paddletek vs selkirk

It comes with an average weight of 7.3/7.7 oz or 7.9/8.3 oz. This is also an excellent paddle brand for those who wish to serve aggressively, and no wonder it is been used by several professional players in the field. These paddles are built with top-line technology to amplify the game to the next new level. It is perfect for outdoor play. The handle length of these paddles helps with more comfort and maneuverability.

It comes in various weights, standard or lightweight, standard or thin grip. It has a grip length of 5.25 inches and a grip performance of 4.25. Their exceptional Pickleball paddle that incorporates state of the art technology inspires people to adopt the game extensively. We hope our review helps you in justifying your decision of choosing Selkirk paddles for your Pickleball game.

It also has a handle of 4 – ¼ inches that let players use the ping-pong style grip and put a finger against the back of its face.

The cushioned grip helps you to sway the paddle as you wish while minimizing fatigue and strain on the wrists. However, the Bantam EX-L is about $100 so this may help with those on a budget. Finally, these paddles enhance the sweet spot of the paddle and offer a lot of confidence and accuracy for the game. It is also well-balanced and comes with an improved sound. This is my choice because it comes with a long handle and a wide face that gives a nice feel that goes well with the edges and the sweetspot. But AMPED series has been designed to work on those two excellently. If you are a Pickleball enthusiast, you should have been obsessed with all the details about the game and should have experimented with several paddles from different brands.

The graphics on the face of the paddle has a different texture and might hinder with the quality of its spins. The Selkirk Amped Epic, like the Invikta, has a longer handle so it is good for two-handed swings. It also comes in different colors and comes in standard or lightweight models, standard or thin grip. Other important features that you should throw focus on before buying a paddle from Selkirk are as follows. The innovative PolyFlex composite surface of the paddle enhances the performance of the paddle to many folds. Its performance is noteworthy. The lightweight models are recommended for beginners and intermediate players. FREE 1-2 Day Shipping over $69. The different type of paddles from this manufacturer includes Selkirk Omni, maxima, epic, Invikta, neo, etc.

Pickleball Fire is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The midweight models render ample additional power. It also comes with an innovative EdgeSentry edge guard that comes with extra protection. In some cases this is because the Pickleball paddles are new like the Franklin Sports signature Ben Johns and Christine McGrath paddles. The two Selkirk paddles are also highly rated by non-professional players as evidenced by the five star rating on Amazon. The are not the favorites of non-professional players so they are not the best Pickleball paddles. The paddle also has an edge sentry edge guard to balance weight and enhance its durability. Excellent construction, and lightweight paddles that are easy to play with. The new AMPED technology ensures that the paddle is larger and highly responsive with ample sweet spots. This paddle comes with an X5 core with a gentle touch that regulates the sound and vibration, which in turn allows for consistency and a smooth play. The weighty feel makes it similar to tennis rackets.

The midweight options render additional power and are popular for playing singles. Its grip size is 4.125 inches, paddle weight of 7.1/7.2 ounces and a handle length of 5.25 inches. Apart from AMPED and Prime series, Selkirk has other sets of paddles that work very well too, and that includes the Latitude Widebody Composite Pickleball Paddle. The price of the Paddletek Bantam EX-L Pro is about the same as the two Selkirk Amped paddles.

Both paddles are expected to be released in November of 2019. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The Selkirk design with ‘S’ logo just above the center with a colored background which is located on the upper half of the paddle. Most of these participated in the Franklin Masters, an invitational tournament for 32 of the top Pickleball pro players. It comes with proper construction of beautiful polymer honeycomb and a bright graphics that are durably adorned. These paddles best suit singles match. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. Epic’s midweight is 7.9 – 8.4oz, it is perfect for playing singles and very popular for players who play Tennis. This paddle comes with powercore polymer technology made of honeycomb composite as it is a well-designed paddle that outperforms wood and some other paddles for starters. Selkirk has released a diverse range of paddles with diverse features to yield to the inherent tastes and skill levels of players. The Onix Summit C1 comes in a fiery red color and is priced under $100. Its ability to neutralize spins from the opposite side is what escalates the functionality of these paddles. Another pro, Alex Hammer, says she gets excellent power from the paddle without having to swing hard. The FiberFlex face is designed to improve the consistency of the paddle along the body. This is a set of paddles that comes in two alongside two balls for indoor play. Such a construction is mandatory to preserve the paddle during extensive games. Upstreet Graphite Pickleball Paddle. They are not one of the oldest companies, but they are known for making reliable, durable paddles.

It comes with a short handle that increases the surface area, thereby gives room for a larger sweetspot and full-face than elongated paddles.

Getting this paddle is going to be a boost to your playing skills. Though it is not as powerful as the Maxima and as wide as the AMPED Epic. The paddles are manufactured with premium materials and they ensure high performing paddles with excellent customer service every time. This was the paddle he used. The Head Radical Tour and Prince Response Pro had lower ratings on Amazon. Otherwise, the Epic has a traditional shape so it is a versatile paddle offering both power and control. Its screen has a printed surface. The Invikta is an elongated paddle which means it is longer than most paddles but not as wide. I have played pickleball for about a year and want to invest in the best paddle. The two Selkirk paddles are also highly rated by non-professional players as evidenced by the five star rating on Amazon. Pickleball Paddle Comparison Chart on Sale at It is made of polymer honeycomb-like the premium paddles, but the composite face makes use of a new tech that makes the paddle affordable. AMPED Invikta is a paddle that does not sacrifice power for accuracy, and it is elongated, so your hand has space. All of these paddles throw keen focus on both power and control without any compromise. As these paddles are elongated, they help in a lot of wrist action, which involves cocking the wrist and getting the paddle parallel to the ground, for a perfect backhand dink. They feature bold colors and offer an awesome performance. It is recommended for intermediate players and advanced players because controlling it in terms of shot placement and distance.

Whether you look at reviews on Selkirk’s website, Amazon, or Pickleball Central players love the Selkirk Amped Invikta and Epic.

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