plant pigments and photosynthesis lab answers

If your school is utilizing these data collection devices, it is a more student friendly way to go! 10/17/00, Tip: "Another activity with the Spec 20 and the photosynthesis lab is to cut the bands from the chromatograms. 0000012678 00000 n 3/9/00, Tip: "I used the new oxygen gas probe for a photosynthesis lab and in less than six minutes using three leaves snipped off a house plant I had the neatest curve you have ever seen. When did organ music become associated with baseball? 0000064958 00000 n H��Umo7�~�B`SDR��(�,ޚ�M���a(��K��!~����~�(���-�/��e>|��!�ٔ�q{���sgg� LVb+ެg�u�g�- Fql� Z�� ����E� C�B���7��sgΖ�;��(!�pK�1�2y�5��8u��G�Mdr)�ٝ��G �.wqɆ $մi� 8�E�vQ�G��^$`���D^�k.��:%�Ȇ����ݩꒊ�|-@lH$��X����,V�ʒ� �x�Yͮ��������_�F9р�G��"����*��}z����;m�嬙U��)�ɜ��q�) �^7�:���WJ����i7\~�mȴk��vb�[��%'P����995G�͸m�o5�s�̖�늤��&�� i�>�(�O�I'_Hȁ�>e�#���������DEb�K5����Y.l`��q�ӛ����+���)�2�ru�3��1��Y��x;�h'}qQ�i\.2kPXh#{"��(�r��i�\��%�� !x�s�V���E�)jeh u�D����g�1V#���=�����*����r��E�z<9��.�$ ��t������N���hsO� ��P*��X��Nj,�s�,q$ѥ����/?��8�Rxg|2fnbʶꐲ����._��"��8�L����T�ԛH�����]`t�$�t������9nd��߿���[7�pI�"t^ub��]�蝾��"W�{8�" Biology AP Lab Plant Pigments and Photosynthesis?

—Charlotte Freeman, Girls Preparatory School, Chattanooga, Tennessee. I have also used the CO2 probe from Vernier with excellent results in photosynthesis and other labs.

Has been used for such experiments for almost 50 years; protocols for chloroplast isolation in part specific for spinach. Instead it reflects blue wavelengths, which is why it appears blue to our eyes. Photosynthesis is a light reaction that happen in the How will my inability to eat during the first trimester affect my baby? Boil in a water bath.

10/10/99, Answer 4: "An earlier message suggested putting acetone in a blender to do chlorophyll extraction from frozen spinach. I didn't need more since the AP Chemistry teacher had four colorimeters already. What does contingent mean in real estate? This should be done with all the cuvettes. You'll still have the accessory pigments, but the chlorophylls will be gone (which is what we tell the students should be happening, but its nice to confirm it experimentally). " Donate Login Sign up. %%EOF Learn. It is indicated in Table 4.3 (p. 49) but never explicitly stated in the written step-by-step instructions. Now, to the covering of the vessel. Write. I do have some Spec 20s, but the Vernier colorimeters give nearly equally reliable data. Through capillary action these pigments will travel up the paper until the bonds between the water and pigment become so weak that the pi… Now, one political tip: If after reading all the postings and you're interested in both, you could get the expensive specs now while the money is available, and gradually get the less expensive colorimeters over a period of years if you want them for other uses." I often check the chloroplast suspension by sticking my finger in the suspension as it is heated in a pan of water on a hot plate. Tightly cap the bottle and store it with your other organic solvents. —Franklin M. Bell, St. Mary's Hall, San Antonio, Texas. Which two pigments migrated furthest from the solvent front and. Remember the aphorism: Like dissolves like.

They work great! Everything has to be kept as cold as possible until you are ready to use it. The Rf values will differ from the standards, and will differ from one student to the next because of differences in their local environment, i.e., sun shining on the setup vs. temperature differences vs. location of drafts, etc. The animation will take some time to show the pigments separating. What does a plant need for photosynthesis? It fades quite dramatically in the 'exposed to light' batch. 0000024942 00000 n 0000046223 00000 n AP Biology Lab #4: Plant Pigments and Photosynthesis OVERVIEW: In this lab you will: 1) Separate plant pigments using chromatography. Its at least worth checking it out and letting the students try it. —Brad Williamson, Olathe East High School, Olathe, Kansas. Answer 1: "In choosing the wavelength setting for the spectrophotometer in the photosynthesis lab, you are trying to find a wavelength at which you can most easily see changes in absorbance by DCPIP against a background of absorbance by chlorophyll. For a limited time, find answers and explanations to over 1.2 million textbook exercises for FREE! We will also be measuring the rate of photosynthesis in isolated chloroplasts. —Robert Dennison, Jersey Village High School, Houston, Texas. As Doug pointed out, when you get to the longer red wavelengths you lose some accuracy. 0000000016 00000 n When mixed with the DPIP and distilled water in a 1:1:3 ratio, the experiment works great. Does the molarity of the buffer matter that much? ", Answer 1: "I have excellent luck with the Spec 20. they have been flawless for over a decade. Answer Save.

Why? —C.O. They felt very confident answering the free-response question on photosynthesis and scored well on it, so I guess it worked." Beta carotene, the most Beta carotene, the most It was after my trial that I decided the site was definitely worth the money (I receive no commission for this ad)." The AP Chemistry teacher is now going to return the CBLs she purchased and get the DataLoggers instead. If the sucrose solution isn't absolutely cold, the heat of the blender will deactivate the chloroplasts. What kind of job can you get with a MA in business management or adminisstration?

