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Min Jae Hee/ Ye Rin told him that each day of her life while she was away, she worked hard to come back to him. Perfect drama to sit back and relax to. Join our email list and find out the most talked-about Korean dramas from January to June 2020. Would have loved to see more interaction between them, since they ARE the ones that end up together after all. To see the recap of Episode 29-30, click here. 14 comments. Plus, she meets a neurotic fashion designer who might just give her another shot at love. Follow KDrama Happy Ending Addict on To see all the upcoming dramas of August 2019, click here. ( Log Out / 

Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Was this review helpful to you? I will surely miss the characters and their chemistry on screen. They are important to the story but are also mentioned later on so you don’t have to *watch* these parts. But I really wish we’d see a full onlove story including the ‘action’ between the main leads when one of them is a bigger person. I thought it was ridiculous at times how people stared at Min Jae Hee shamefully even when she wasn’t as fat. Below is a highlight of the main points of this episode. So even though it seemed like her life would have ended she was still grateful to be getting so much over a short period of time. Seo E-Do has grown greatly since episode 1, he too has become stronger as a person. View all posts by Jess, Happy Ending, happyending, idol drama, Kdrama, korean drama, model drama, paranormal, Supernatural. And then there is the one thing I have mentioned in other dramas before.

They are not very long and don’t happen very often, and can be skipped.

But a part of me also thinks she might die just as she predicted. I had a lot of laughs. At first, I was of the impression that this drama would be based upon fat-shaming, but it wasn’t so. This drama is good, I really enjoyed it. Completed. Other than that it’s good. Good job to everyone that played a part in making this drama enjoyable. ( Log Out /  Happy Ending Or Not? Great job to Ye Rin, she brought a good mood to the drama and her acting was on point. For a change we at least get a hug and hand holding. (Source: AsianWiki), Korean Name: 퍼퓸 She becomes a model with her new youthful… Skip to content. I'm aware not many are watching Perfume. To see the recap of Episode 29-30, click here.

There are some suicide and verbal abuse things that could be a trigger. She doesn’t appear to be bitter or hurt anymore because she has accepted this truth. I was hoping to see Ye Rin and Jin-Kyung reunite as mother and daughter one last time but still the episode ended on a good note with Tae Joon facing his punishment and E-Do and Jae Hee ending up together. I loved the depths, the goofy parts, the tension, the story and even the fantasy elements. She becomes a model with her new youthful appearance called Min Ye-Rin (Go Won-Hee). Change ). Tags: Investigation Couple, Investigation Couple 2, Perfume, Premiere Watch, Search Query: WWW. He was able to propose to her after professing how much he loved and missed her. ( Log Out /  This episode was forwarded to a year and E-Do and Min Jae Hee finally got together. Crash Landing on You is no. A middle-aged woman’s misfortune makes her furious at the whole world, but her life changes when she transforms into a young, gorgeous lady and gets to work as a model through the power of a magical perfume.

Welcome back to another recap of Perfume, sadly we have come to an end with this entertaining drama. The King: Eternal Monarch claimed 5th place. With Ye Rin in his life, many of his phobias were addressed which helped him to be happier. Shin Sung-rok finds his muse in Go Won-hee on KBS Perfume … 3! His love for one woman for over 29 years is commendable, he did not falter or gave up on his wish to be loved by Min Jae Hee. ONGOING KOREAN DRAMAS: 18 Again | Birthcare Center (NEW) | Delayed Justice (NEW) | Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol | Homemade Love Story | Kairos| More Than Friends | My Dangerous Wife | Penthouse | Private Lives | Search | Start-Up | Tale of the Nine Tailed | The Spies Who Loved Me, A site dedicated to Korean TV series, Kdramapal publishes up-to-date and relevant content about Korean dramas and seeks to satisfy the most essential demands of a K-drama fan. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Ji Nah’s character has also grown since the start of the series. He actually worked on building and making himself better so that when she returned he could be his best self for her. © Copyright 2020 — Kdramapal / Lola Digital Media, Read news, features, & other content related to, Highest-Rated Korean dramas (cable) of all time [UPDATED], Complete ranking of Korean dramas in 2016 based on viewer ratings, Lee Ji-hoon signs contract with Kang Ha-neul's agency, 7 Korean Dramas on Netflix That Also Deserve Your Time, Currently Airing Korean Dramas And How To Watch Them — Legally [UPDATED], First look at Shin Hye-sun as queen in upcoming historical-fantasy drama, Kim Nam-gil in talks along with Seo Ye-ji to lead new OCN fantasy drama ‘Island’, Cho Yeo-jeong is suspicious in first teaser for upcoming comedy thriller, Namkoong Min is arrested in third video teaser for upcoming thriller, ‘The Uncanny Counter’ drops two main posters, highlights main characters as powerful demon hunters. She cares for E-Do and keeps him close but we see where she has also acknowledged that he loves Ye Rin and that E-Do cannot love her as she wants. There are three new dramas on the slate for your viewing pleasure. Thank you to the viewers who watched until the end, even though I was lacking in many ways. On the other hand, we can also argue that her experiences made her strong and gave her the drive she needed to make a major life change. Some parts of the drama hit very close to home which made this even more meaningful to me. On July 23, Shin Sung Rok, who plays Seo Yi Do, posted on Instagram, “We gave it our all. save hide report. These persons are the closest to him and they helped him to hold on when Ye Rin had disappeared. But to those who do, let's discuss the finale and theorize the ending while we are at it lol. She meets Seo Yi-Do (Shin Sung-Rok). By falling in love with Ye Rin, we see where other aspects of his life were modified, such as the relationship with his mother and his brother came to a fix.

