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(657). Taylor, A.

Although we can’t just start releasing inmates to solve prison overcrowding, we can start focusing on ways to solve this problem. It seems obvious to say that... Introduction The Supreme Court reviewed the constitutionality of mandatory life sentences without parole enforced upon persons aged fourteen and younger found guilty of homicide. A 2010 analysis of overcrowding in California prisons based on a combination of state-mandated reports and individual investigations found a number of cases in which overcrowding resulted in serious danger and even death; for example, "in one instance, a dormitory was so crowded that prison staff did not learn about a prisoner's death for hours, much less provide emergency care" (Specter, 2010, p. 195). The reason why the problem is so serious is because many governments do not do proper analysis of the problem and how it may affect their countries. The streamlining and expansion of the programs would also ensure that many drug offenders come out of prisons with life skills which would reduce the number of people who go back to drugs after they are released due to lack of guidance, counseling, and empowerment. The US government may also bring down the cost of justice by providing legal aid to low income earners or by cutting the cost of justice by half so that many people are able to hire advocates to represent them (Maschi, 2013). If the government of the US could strengthen and streamline the international program of transferring prisoners, then it would reduce congestion in its prisons by a good percentage which could go a long way in reducing overcrowding in the prisons. IvyPanda, 28 Mar.

Mental health issues be increased due to being in an overcrowded prison. So many of them revert to selling drugs, stealing, or worse to manage. If 75% of prisoners who attain the age of 55 years in prison are released and placed under probation or rehabilitation, then the US government would create more space for much younger offenders and give the elderly prisoners an opportunity to enjoy their old age in peace.

This paper is based on the topic of overcrowding in prisons. In some cases, the cost of justice is above reach by many people both in the developed and developing countries. Federal Probation. It refers to a situation in which there is a higher supply of prisoners than the capacity of the prisons in a given country. Help. London : Stationery Office. Prison Overcrowding. Among the causal agents of the worsening state of the jails is overcrowding. Such offenders do not qualify for minimum sentencing due to their criminal record. With United States prisons being filled 38 percent above their capacity, some issues are of greater importance than others when it comes to the overcrowding of prisons.

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Safety risk for both inmates and correctional staff pose a great problem to with prisons being overcrowded.

Retrieved from https://studymoose.com/prison-overcrowding-essay, Type: However, the challenge could arise when there are no funds for expansion or when the expansion is not a priority. The reason is that majority usually lack the energy and motivation to engage in crime, especially after being jailed for engaging in crime. Our writers will create an original "Problem of Overcrowding in Prisons" essay for you Create order This increase in prison population over time is an effect of societal flaw, where risk factors that may send certain demographics of people may be reduced via implementation of communications and organizations between the individuals and social systems.

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