piaggio zip 50cc top speed

Visitez Piaggio.com maintenant! Piaggio have, as per usual, set the bar with build quality. A cool design feature is the entire cluster of instrumentation is housed in a futuristic, clear plastic sphere, which integrates into the front head-light.

The Zip is a true gas miser, returning just 41.1kms per one liter of gas.

Le Zip 50 peut avoir une personnalité jeune et fougueuse, mais il contribue aussi à un meilleur environnement. Nouveautés 2021 permis A2 : laquelle vous fait flasher ? Before I even start this review I have to get this out the open… This will properly shock you, but….The Piaggio Zip ‘08 off the showroom floor, is so slow that it is almost dangerous. In summing up I’d say the Piaggio Zip would make a great moped for the first time biker, if you didn’t need to go fast or far it would be perfect. En ce qui concerne les aspects pratiques, on trouve un coffre capable de recevoir un intégral, une boîte à gants verrouillable logée dans le tablier, et sont disponibles en option un top-case, un pare-brise, ainsi qu’un antivol ancré dans le guidon. My XL full-face helmet didn’t come close to fitting in the underseat storage, it would take an open face though. All rights reserved. I’m not sure what it was doing there. The fact of the matter is that we can only review what we are supplied, does a derestricted Zip reach lightspeed?

De France (appel gratuit) Most 50cc scooters slow down a little when heading up a hill, but the Zip also stops, no really it does! On the flat is cruises comfortably at 50-60km (30 - 37mph) and I managed a top speed run of 65km,(40.3mph) that’s a good top speed, but unfortunately its takes an eon to get there. Une erreur s'est produite, merci de réessayer. Storage, was very average. Toutes les annonces Scooter Piaggio Zip 50 d'occasion - Particuliers et professionnels - Annonces sécurisées avec La Centrale ® When riding at night it is so bright that it becomes distracting. Consommation maîtrisée, garantie de la conservation d’un régime moteur énergique, le Zip troisième génération en ressort plus fort. The speedo, although not moving very fast, performed almost perfectly, only being out by 2 kph, showing 48kph at 50kms, unfortunately the large gauge mounted to the left of it did…er..nothing. I firmly believe the restricted, 50cc, four-stroke motor in this scooter only has just enough power to get around in a flat area... and then only if you weigh less than anorexic midget (little person?). There is a little bag loop, for the shopping, but there isn't a glove box. It’s a real shame that it's so slow, as the Zip looks sleek and modern; it’s a sexy little number. The gas tank, when filled will hold 7.5litres. The plastics used are great, the seat is well designed with a good quality covering.

monocylindre 4T, refroidissement par air, simple ACT, 3 soupapes, fourche télescopique ø 30 mm, débattement 75mm, mono-amortisseur hydraulique, débattement 74mm. Hitting a small hill, perhaps a 100m climb the bike could only push me up at 30kph(18mph).

If you really liked the Zip but needed to travel at 50-60km over a few small hills, then you "might" be disappointed with her, perhaps the 100cc model might be for you. I havn't the faintest idea... the restricted one however is so slow as to be a menace, simple, fact! Oops… But, never fear, there is a orange light that starts to glow when the fuel level drops below about 1.5litres. Il y a beaucoup de rangement sous la forme d’un compartiment sous la selle facile d’accès qui peut facilement contenir un casque intégral ou d’autres accessoires, tandis que le tablier contient une boîte à gants pour les documents et les petits objets. Not the best, I much prefer a gauge that tells me what the level is at all times. Zip can also be customised with optional accessories such as the rear top box, spacious enough for a full-face helmet, the windscreen made in high quality metacrylate and an extremely simple and convenient mechanical anti-theft device which anchors the vehicle handlebar using a securing system that is connected to the body.

The 0-50kph test proved what I had thought: It only managed 19.9sec, which is pretty shocking and the slowest scooter we have ever reviewed. Perhaps it was meant to be a fuel gauge, but Piaggio forgot to add it. It might take a while, but you could do it.

Le refroidissement se fait toujours par air forcé, et les gaz s’évadent désormais à travers un nouvel échappement qui réduit les émissions polluantes (y compris sonores).

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