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If you have questions, contact the ORR-Ez rep closest to you. It is also fully customizable for racecourse configuration, which is critical in fleets that have some boats that are faster upwind and down, and other boats that are faster reaching. Organization Name . All rights reserved. Organizing Authorities and Race Committees: If you have questions, contact Jim TeetersemailProtector.addCloakedMailto("ep_825aa65b", 1);, Technical Director or John HortonemailProtector.addCloakedMailto("ep_f91b1f05", 1);, Executive Director. ORA intends for the ORR handicap system to be a non-type forming measurement rating rule that fairly evaluates well designed and prepared boats. Offshore Racing Association. Website feedback? Youth Championships in Wrightsville Beach, Strong Team Culture is the Keystone of a Successful Team, Collegiate Offshore Sailing in the Figaro 2, Keeping One Design Racing Alive During the Pandemic, US Sailing Youth Match Racing Championship, US Junior Women’s Singlehanded Championship, US Junior Women’s Doublehanded Championship, International Women’s Keelboat Championship, What’s Old Can Be New Again – Intergenerational Sailing Makes the Difference, U.S. It's also granular enough to deal with ratings for special boats. Enter License Code License Code (FSC-C) Or use the following fields to search license holder(s) All following fields will not be considered, when searching for license code! They don't want to spend their time and money changing boats every couple years and constantly running trial certificates to beat the system. Race organizing authorities may use any of these standard ratings or may recommended “course mixes” that represent predominant conditions for their events for a customized rating. High profile ocean races, such as the Newport-Bermuda Race, often require fully measured certificates. Learn more about the history of the ORR.

Offshore Racing Association. The VPP output is reviewed by ORA’s National Technical Rating Committee and relevant subjective corrections may be assessed. Current List of Valid Boat Certificates. Also, they can provide you with a performance package if you want a set of polars for your boat. © The National Preparedness online Course Catalog provides searchable, integrated information on courses provided or managed by FEMA’s Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP), Emergency Management Institute (EMI), and National Training and Education Division (NTED). Developed through systematic scientific research, the ORR Velocity Prediction Program (VPP) calculates the speed potential of each boat at various combinations of wind speeds and course directions to give the fairest handicap possible. New ORR Certificate/Transfer of Owner-Request for Ratin. It's an inexpensive rule for competitors and we'll train your race committee. A Trial Certificate is NOT valid for racing. About the Rule: ORR is an objective rule whose rating calculations are based on the measurement of all the speed-related features of the competing sailboats.

ORR is an objective rule whose rating calculations are based on the measurement of all the speed-related features of the competing sailboats. ORR-Ez Competitors: Here is the quick-link to enter your email address and renew or apply for an ORR-Ez certificate.Here also are links to the ORR-Ez Rulebook, your Performance Polar Package, and the current ORR-Ez Valid Boat Lists.. ORR-Ez Organizing Authorities: If you're staging a new regatta or want more entries for your next regatta, maybe Ez can help. Contact your nearest Ez rep. ORR-Ez Race Committees: Do you want to learn more about ORR-Ez's Race Committee Toolbox? If you have not received this information, please contact the US Sailing Offshore office. Please reference US Sailing ORR Policy for specific guidelines. See their application page for a full list of Application resources—some of the most commonly requested are below. State Programs Directory. PEFC, the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, is a leading global alliance of national forest certification systems. 2020 US Sailing is a 501(c)3 organization. New ORR Certificate/Transfer of Owner-Request for Rating, ORR Certificate Revalidation and Amendments - through Universal Certification Syste. Using a simplified measurement profile based on existing measurement databases of production boats and simple sail measurements, ORR EZ offers entry level access to the measurement rule. Providing detailed polars and specialized performance information, this product available from the ORA is delivered as an Excel spreadsheet compatible with on-board navigation equipment and software packages.

ORR-Ez is for those who believe that modern rating rules need to be based on a sophisticated algorithm to equalize a fleet of boats of varied designs successfully.

The ORR is the most popular measurement rule used in North America and is the rule of choice for such events as: Chicago to Mackinac, Bayview to Mackinac , Newport-Bermuda Race, Puerto Vallarta Race, Rolex Big Boat Series, Transpacific Yacht Race, and many more. The rule relies on measurements of all the speed affecting variables required to competently predict reliable handicaps. The ORR is not a development rule and is not intended for sailors who are looking to “beat” the ORR handicap system. Partially measured certificates provide the easiest access to an ORR certificate and are popularly used for distance races and race series. There is no charge to access the database and all documents on the register can be downloaded free of charge. ORR Valid Boat List file . Statistics and Data Portal Junior Women’s Doublehanded Championship, New ORR Certificate/Transfer of Owner- Request for Rating, ORR Certificate Revalidation and Amendments – through Universal Certification System. Apply for an ORR Certificate: We work with US Sailing's Offshore office, which manages the process to get your certificate: 1) help you get a measurer, 2) collect the data, 3) process and issue your certificate. For boats currently holding a year valid certificate, any changes to the configuration must be reported and a new certificate reflecting those changes issued. ORR-Ez Organizing Authorities: If you're staging a new regatta or want more entries for your next regatta, maybe Ez can help. US Sailing Offshore is charged with acquiring, processing, and archiving all data to issue certificates to boats based in the United States. Public Certificate Search. The Velocity Prediction Program (VPP) used by ORR was developed in the mid-1990’s s as a refinement of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)/Pratt Institute project that was the foundation of the IMS. That's why the velocity prediction program at the heart of the Offshore Racing Rule remains protected code and is updated annually by its owner, the Offshore Racing Association, based on constant observation and research. US SER’s and World Sailing Special Regulations, Nicole Breault Wins Third U.S. Women’s Match Racing Championship, High Stakes at 2018 U.S. Women’s Match Racing Championship in San Francisco, Moroz Takes Third World Championship Title at Hempel Sailing Worlds in Aarhus, Chubb U.S. The rule is a hybrid of the Velocity Prediction Program under-girding the Offshore Racing Rule, along with an observed performance component factor. A complete measurement must be provided by a US Sailing Official Yacht Measurer.

We want to hear from you! The Offshore Racing Association now offers ORR-Ez, which is largely based on a regularly updated velocity prediction program, yet kept simple enough for organizers and race committees to apply it to low-key Wednesday night races, and it's catching on.

Where input data is lacking, the rating office will apply estimates from sister-ship data that err to a faster rating. More information on measurement may be found on our Services page. Country or Area Website designed & developed by Design Principles, Inc.

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