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Visit Carrier Rework Site Professional Login Search. Alarm Light Flashing Slow (Outdoor Unit Error) (40WAW024 only). Problem: Water leaks into room from Indoor unit, Possible Cause: Condensing water has overflowed, Solution: Check indoor condensing drain or call your representative, Problem: Wireless remote control does not work, Problem:  Cooling is Not Working Properly, Problem:  Heating is Not Working Properly, Carrier Split Air Conditioner Manual PDF 2, Carrier Cassette Air Conditioner Error Codes, I have a Carrier Xpower2 inverter window type aircon and it shows b5 error code..what does it mean and how to trouleshoot? Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Fix the issue for free using this troubleshooting guide.

Manual fan operation will continue. After turning unit off, wait at least 3 minutes before trying to restart. The heat pump and heat strip DIP switches are both set to the ON position in one zone. 21: E indoor unit evaporator outlet temp.

You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Thanks in advance, Inverter compressor drive error P4 how do you fix it, Y1 appears in my control and I don’t know what to do to make it work, P7 error career tower ac non Inverter After servicing, push the [ Θ] button to return to the normal mode. Tighten the connection or reconnect at port on PC board. Heat pump, furnace, heat strip and fan operation can continue to operate but displays the last temperature set-point. my carrier superia 1T ac displaying “nf” code while switched on and then it will disappear… i want to know what does the code intimating me..? Be sure to flip the breaker lever to ‘OFF’ and then back to “ON’ with the corresponding click. New Member : Jul 10, 2016, 02:51 PM Everstar portable air conditioner mpm1-10cr-bb6 p2 code. I'm looking for a portable air conditioner to cool a 360 sq foot garage which is on the north side of the house. After 15 seconds, the unit will revert to its previous display.To reset the reminder, press the LED button on your remote control 4 times, or press the MANUAL CONTROL button 3 times. Heat pump and dehumidification operation will be locked out. What should I do. Cause of operation: Operation command signal is not sent to outdoor side. how to fix the error code E8 of window type aircon ?the brand is carrier inverter, what is the indication of “EC” in the indoor unit of Carrier superia split 1.5 to AC help me. 3.Press and hold the “Reset” button for another 3 seconds – this time there should be a light flash on the display. If no water is draining out when the air conditioner is tilted to the back, the unit will require a repair service. When several malfunctions occur at the same time, they will be displayed in circulation and every malfunction is displayed for 5s. Heat pump, furnace heat strip and fan can continue to operate. 18: B indoor unit evaporator outlet temp. I have a everstar portable air conditioner mpm2-10cr-bb6 that was given to me , it blows strong but is not blowing cold air.

The codes are flashed by a series of short and long flashes of the status light. Heat pump, heat strip, air conditioner, and dehumidify operation will be locked out in the affected zone. for the last two years it functioned well but just one month back I shifted the AC then the problem started the AC it self shuts down after indication of “EC”. Carrier Performance Series Fault Codes and Troubleshooting, Performance Residential Ductless Multi-Split Heat Pump System, Multi-Split High-Wall Ductless Split System 38GVM. Gas shortage Gas leak. 01: Number of indoor units in good connection, 13: Total indoor units amendatory capacity demand code, 14: Target frequency corresponding to the total indoor units amendatory capacity demand, 15: Target frequency after the frequency limit, 16: Target frequency sending to compressor control chip. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly.

Cause of operation: Compressor does not rotate. Operate the fan without cooling until the frost disappears. Operation and Timer Lights Flashing Fast Together (Address Error) Indoor unit without address. Alarm Light Flashing Fast (Water Level Error) (40WAW024 only). To protect the unit upon an immediate restart after a stop, the system controller will delay the unit for 3 minutes before allowing the unit to start back up. All Topics Topic Home & Garden Heating & Air Conditioning » Everstar portable air conditioner mpm1-10cr-bb6 p2 code jethrow123 Posts: 1, Reputation: 1. | View our. Someone is selling one on craigslist, but says that it needs a recharge, but he doesn't know where or how to get the freon. However, the check codes are not deleted even if the power supply is turned off because they are stored in the fixed memory. About carrier floor stand’s AC Error Code E 3. AIR CONDITIONING INSTALLATION Location Installations of the unit into the wall Avoid installing the air conditioner where it is exposed to direct sunlight. Replace the drain pump. Not unlikely, there is lack of voltage between the thermostat and heater. My window type air conditioner with model # MWTF18CRN5F12 have a problem, its been cooled sometimes but within 2 min or less the cool has low and its feel dry. Cause of operation: Inverter over-current protective circuit operates. (Short time), Cause of operation: Position-detect circuit error or short-circuit between windings of compressor, Cause of operation: Current-detect circuit error, Cause of operation: Being out of place, disconnection or short- circuit of outdoor temp. It didn't seem to effect it at first. Inverter Hi Wall Split System; Inverter Ducted; Cassette; Controllers; Brochures; Customer Support. There is no water in bottom drainage. After 15 seconds, the unit will revert to its previous display. What do you think? All heat, cool, and dehumidify operation will be locked out. Air conditioners Midea MSCI-07HRIN1 are multi conditioners` systems with different style of indoor units` appearance. The circuit breaker has tripped or a fuse has blown.

Please visit our Request a Repair page. Carrier Performance Series Troubleshooting, Problem: Indoor unit emits a bad odor on start-up, Problem: You hear water flowing noise when the unit is running, Possible Cause: This is normal and is the refrigerant flowing through the system, Problem: Indoor unit produces a mist when the air conditioner is running, Possible Cause: This is normal cooling and is caused by high humidity and temperature in the room. Table 6 gives possible causes and actions related to each error. Your email address will not be published. If you don’t reset the reminder, the “CL” indicator will flash again when you restart the unit. Plugged it in and worked great for two weeks. Links to all of the fault codes of Carrier air conditioning system. Cause of operation: Discharge temp. 4.Wait a few moments while the unit resets. 17: A indoor unit evaporator outlet temp.

See battery replacement section in this manual and replace batteries. © 2014-2020 ACErrorCode.com. After 15 seconds, the unit will revert to its previous display. Any help is appreciated. There are more than 20 models, including four-way cassette, duct, ceiling and floor, wall-mounted Corona, wall-mounted Alfa, wall-mounted Vertu, wall-mounted T6, wall-mounted Elite. Thanks. Sometimes a breaker will look like it is in the operating position but is actually tripped. Heat pump, furnace, heat strip and fan operation can continue to operate but displays the last temperature set-point. How to use remote controller in service mode? - Loose connection or disconnected at port on PC board. All heat , cool, and dehumidify operations will be locked out. Does anyone know about recharging the freon in a portable air conditioner? This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. 20: D indoor unit evaporator outlet temp. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. This code did not mention any where (i Did not find ) but by the grece of God I salved this problem by refixing of main wire of Breaker (In put & Output) witch were become rusty due to Moisture in the air, salty air, Cut all open ends of all phases (wires) and Clean all the terminal of Breaker.. God help us all…, Your email address will not be published. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. Count the number of short and long flashes to determine the appropriate flash code. 2.Hold the “Reset” button for 3 seconds and then release. sensor, Cause of operation: Outdoor fan drive system error, Cause of operation: Outdoor heat exchanger temp. E6: Open circuit Humidity Sensor (Select Models). sensor, Cause of operation: Disconnection or short- circuit of discharge temp. Hi. When item B and C, and item B and a part of item E occur concurrently, priority is given to the block of item B. E2: Open circuit or out-of-range indoor temperature sensor. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website.

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