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But Adam said in court filings that he was protecting his father from his stepmother’s abuse. ), By 2012, Mr. Max’s mental faculties were beginning to wane. Ms. Max also told the court that Adam had taken custody of his father and concealed his whereabouts from friends and family, according to court filings. Park West says the allegations in Libra’s suit are baseless. I love the people around me. In a stratified art market, he added, “when there is so much criticism of wealth and money,” Mr. Max’s process allows “ordinary people the opportunity to buy something that is authentic.”. One participant in a 2003 sales training session recalled Mr. Scaglione handing out two books: the Bible and “The Art of Peter Max.” (Through a lawyer, Mr. Scaglione said this did not happen.). Peter, who married Mary in the late 1990s, grew old and frail in recent years and grew ill during the court cases over his fortune. She has also entered open warfare against Park West. She had been married since 1997 to Peter Max, whose psychedelic, colorful artworks have been celebrated since the 1960s. Can Trump run again in 2024 if he loses the 2020 presidential election? “Not a single work goes out the door without being hand signed by Peter Max,” Mr. Nikas said. Thin as a rail, with a sparse mustache, he would sometimes have little idea about where or who he was. He called Mr. Max “America’s painter laureate” and started in on a sales pitch for “Umbrella Man,” a florid silhouette of the back of a bulbous man in the rain. Mary Max, the wife of renowned pop artist Peter Max, has reportedly taken her own life amid a bitter legal dispute with her 81-year-old husband’s family, over his work. “She finally gave up.”.

Ultimately, a judge ordered Mr. Max to be returned to his wife’s care at their Riverside Drive home, appointing a guardian to oversee both his business and personal matters.
As the Max family drama has played out, sales at Park West’s seaborne auctions have continued to infuse the studio with cash. ", The attorney said there's been a recent revival of interest in Peter Max works, "and there's a lot of squabbling over it.". Over the years, dissatisfied Park West customers complained that they were led to believe they were buying “one of a kind” Max works that would appreciate in value, only to return to land (and reliable Wi-Fi) and learn that the internet was glutted with similar works. But in her final voice message to her friend, said her lawyer, John Markham, she did not rehash that dispute. Back in New York, Mr. Luntz would take his usual 15 percent agent’s commission of what Mr. Max made on the road. “She wanted to leave a message with certain instructions what to do with matters important to her and she wanted to say her goodbyes” to her husband, her brother and mother, and close friends, Markham said. As the hippies who loved his work grew up and became capitalists, so did Mr. Max. After Hurricane Sandy struck in the fall of 2012, he and Mr. Frank assisted in claiming $300 million in flood insurance on the New Jersey warehouse where ALP stored “Peter’s keepers.” So far, they’ve recouped $48 million, with Mr. Moskowitz taking a 10 percent fee. Yahoo is part of Verizon Media. By then, critics were dismissing Mr. Max as more artsy than artist, more concerned with commercial viability than creating museum-grade masterpieces. In recent years, his brightly colored works regularly sold for five figures in auctions, The Times reported. The scene played out for years. Paul J. Schwiep, a lawyer for Park West, said that he and Mr. Scaglione, the company founder, visited the studio in February and saw Mr. Max painting — an anecdote that also appeared in Park West’s legal complaint against ALP. If you are having thoughts of suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 (TALK) or go to for a list of additional resources. Some of that art was sold on a cruise line and in galleries around the country, raking in millions of dollars. 258,072, This story has been shared 182,871 times.

Max married his first wife Elizabeth Ann Nance in 1963 and they divorced in 1976. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls.
He soiled himself on one cruise, said one person who was with him at the time. Ali Watkins contributed reporting and Susan Beachy contributed research. (AP Photo/David Bookstaver, File), Connect with the definitive source for global and local news.

The children had significant shares in Mr. Max’s studio, which is named ALP after his and their first names. Although Adam had technically been the president of ALP since its inception, in 2000, he had shown little interest in the day-to-day of his father’s business. Mr. Max would be instructed to hold out his hand, and for hours, he would sign the art as if it were his own, grasping a brush and scrawling Max. Adam Max countered with his own allegations, accusing Mary Max of being abusive toward her husband — allegations she denied. In the next couple of years, Mr. Max stopped painting almost entirely. He would attend galas with Ms. Max, then paint at his studio until 4 a.m., blaring Rage Against the Machine and Led Zeppelin. Inside, he would see painters — some of them recruited off the street and paid minimum wage — churning out art in the Max aesthetic: cheery, polychrome, wide-brushstroke kaleidoscopes on canvas. To secure the studio, Adam Max installed surveillance cameras and doors with metal bars.

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