This drama was a good one. share. In essence, some may reason that if she had received the perfume back then her life would have turned out differently and she would not have experienced so much pain. In the last episode, a major plot twist was revealed.

A middle-aged woman’s misfortune makes her furious at the whole world, but her life changes when she transforms into a young, gorgeous lady and gets to work as a model through the power of a magical perfume. Menu.

Min Jae-Hee is furious at the world. Open Search. You can also watch the final episode here. Search. In this time, E-Do did all he could to pass the time and waited for her. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Please log in again. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Shunsheng. And that’s why I believe the supernatural forces brought Jae Hee back to him so that the two could have some sort of peace. Yes No Cancel. Below is a highlight of the main points of this episode. His dream came true, as he was able to have the person that inspired him to model his clothes and wear his ring. His acting was commendable at times where he expressed sadness and laughter.

Through a mysterious perfume, Min Jae-Hee's appearance suddenly changes to a beautiful young woman. This gift later turned out to be the miraculous perfume she used to transform her life. Perfume. She is a housewife who has devoted her life to her family, but her family gets destroyed. I really hope Jae Hee will be end game. Perfume Episode 31-32 Recap. Ye Rin was however given another chance at life after committing suicide. Professional WordPress Agency. Alright… there are a few things I want to say without going on a rant. Shin Sung Rok who normally plays the villain did a good job in bringing off the role of a hilarious and at times sweet guy. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Job well done to each and everyone that played a part in making Perfume. She knows that tastes differ, which is why she won't rate the dramas listed on this blog but simply shares the character's fates in the journey to their own happy endings. Min Jae-Hee is a middle aged woman. Episodes: 32 (Each 30 minutes), Jess is a KDrama Addict and enjoys binge watching them by the dozen. When Ye Rin disappeared, E-Do was left shattered and broken as he thought that was the end of everything. Min Jae-Hee (Ha Jae-Suk) is a middle aged woman. The login page will open in a new tab. Good job to everyone that played a part in making this drama enjoyable. This drama has been unpredictable so far, so it's quite challenging for me to predict how it will end. Read More. “Perfume” Cast Shares Their Thoughts On Their Drama Coming To An End KBS’s “ Perfume ” is coming to an end! Through a mysterious perfume, Min Jae-Hee’s appearance suddenly changes to a beautiful young woman. He is a successful fashion designer, but a mean spirited person. By walking at World Fashion Week her dream came through and what made this even better was that she was able to walk on the same runway with her daughter and model the clothes the man she loved had made. I will surely miss the characters and their chemistry on screen. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Search for: KDrama Happy Ending Addict.

The big girl gets the guy, all is great, but we never see much of them together, or a kiss. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. E-Do brought Ye RIn to the shop he went as a boy to make her a gift. But I do understand it was the writer’s way of making a point. It depicted the life overweight persons may face at being excluded.

Further on in this episode, he had the support of his mom, Min-suk, Mr. Park and even Ji Nah. While I can't say it was groundbreaking, a top favorite, or something I'll remember nostalgically, Perfume will be one of those dramas I remember as generating a lot of laughs watching and one that didn't give me much of a headache or worry that it would go horribly wrong. 13 May 24, 2019 May 26, 2019. ( Log Out /  Create a free website or blog at Home; Contact; Who is the KDrama Happy Ending Addict? The following figures are nationwide TV ratings from Nielsen Korea. She is a housewife who has … With the belief that her life will soon come to an end, Ye Rin still pushed forward to achieve what she had worked hard for over the past six months.Her character since episode 1 has grown from a sad miserable woman to a happy and pleasant woman. However, she had disappeared for a year without anyone knowing where she was. Welcome back to another recap of Perfume, sadly we have come to an end with this entertaining drama. Plus, she meets a neurotic fashion designer who might just give her another shot at love.

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