once again ep 15 eng sub

Thanks! There are still more 40 eps, I hope it will end up very happy for all the members... Hannah Apr 24 2020 1:11 pm

Looking forward to next episodes! I love this drama since the start there has been no disappointing episode so far, everyone leaves pretty good cliffhangers I wish it was a daily drama though >< Imagine if later on they had a spin-off of this kdrama but with the grandkids as the main leads! abcde Jun 28 2020 7:25 pm the frog Jun 06 2020 11:49 pm Michelle Aug 29 2020 11:15 pm Interesting drama so far but what’s up with the HORRIBLE table manners? Kris May 03 2020 8:49 am Not the first to berate a gram or dad over a kid getting a skinned knee while playing. He now realizes he still loves her and the reality of not having her. Dramawatcher Aug 03 2020 5:40 am Being anti-social is fine but the fact that she doesn’t know how uncomfortable people are around her, just not my kind of character. The cast was great in their acting... the story is not stressful but so entertaining I want more of them. Nahee always looks mad. i'm getting interested with family drama/weekend dramas this past few days, i don't usually watch 50 episodes and up but KBS dramas has a lot drama worth watching and crying!!! HanCinema's Official Facebook group will keep you updated on the latest in Korean movies and dramas! You say Na-Hee was tolerable with the director, but isn’t that because she tried harder. on episode 12 Kdrama Addict Jul 28 2020 11:32 am Their chemistry & life story is superb . That wasn’t on her radar until this last episode. Synopsis Once Again Once Again “I’ve Been There Once” akan menceritakan kisah perceraian berantakan yang mengguncang keluarga Song, yang terdiri dari ayah yang kikir, ibu yang lucu namun materialistis, dan empat anak mereka yang sudah dewasa, yang … Omo omo omo / I have to wait for new episodes ? she said to her mom she started to feel unhappy and lonely after the miscarriage so this fact reinforces my statement. Apart from her lack of work ethic, she is actually a thoughtful person.

I'll start with episode 1 now! It’s sad that it already ended. Every other person needed to create that reshoot was already on site when director called the stunt guy and insisted he show up that day or they won’t be able to air it on time. It makes the drama great. I love the balance of the storylines in this drama. Subscribe to HanCinema Pure to remove ads from the website (not for episode and movie videos) for US$0.99 monthly or US$7.99 yearly (you can cancel anytime). I hope there is Season 2 coming. The only thing is I'm not sure I will watch until the end. Of course the low-life greedy witch have targeted to father, so she can take him for his money. yui Apr 12 2020 6:42 am Great ensemble and the Mother is our Mothers haha so dead againts divorce. I really miss this drama already! This need not drag on. Watching it from the very start, two more episodes are left :( it is a good drama. the whole fake sister thing was so frustrating to watch, Im glad it's over!! I was so excited when the doctor put her boss in his place about the drinking and then the little sister forced to drink with classmates disappoints. Lookin' forward for this drama..I wish I will never be disappointed just like the previous drama "Beautiful Life , Wonderful life". Yes your ex is being used by the single mom. I'm loving this drama, i really like the characters anad the story is so easy going and moving effortlessly, i highly recommend it. I am also learning from it. I am certain that they will be back at each other's arms. I even cried a river when Na Hee confessing her pain and agony about her miscarriage.. things changes after the miscarriage. :D. Carol Apr 29 2020 4:45 am Great acting, amazing cast, and great plot!
One of the best's KBS weekend drama so far but i only watch Gyu Jin & Na Hee moments . With the older brother story has been reconciled with his ex wife, and the double laws couple been revealed. lol, if she does, the ratings will go through the roof...:). I will definitely rewatch before commenting again. Erika May 26 2020 3:09 am I just watched episode 1 today and I already love it!! Who can stand with the horrible childish mother in law with a husband that dint support u .if i were her i definately leave this troublesome family n carry on with my own life. Although now she is gone..So yeaps let's cherish our parents more. Aisha Apr 12 2020 8:16 am How funny when dahee is not even a female lead and the series start and end with her wedding??? The eldest two that got divorced earlier ...hoping they choose better pair.

I tried watching family drama s before, bit I get bored easily, so i dropped most of them after few episodes. Whatever the case, the ball seems to be in her court now.

Synopsis The mom character is so annoying. Mail (required but will not be published), Amiele Nov 03 2020 6:27 pm Era May 03 2020 2:39 pm So there’s nothing for us to want to see her get, and that just makes her seem like her only reason for being in the story is to torture Gyu Jin, Cath Jul 06 2020 8:39 am No evil cheobol.

I want the kid to be the older doc kid. This two are too messy & really a burden to.the parents. I skip every time they come along, the only thing that kept me going is nahee and gyujin and I bet the writer is stalling; obviously he/she doesn’t know what to do with them.

Anyway Sadon Couple fighting !! Fighting!

The drama seems so relatable to real life situations. monbb Jun 03 2020 2:40 pm Yet, in her first meal with Gyu Jin there was no trying. At a minimum, she needs to realize dating one man when her heart clearly still lies with another is a mistake. i'm sure gyu jin was as sweet or even better or else they wouldn't be married for that long lol. Sadon Couple fighting !!! W4GRB.user_rating[1]=0; Way too big an age gap but, dang there is chemistry there! I really expected to watch family based series in future. haiz after all these diss, I just hope gyujin and nahee ends well, I can’t stand his puppy eyes anymore. Gyu Jin's character so pitiful. The beginning of ep.79 I was laughing so hard that my cat ran away from me to go sleep in the next room, and then ep.80 made me cry. Love Jae Seok and Da Hee also. LSY acting really fit as he his character is mama boy, later when he realised he can’t live her he will start defending her and choose her over his mother. the first episodes were boring af, imagine watching 100? => we should keep in mind that things started to mess up because of the miscarriage and that is when gyu jin started to pick on her attitude as a way to get back to her because he blamed her in some way. A sour look on her face since the first episode. Oh well... I’ll see if I can find something else that I love as much?

RAKW Apr 20 2020 7:49 pm That would be a shock right? The older sister story also been kinda very slow with a stale and no expression. Hope all end well 4 d couple in the end.

However with this one its hard for me to wait for new episodes, thats how good is this drama. Trish Sep 22 2020 7:49 pm Her travel agent sister deserve better than that selfish mean guy. A bit thoughtless. @hype he is cha ni, an sf9 member and he acted in sky castle ^^. I hope it will be good til end. GaHee has a fine work ethic. and also I just discover once of the ost was performed by yoon jae seok himself. One of the best..family drama is always♥️..50 episodes is way too short for a very good drama. watch yoon jaesok and song da hee! Na hee was never cold and unemotional, she was a straightforward person. Very entertaining! I think that’s rude, and I think if Na hee and gyu jin even putting a little bit more effort to give some love to his mom in the first place, these things won’t happened in the first place and his mom won’t feel so abandoned that she had to keep clinging to her son.

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