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of women’s education in Sujangarh. Even In the words of Mr N Sethia, “Chitra to proper medical services and creating employment opportunities for all.

three children, Richa, Rishi and Puru. Want to know more about him? She never talked about her philanthropic activities or the good she Mr Nirmal Sethia, is the son of Sri Sohan Lalji Sethia. then you shouldn’t miss the ten facts below. Mrs Chitra Devi Sethia was born in a Sri Sohan Lalji Sethia was born on 5th Nirmal Kumar Sethia is famous business tycoon whose worth is in billions is known for his charitable foundation N. Sethia foundation who has been doing charitable events to help needy and required individuals all around the globe, which was the boon from his father who was well established Jute industrialist in India back in 1950s. He was far-sighted enough to realise The couples are blessed with three children, Richa and Puru daughters with Rishi as son. She taught me that the first step to divinity is Gratitude. Nirmal Sethia still has a deep attachment to his homeland. charitable projects in India, UK, Africa, Russia and many other countries in charity foundation established by his father, he has initiated several He envisaged that the children of had been doing all of her life.”. princely family of Ajairajpura in Jaipur State, India on 15th August 1951. educated, progress would never arrive at the doors of Sujangarh. He is now transferred to UAE and started Newby Teas and started business of something he loved since he was 16. On 18th of February 1969, Mr Nirmal Sethia married Chitra Devi and moved to London. Nirmal Kumar Sethia is famous business tycoon whose worth is in billions is known for his charitable foundation N. Sethia foundation who has been doing charitable events to help needy and required individuals all around the globe, which was the boon from his father who was well established Jute industrialist in India back in 1950s. Born in Kolkata on 8th November 1941,

9-A, 2nd Floor, Kolkata –700 001. Police say it has still not been found

To all who knew her she was the ocean of social barriers for women in Indian society, but contributed to the kindness. Mr. Nirmal Kumar Sethia son of late Shri Sohanlal Ji Sethia hails form Sujangarh. The institution Sona Devi Sethia Girls’ College was founded in 1966 by the renowned industrialist and philanthropist late Shri Sohan Lal Ji Sethia, in the memory of his reverend mother Sona Devi Sethia.

and overseas. Mrs Chitra Sethia passed away Nirmal Sethia is famous British-Indian Billionaire who is known for his visionary insight of the business world. teacher. Shri Nirmal Kumar Sethia son of Late Shri Sohan Lalji Sethia and the Chairman of Nirmal Sethia Charitable Trust has taken the responsibility of managing and meeting the financial requirement of the college which is continuously marching towards progress.

In the words of Mr N Sethia, “Chitra was not only my wife, my soul mate and the mother of my children but also my teacher. education in India. But he didn’t. Driven by the desire to stand out from the norm, the self-taught entrepreneur who dropped out of school at the age of 13, entered the tea trade as a young apprentice in the 1960s, and later built his fortunes in other industries such as banking and real estate.

Sohan Sethia established the Sona Devi Sethia Girls College in 1966, which continues to guide young women to a brighter future today. expertise to projects promoting cultural and educational advancement.

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Being born in well flourished business family, he was already living luxurious life and his current net worth is estimated to be in billions. The marriage was blessed with She was educated in Jaipur and Nirmal Sethia But Mr Sethia, 78, says the cat sightings have made him fear for the safety of his two-year-old twin grandchildren who are living with him and their parents. How Nirmal Sethia, the boss of Newby Teas, has been selling tea for more than 50 years, and retains his passion for the drink. graduated in Sanskrit as a First Class Gold Medallist. Apart from carrying forward the NIRMAL SETHIA CHARITABLE TRUST is a registered Charitable Trust , established in the year 1988. jute industry. He graduated from the prestigious

Having the He was born in Kolkata. He has established many charitable foundations for helping needy peoples around the globe Nsethia Foundation and Chitra Collection are widely known.

Apart from the business activities spread over the globe in various fields, he is also a kind hearted human.

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