirated engines as found in the Porsche 944 and Porsche 924s models. What is maintenance schedule for 2009 Cayman? You could machine the heads slightly to lower the c/r a tad and/or take a smidgen from the piston bowl and rebalance afterwards.

... 1985/1 Porsche 944 1.5% scratched up Crystal Green 98.5% flat putrid red. "@type": "GeoCoordinates", I've seen Holly catlogs that sell 944 Turbo Chargers, Supercharger, and NO2 kits, but I do not have a real good feel for what works the best and poses the least risk to the car.2. Would there be any benefit to using a 944 turbo head instead of my ealry 2.5 n/a head? "hasMap": "", * A combination of mild boost and electronic gizmos seems to keep detonation in control. Replacement Ball Joint Boots for the 944/944S2 and 968; Upper Ball Joint Rebuild Kit for Porsche® 944 * Speed Force said: - They may go for CARB - They use an ATI P1SC supercharger * Huntley said: - They will go for CARB - They use an Eaton SC * Both of them are on the same street in Santee, CA. "longitude": "-88.4886635" the flip-up headlamp mechanism needs to be removed and replaced with one of several aftermarket projector headlight kits available. Total seal do make a huge range ? Because the 944 body is shorter in the nose than the 968, there is less room to be had for the supercharger and tubing. Neither of your heads will fit that engine. #no-more-tables td:before { content: attr(data-title); display:none;};

Ensure to install this superlative electric supercharger so as to cuddle the exclusive paybacks of a cost effective modification. Welcome to PCA’s source of expert advice, where our PCA National Technical Committee experts answer your questions about all things technical. "telephone": "+1(920)485-0928"

Buy Porsche 944 Electric Supercharger Bolt-On Kit Customize your vehicle with this Porsche 944 supercharger to experience a dramatic change on the horsepower as well as the speed. Want a shortcut to finding the right item for your Porsche®?

Cool, is that the one driven by an alternator belt? They are:* Speed Force Racing (http://www.speedforceracing.com/s2sc.html)* Huntley Racing (http://www.huntleyracing.com/superchargerkitpics/index.html)After speaking to both of them, their Stage 1 kits seem similar to each other.

They have a universal turbo style supercharger that I've seen used in a 944. "name": "928 Motorsports LLC", 1990 944 S2 cab - 5.7l *Update* LE2 Heads, 11.0:1, Cstm Intake, .565 223 230 cam 418rwhp 423rwtq. While indeed you can extract a large amount of power from them, people incorrectly assume that any aftermarket supercharger tossed on an engine will instantly generate gobs of horsepower. ^^ Not true, if you read the owners manual it states that the na 944 (at least the 944/1 I dont know about the 944/2s) using 87 octane is all that is required. } Now you can keep your AC and have the extra horsepower!

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