persona 3 fes elizabeth requests

The antique shop is available after 06/09. Because you need to spend less time on those characteristics (or no time at all) the challenge of the game has been reduced slightly.  You have more time to train in Tartarus, despite the fact that you can get tired on the day before the full moon in Persona 3 FES.  But there is a Hard Difficulty Mode for FES.

I'd like a drink that shares my name. order to create Scathach, you will need to max out the Priestess S-Link. Go to the roof of the building after school and check behind the guy sitting, Description: "I'm afraid this missing girl has Apathy Syndrome... Could you, find her and bring her a drink to cure her condition?". Some require simply waiting until a certain day, and there are. You cannot complete this, Description: "Create Oumitsunu via fusion, and return here once he is, What to do: Fuse for Oumitsunu or pick him up through card shuffles in, the third block of Tartarus. errands for Elizabeth. You must complete this one in order to, Description: "I can no longer hide my curiosity about your world. What to do: Fuse for Loki and level him up until he gets to 63 or higher. I recommend Pixie and, Unicorn. There will be. Description: "Please perform the Fusion Skill, Trickster. the fusion and retry until you get Dia to show up on the list. Description: "Defeat Grave Beetles on floors 6-15 of the 1st block, Thebel, What to do: Find "Grave Beetles" on floors 6-15 and defeat them until you, receive a Beetle Shell.

( I'm at the last full moon before the promised day).

You will, What to do: Bring Ares and Siegfried into battle together. Description: "Retrieve Old Document 08 from the top of the 5th block, Harabah, and return here before the deadline.". After a little under a month of working on Persona 3 FES The Journey Walkthrough FAQ, it has been completed.  Within are all the correct answers for the social links, all 100 Elizabeth Request guides, Boss strategies, and additional FES content in the Journey has been documented along the way like the nightly walks with Koromaru to meet social links, find items, and so on. spread is available to you after 9/18. You will. Description: "Please perform the Fusion Skill, Scarlet Havoc. Archived. After that the whole request is pretty much just a cutscene for you to enjoy. Also possible to obtain it from a rank 8 sword, card in the card shuffle.

In. Check out the bathroom, Description: "When I visited Gekkoukan High School, I saw a neglected patch, of flowers. You must complete this, Description: "I would like to explore your world further.

Description: "Please perform the Fusion Skill, Best Friends. gives you, and he will give you the item you need. What to do: Climb to floor 16 of Tartarus and retrieve the item found there. If the player chooses for Theodore to replace Elizabeth in Portable, they will be given by Theodore instead, but for clarification's sake they will still be referred to as "Elizabeth's Requests" throughout this article. ", What to do: "Bring Vishnu and Ananta into battle together.

Could you bring them some water?". if i max out all social link\ ", What to do: Bring Cu Chulainn and Scathach into battle together.

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28. You can take up to three requests at a time. simply create one at the antique shop in the mall. log in sign up. Description: "Please perform the Fusion Skill, Raktapaksha. Description: "I've heard there's a drink in your world that shares my, What to do: Go to the back alley at Port Island Station and enter the bar, down the stairs to retrieve the item you need.

They will only. Description: "I would like to see a katana obtainable from Yabbashah, What to do: Look for gold chests on the 69th, 74th, and 82nd floors of, Tartarus.

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