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As this proceeds, we will go from [our] meeting with you directly back to our offices to report over video conference to Directors Comey and Brennan. [31] A portion of this suit was settled out of court on October 13, 2008, when and Gradient dropped the claims against each other after Gradient retracted allegations that Overstock's reporting methods did not comply with rules established by the FASB, stated they believed complied with GAAP standards, and that three directors were independent, and apologized. He accepted because they said that Russia was trying to subvert our election. Yet there is a group of agents in New York City looking into her finances, and they want to put her ass in stir.”, According to Byrne, the FBI agents explained, “Comey had been blocking such ‘aggressive investigative techniques’ (e.g., a sting) on Hillary, claiming there was insufficient predicate acts to establish that she had a prior disposition.” Byrne continued, “Recently information had come in, however, that Hillary had accepted a bribe in the low tens of millions of dollars. Byrne recalled, “. The company was one of the first to go public under a system advanced by WR Hambrecht + Co to retain a greater share of capital within the company rather than going to the investment bank underwriters used in conventional public offerings. This letter states, as Byrne recalls, that until his death, “The first paragraph had language about their growing concern that some kind of deep systemic corruption was infiltrating and corrupting the federal institutions of the United States. Patrick Byrne Jan 15, 2020 5 min read. He continued, “The Russiagate scandal is not only not about Trump, it’s not even mostly about Russia. The Court found Byrne, his employee Mark Mitchell, and Deep Capture "engaged in a calculated and ruthless campaign to inflict as much damage on Mr. Nazerali's reputation as they could achieve." Trump Campaign and Georgia GOP Files Lawsuit Over Improper Counting After... Rep Maxine Waters Declares She Will Never Forgive Trump Black Voters. In one such meeting, he walked into a room and there was “.

In 2005, Byrne became known for his campaign against illegal naked short selling. “NONE of that with Maria really happened.

[40] Byrne was permanently banned from publishing these accusations. In the statement, he admitted to assisting government investigators — whom he refers to as “Men in Black” — with probes into Russia and Hillary Clinton. “Ms.

[32][33] In December 2009, the suit against Rocker, whose name had since been changed to Copper River Partners, was settled by Copper River paying $5 million,[34] payment of which Byrne stated he received on December 9, 2009. Hillary is going to be president for eight years and nothing is going to stop that, but while she’s president the evidence about bribery that you were part of gathering is going to be sitting on a “Bunsen burner” inside the DOJ, and the hand on that Bunsen burner is going to be the hand of one of Barack Obama’s people. I was simply setting up a sting on my chain-of-command (whoever was above these agents). Then the DeepState offered Byrne a billion-dollar bribe and when he refused it Peter Strzok’s wife opened an SEC investigation of the firm and threatened criminal referrals (not knowing that somewhere in DC there is a magic letter that says Byrne isn’t to be prosecuted). He explains, “Simultaneously I decided that while I would get them the information they wanted, I would actually conduct a mock affair with Maria, shielding (and not shagging) her while I instead set up Directors Brennan and Comey on rape and (with luck) murder charges.” Byrne began telling the agents that he got Maria intoxicated one night and took advantage of her. For approximately 14 months Byrne kept the major details of his interactions with the FBI hidden, but about ten days ago in a long and detailed blog post on his website, he relayed stunning information about his past and his involvement in what has now come to be known as Spygate. However, when Huntsman was elected he went missing from the debate, and Byrne told the Associated Press that he would now bankroll anyone who could defeat Huntsman at the polls, "even a communist". This mission has been scrubbed from the highest level.”, Byrne says that after several weeks, he requested another meeting with the FBI.

Maria Butina plead guilty in December of 2018 to one count of conspiracy to act as an agent of a foreign official. He accepted because they said that Russia was trying to subvert our election. In late 2015, two FBI agents that Byrne was familiar with from the Wall Street 2005-2006 case told him, “. Higher-ups were apparently pulling the strings. That is when the Maria/Russian investigation started (at the latest), not July 2016. Shares of closed Thursday up 8.3 percent following the announcement of Byrne’s resignation. Byrne takes Butina’s imprisonment seriously, as he says he was aware of what was happening behind the scenes. My assignment was to create the following end-state: within two months, Hillary Clinton and that government’s bagman are to be somewhere together alone in a room for 10 minutes. Carter later reported that “Omaha Rabbi” refers to Berkshire Hathaway’s Warren Buffett.

