please don't kill me i have a lot to live for

I love this website, I searched it up to see if I find anything good (for fun).

if a person wants to kill themself let them do it its their life. Pill suicide works just as much as it doesn't. |

Despite the pressure we put on ourselves. If you're not immediately scared to jump, you're not high enough yet. Editor’s note: If you experience suicidal thoughts, the following post could be potentially triggering. “Being angry with hope.

You never know when or where it’s going to happen; it just does, and there’s often little you can do to prevent it. “The best way I’ve found to describe it is that suicidal *thoughts* can be fleeting.

Don't lose your head now (L0Lz).

OR… tie yourself up and jump off a 12-foot ledge, instantly snapping your neck and possibly decapitating you? To spare you unnecessary pain, make it a little less gory, and minimize the paramedics' laughter when they find you dead from overdosing on Flintstone vitamins (it's happened). So why does this voice go on in the back of my mind? It’s this dull aching in your heart that never goes away and you just want it to stop.”.

“It’s almost like this nagging feeling or voice. With that said, I am here to help you dumbasses do it the right way.

Is my existence significant? “It’s like being behind a one-way mirror.

I don’t think I’m mean.

Will you choose to tie yourself up and kick the chair beneath you, causing moments of breathless agony and unnecessary pain? I know how much it would hurt those I love, and all I want is the thoughts of wanting to harm or end myself to be gone. (Seriously, I asked for help at a dark point in my life and I urge you to do the same.).

You can see the world around you going about their daily lives, but you aren’t present in it. This is a tough one.

“I often describe it as being passively suicidal. It’s the cliché kind of self-hate that exists alongside self-inflation. “I have a lot of intrusive thoughts, regardless of how stable my mental health is. You don’t have to earn your right to be here. It is known as one of the most painful ways to die (don't ask me how people know) and can take up to three minutes to lose consciousness.

(Or in this case, dwell on the thought.

A real person at the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline will listen and talk with you. Our lives are not only our own. It makes me fantasize about car accidents and plane crashes. People hate. If the messages you’ve internalized makes you feel like it’s better to die than be imperfect, please know the messages are wrong. You suddenly get a brief flash of ‘What if’ and it passes so quickly you don’t really process it.

‘Suicidal thoughts’ encompasses a wide range of thoughts and ideas.”. Sometimes it’s just a call for momentary relief.”, 8. For some, it’s a constant weight of feeling like you don’t deserve to live. I battle this every single day of my life. You’re merely a spectator. Assuming you've tried everything else of course. Whatever the extent of it, the fact that people can have suicidal thoughts when they have no active plans to kill themselves is something we need to talk about. It makes me want to fold into myself and disappear.

To escape the voices in my head telling me how awful I am, how I’m such a burden to everyone, how fat I am, etc.

Sometimes “I don’t deserve to live” means I feel guilty people care about me, and I’m convinced I’m not holding up my end of the bargain. Everyday disappointments and stressors are amplified, and at the slightest sign of weakness, my mind convinces itself it needs to self-destruct.

It WILL be painful, but mostly just puking and possibly shitting all over yourself.

Kind of like when your phone keeps going off and distracting you. Remember: HEAD FIRST, and don't expect an open casket. It makes me imagine my body melting into the floor. I have everything to live for yet the thoughts don’t want to move from my brain.

It’s like being trapped in a brain you’re unfamiliar with… it’s like walking into a room full of family and only seeing complete strangers.”, 12.

When you struggle with mental illness, anxiety, depression etc., sometimes thoughts invade your mind without even wanting them.”, 20. I used to be able to talk to my friens through my laptop but my parents wont let me now , and my friends were the only people to really get me and thats why I want to die cuz nobody care. I just know I’m not doing enough for the people I love. Thoughts of my death (not necessarily suicide) are a fantasy of escape.

Whatever the extent of it, the fact that people can have suicidal thoughts when they have no active plans to kill themselves is something we need to talk about. Be calm.

It’s one of the most frustrating feelings because you want to be on the other side of the mirror. 1.

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I sometimes have images and thoughts popping up.

If you can relate to this, there are a few things I want you to know. “One of my favorite quotes about this: ‘Depression is the inability to construct a future.’ That’s completely true.

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