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June 20, 2026 (6202026) 21. But if we write the date as mm-dd-yyyy (09-10-2019); or as yyyy-mm-dd (2019-09-10) it is no more a palindromic date. la répétition : 110 110 110. Je ne sais pas si vous êtes superstitieux, mais en tout cas les dates palindromes sont très rares ! April 10, 2014 (4102014)8. l’année, mais pas pour l’heure : 30 h et 3 min n’existe pas. Erforderliche Felder sind mit * markiert. September 10, 2019 (9102019)13. When written in the international ISO 8601 format YYYYMMDD, 2020-02-02 is the first palindromic date since 2011-11-02.

January 2, 2010 (01022010)3. May 2, 2050 (05022050) 35. To get the real number of days after ‘Jan 1 1000’ for years after 1582 subtract 5 from each term representing a date after 1582. The year 2020 is definitely a very special one for all those who have a sense of symmetry – and this disposition was given to us by the evolution. So, in February dd is 20 and the date is: 20/02/2002. Why, no. At just after 2 a.m., it was 02:02:20 on 02/02/2020. March 20, 2023 (3202023) 18.

August 2, 2080 (08022080)38. February 10, 2012 (2102012)6. March 30, 2033 (3302033)27. The first one was on October 2, 2001 (10-02-2001) and the last one will be on September 2, 2090 (09-02-2090).

May 10, 2015 (5102015)9. They are different from one country to another. Soll man heute noch Wirtschaftswissenschaften studieren? Possible cause of COVID-19 blood clots found, Long-hidden 'selfie' of a medieval mason found in historic Spanish cathedral, Mark Kelly becomes 4th astronaut elected to Congress. July 20, 2027 (7202027) 22. January 10, 2011 (1102011) (First seven-digit palindrome date in the 21st century) 4. All palindromic dates in the MMDDYY format. July 30, 2037 (7302037) 31.

Fibonacci (vers New York, Todays Palindrome Date is Rare 9-10-19.

Depending on the date format used, there are several palindrome days this year, i.e.

dates that are symmetrical (or palindromic). Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? March 2, 2030 (03022030)25. February 2, 2020 (02022020)14. May 20, 2025 (5202025) 20. Les années 2000 à… 2012 nous donnent de nombreuses possibilités de jeu (après 2012, moins). palindromes: Why The month in which this happens always corresponds to the last digit of the year. July 2, 2070 (07022070) 37. Altogether, there are 331 palindromic dates in the YYYYMMDD format and 335 such dates in the DDMMYYYY format (between the years 1000 and 9999).

February 20, 2022 (2202022)17. March 30, 2033 (3302033) 27. 'Lost' chameleon rediscovered after a century in hiding. A Palindrome Day occurs when a day's date can be read the same way backward and forward. March 20, 2023 (3202023)18. What happens if a president loses an election but won't leave the White House? Rare. March 10, 2013 (3102013)7.

August 10, 2018 (8102018)12. de Maths, On peut s'intéresser à l'année:                                 2002, ou à la date complète:                                       10 02 2002, et même avec l'heure:                      20h 02 le 20 02 They are valid only then, if we adopt the reform for dates before 1582, subsequently. In 2012, the same sequence of dates occurred in February.

1175 - après 1240), publie en 1120 le Liber Abbaci, arithmétique destinée When written in the international ISO 8601 format YYYYMMDD, 2020-02-02 is the first palindromic date since 2011-11-02.

June 10, 2016 (6102016)10. In between there are 3014 days (more than 8 years).

La prochaine sera en effet le 02/02/2020, dans 8 ans. September 20, 2029 (9202029)24.

pour faire : 0110 0110 0110 ; sans ces 0 on a The phrase "A Toyota's a Toyota" can continue as a palindrome forever, as in, "A Toyota's a Toyota's a Toyota...". The dates are like the word palindromes in that they are symmetrical. September 20, 2029 (9202029) 24. – In Praise of Idleness. In the dd-mm-yyyy format, there are 29 Palindrome Days in the current century. It is the first such date since 21.02.2012 (2903 days ago). Calculator: Find interesting date patterns. September 2, 2090 (09022090). chiffres pour les jours et pour les mois; on trouverait d'autres dates en August 20, 2028 (8202028) 23. A palindrome is any word, phrase or sequence of numbers that reads the same whether you read it forward or backward, such as "mom," "race car" or "tacocat." January 20, 2021 (1202021) 15. Sunday, January 2, 2022 . September 10, 2019 (9102019) 13. La dernière est valide pour la date, Voir Palindrome dates, such as February 20, 2022, are dates that are the same backward and forward.

The back-to-back Palindrome Days in the m-dd-yy format are not that rare. The last is a special one – it's a leap day! Und wie geht’s den Deutschen? Thanks. October 2, 2001 (10022001)2. April 20, 2024 (4202024)19.

The previous palindrome date in all formats came 909 years ago on 11/11/1111. April 30, 2034 (4302034) 28. April 30, 2034 (4302034)28.

January 20, 2021 (1202021)15. Updated 1432 GMT (2232 HKT) February 2, 2020. April 2, 2040 (04022040) 34. March 10, 2013 (3102013)7. Use this knowledge to calculate the weekday of any given date in your head.

Excerpt of palindromic dates in the YYYYMMDD format. The next will come in 101 years on 12/12/2121 and after that there will not be another until 03/03/3030. Las Vegas wedding chapels are advertising today as the perfect memorable date for tying the knot. February 10, 2012 (2102012) 6.

In 2017, it happened in July, in 2018 in August and in 2019, it happened in September. Frédéric Barberousse, empereur germanique; Richard Cœur de Lion, ce roi d'Angleterre plus angevin Social Distancing – steile Karriere eines falschen Begriffs, „Klimaskeptiker“ ist das Unwort des Jahres 2019. Aziz Inan, an electrical engineering professor at the University of Portland, calculated that there are 38 palindrome dates in the 21st Century, in the month/day/year date format, as calculated by.

The 331st and very last such date before the year 10000 is 9290-09-29 (Sep 29 9290). Powered by, We use cookies for analytics, advertising and to improve our site. There was a problem. Excerpt of palindromic dates in the DDMMYYYY format. November 2, 2011 (11022011)5. Human brains are naturally inclined to look for patterns, and many consider such dates lucky. Jean-Baptiste le Rond d’Alembert (you should know him; possibly you remember the convergence criterion for infinite series that was named after him) says it even more clearly: „Mathematics is a kind of toy that nature has thrown at us for comfort and entertainment in the darkness“. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, Privacy & Terms. Palindrome dates, such as February 22, 2022, are dates that are the same backward and forward. The previous palindrome date in all formats came 909 years ago on 11/11/1111. Aujourd’hui, 21/02/2012, est une date palindrome, c’est-à-dire que l’ordre des lettres reste le même qu’on le lise de gauche à droite ou de droite à gauche comme le mot “kayak” (par exemple et pris au hasard !).

July 30, 2037 (7302037)31.

January. This will be the 3028132nd day after 1000-01-01 and therefore is still 2655553 days away (after 2020-02-02).

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