He said, "They don't care enough about their kids. In 2008, as per Byrne, a law was passed that gave authority to the Director of the CIA to sign a piece of paper and, in a sense, “take the steering wheel” of the FBI regarding certain matters. [55], In 2005, Byrne provided financial backing to the Class Education, whose goal is to change state laws to require schools to spend at least 65 percent of their operating budgets on classroom expenses.

Get her out of your life.” So he abruptly broke up with her over a text message. As per Byrne, Butina asked him to give a speech to the Central Bank in the Altai Mountains in Russia. Patrick Michael Byrne is the former CEO of, Inc., a Utah-based internet retailer that has been publicly traded since 2002. It was believed that a different foreign government (of a country to which I had never traveled) wanted to pay Hillary a bribe (in the teens-millions) in return for having Hillary privately pledge what one aspect of President Hillary’s policy towards their nation would be. Byrne says he was asked by New York FBI agents to set up a meeting with Hillary Clinton and a foreign government’s “bagman” to facilitate Hillary pledging one aspect of her presidential policy towards that foreign government. Byrne knew of the time and place of the meeting and suggested to the FBI that he propose whisking her off to the Bahamas for the weekend. “You must erase every second of this from your memory,” they said. NOTE: Due to COVID-19, fulfillment is delayed. And given that pretty much any activity one can imagine could be touched by a civil or criminal penalty, in practice this all adds up to the following: in the name of stopping corruption, the United States Senate Judiciary Committee has the authority to look into anything in the United States of America that it desires.”, Byrne continued, “With senators from both parties standing around me nodding, Chairman Specter told me they agreed with me, they thought that I was right about what I had been saying publicly with increasing volume over 2005-2006, that some form of systemic corruption was taking over the United States government. Gradient Analytics et al.) 20 Years Lashed to the Mast I took to these pages upon departure because I felt I should immediately clear up mysteries surrounding your firm. As this proceeds, we will go from, meeting with you directly back to our offices to report over video conference to Directors Comey and Brennan. That includes you, Patrick.

Byrne recalled, “Later, it was confirmed to me that my news was received and shared across certain circles that evening, Friday, July 10, 2015. The day she becomes President, the first thing she is going to do is send her people over to the FBI and find out who was part of investigating her, and we are all going to be destroyed.

Byrne relays that not long after, she mentioned she had made a contact in the Clinton camp and was now actively working on the other 3. It says that I am going to take on the systemic corruption subverting the federal institutions of the US Government (or something like that), and asks of the future that I be shown “extraordinary latitude under the laws of the United States of America” when I do it. We three want you to know that you have every right to turn this request down, and no one will think lesser of you.”, Byrne writes that he agreed to rekindle his relationship with Butina. The FBI agents in New York had leveraged that information to force Comey to sign off on setting Hillary up in a bribery sting.” He went on, “Now those New York agents were asking for my help. They told me that if one understands the Constitutional structure, one understands that the Senate Judiciary Committee is the bulwark that protects rule of law for the USA. Appreciate a daily dose of Actual JournalismTM? Annual report on Form 10-K, Legal Proceedings, 2007", "Meet Patrick Byrne: Bitcoin Messiah, CEO of Overstock, Scourge of Wall Street", "Q&A:'s Jonathan Johnson on integrating Bitcoin for online payments", "Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne takes indefinite leave of absence over Hepatitis C complications - Apr. There is a group looking into Hillary’s emails, but we think that is a whitewash. From me.

Among other wicked allegations, I am sure. In March 2016, Butina told Byrne that she might have an opportunity to meet with Donald Trump, Jr. at a convention of conservatives in the South somewhere. Byrne and securities regulators maintain illegal naked shorting has been used in violation of securities law to distort prices of public companies' stock. There is a group looking into Hillary’s emails, but we think that is a whitewash.

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