PLANT PIGMENTS AND PHOTOSYNTHESIS Pre-Lab Answers 1) Pigment Color Wavelength (colors) absorbed Chlorophyll A Green Absorbs violet-blue and orange-red light Chlorophyll B Green Absorbs blue light Carotene Orange, red, or yellow Absorbs ultraviolet, violet and blue light Xanthophyll Yellow Absorbs blue light Anthocyanin Purple, black, blue, or red Absorbs purple, blue, red, orange light 2) A pigment is … That will really skew the data if you don't catch it. They are cheap enough that I have 12 of them and can have students working in pairs." I am at a loss for this lab.

0000002378 00000 n Set the Spec 20 to 605 nanometers (use the wavelength control knob, on top of the instrument). So it won't work to pick a wavelength down in the blue region of the visible spectrum—DCPIP doesn't absorb blue much at all. Tip: "...For the boiled chloroplasts, you must vigorously re-suspend with pipette (Pasteur or disposable) until the clumps are broken up. It is not necessary to be 'very exact'—the setting could be 602nm or 607nm but, again, it just makes things easier if you make an effort to set it at the best wavelength when you begin. Jeff Smith, Indiana Academy Muncie, Indiana. TTU/HHMI at CISER. Chilling makes them last a little longer. Michele. I have a Bausch and Lomb Spectronic 20, and corresponding absorbance numbers are below the percentage transmittance. The first year is hectic to say the least; sometimes graphing and analyzing 'ideal data' from the teacher's manual is an option rather than leaving the lab out. On the other hand, I certainly see the value of the colorimeter; it might be fine, if your real goal is to get data, or if integrating data into CBLs is important to you and your school. 0000015604 00000 n Plant Traveling Lab. Question:"Transmittance is measured in a percentage, which is easy enough, but what are the units for absorbance? We had our specs tuned up and the company wouldn't even touch them. —Jo Ann Burman, Andress High School, El Paso, Texas. There is an error in the AP manual I remember and the College Board has it listed on their site (it may be out of date). 0000063130 00000 n If you do not already subscribe to the Biology Place (, this would be a good time to try out the two-week free trial offer.

So, to optimize the reliability of your system, reduce the volume of the chamber, put pads around the inside that are saturated with the solvent, and put a lid on soon after you insert the chromatogram." I recently finished the photosynthesis lab using the colorimeters and got great results on my first time (three sections of AP Biology). All Rights Reserved. Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to separate and identify pigments and other molecules within plant cells by a process called chromatography. ", Answer: "Was your DPIP fresh and how did you prepare the chloroplast suspension? Just have the students place them on the paper, lower epidermis against the paper, and press the pigment onto the paper. The chloroplasts don't have to be boiled. ]�:������Q�!>�6��t=��̑���~�ؚ#Է���l�UUIF��ō�atu�^Χ���z��}��}j�R4Q?����HGH��. In photosynthesis, electrons are normally transferred to NADP+. If the students don't get a measurable change in the cuvette in the light in the first five minutes, they probably won't. NOTE: Edition D (1997) of the AP Biology Lab Manual contains an important omission. That's what separates the two amino acids from each other. 0000014104 00000 n This has worked well for me when my spectrophotometer quit working. I tie them into light, photosynthesis, and vision; not too much time here, but enough that the spec seems like a natural extension. —Jerry Burke, St. Mary's School, Medford, Oregon. One thing I did this year was make my chloroplast suspension too concentrated (I assume). This is the short answer. I haven't looked at the lab, but you can easily detect the separation of the two acids by their reaction in ninhydrin. Eleven tubes are prepared for the students to use as comparison. To prevent osmotic shock and lysis of chloroplasts. Dies geschieht in Ihren Datenschutzeinstellungen.

I highly recommend the Vernier line of products. I'm sure someone will send a long answer." All molecules (structural, enzymatic, electron transport) have limited lifetimes. 10/7/99, Answer 3: "I soak green grass in acetone in a beaker overnight and then decant the green solution into a test tube and hold it in front of a projector light. Since you can't adjust the 'black box' colorimeter (and peek inside) beyond a few set wavelengths, then it's tougher to get the students to understand it. —C.O. 0000020297 00000 n 0000021211 00000 n Have them add more drops of chloroplasts, reblank the spec, then start their readings over again. Of course, in making this choice, you must pick a wavelength that is strongly absorbed by reduced DCPIP. 0000049641 00000 n This preview shows page 1 - 5 out of 6 pages. Pour off the chlorophyll solution into a boiling tube. Terms in this set (11) how does the solvent move up the paper chromatography? 10/31/00, Tip: "Regarding the photosynthesis lab and the spinach shake, I have found that the amount of sucrose solution is never enough to cover the blades. 0000001116 00000 n Challenge the students to explain why one fluoresces and the other does not." Then you set the 100 percent transmittance with a cuvette containing phosphate buffer, distilled water, and unboiled chloroplasts (reaction tube #1 in the 1997 edition D of the lab manual). There are yeast labs to show fermentation (I do this as an additional lab) that are much easier if you have no time to make substitute equipment (aquarium rocks for glass beads, beans instead of peas, soda lime in the respirometers in place of KOH, etc.)

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