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Patty Mayo currently resides in California. So, is Patty Mayo real bounty hunter?

To be a bounty hunter, one needs to be registered by the state he wants to work in. He started the channel in November 2013. He promised to return to bounty hunting in late June. Holy Shit I asked the same fuckin' shit... one episode hes got a bounty hunter tag.. the next he is a fuckin sheriff.

Nobody knows this better than Mayo himself.

Millions of people flood YouTube every day looking for entertaining, informative, and educating content. share. Is Patty Mayo a real bounty hunter? Apparently last month he gave up the fake bounty hunter thing and is now being a fake deputy. Is Patty Mayo a sherrif?

He later moved to California and that is where he shoots his videos. ", "He is an actor and the uniform he wears is a costume," the statement continues. In an interview with KTVZ-TV, Deschutes County Sheriff's Office's Sgt. Patty Mayo joined the world of YouTube in November 2013. Among his possessions is a Harley Davidson bike which costs no less than $20,000. He has not been very active on his popular YouTube channel due to reasons best known to him. Now you might be asking if Patty Mayo is legit or if he is a Sheriff, well, the acclaimed YouTube character is never a sheriff. "So that's why before we even purchased the cars for the show, or any equipment, we sat down with the police department and said, 'this is what we'd like to do, what do you think?'".

With Zak Holman, Patty Mayo, Jared Leisek. He joined YouTube in November 2013.

The reward given to a bounty hunter is called bounty, hence the name. This thread is archived. There used to be some six-point stars, but that was from back when deputies carried six-shooters and responded via horseback. Here, he uploads videos of challenges, video blogs, pranks, and more. This came as a disappointment to many of his fans who would want to believe that the bounty hunting activities of Patty Mayo are real. The star’s content boasts over 664 M views, which translates to thousands of dollars of income monthly. Without question, Patty is notable for his bounty hunting videos in which he takes his viewers through the process of investigations, arrests, and other events. Does Instagram Earn Tiffany Bondoc a Decent Fortune? Many fans don't seem to mind, and still call his videos a "source of entertainment," commending him for reaching the status he has and providing videos to his following. The outfits he wears and the arms and vehicles that he and his crew use in his YouTube videos are costumes and props that are privately procured. Pat Sharmey put out a short message on a news channel one night about how everything he's doing is all for entertainment purposes only and notifies local law enforcement whenever he does what he does. Eventually, he made his activities into a franchise he called Southland Bounty Hunters. He does have another channel, Extra Mayo, where he uploads personal life videos mostly of him and his former girlfriend, Kayla Pillar, and with family members occasionally. The YouTube personality’s average YouTube earnings from AdSense, according to, are estimated between $53.6k – $856.9k in a year, calculating the daily views and growth of subscribers. Though he shoots his videos in Deschutes County, Oregon, USA, he is not an agent of any law enforcement agency in Deschutes. For everyone wondering what happened to Patty Mayo, rest assured that he is still very much around. The rise of YouTube as a digital content platform has been beneficial financially and creatively to many people all over the world. By mid-2017, he added another host to his videoes who goes by the pseudonym DeMar “Bounty Hunter D”. report.

"Mayo does not appear to be breaking the law, and there is no indication that he has represented himself as a police officer in public," the outlet writes, adding that the people the personality works with also wear "bright yellow vests" that are marked to designate they are film crew. Patty Mayo (Patrick Thomas Tarmey) is a Boston-born YouTuber and entrepreneur currently based in California, USA. The bulletproof vests he wears in many of his recent videos have the phrase "law enforcement agent" on them. The YouTuber is an actor and is basically role-playing as a Sheriff in a stage-managed show. Patty Mayo has a new female “partner” they also added sheriff patches, anyone know what agency or generic patch this is? His income comes from advertising revenue from views on his videos, brand endorsements deals, and his merchandise. hide.

So apparently Patty is now a Sheriff Deputy donut should really do a video on this and does anyone know if there's a way to confirm whether he really is or not. According to BNO News, the fact that "everyone involved knows it is fictional" works in the YouTuber's favor. Am also that kind of nerd. According to U.S. officials, while Patty Mayo has represented himself as a sheriff's deputy in uniform, a vehicle fitted with emergency lights and sirens, and what seems to be a handgun and a taser, "he is an actor and the uniform he wears is a costume.

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