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Only one earned breast insig­nia may be worn. Optional simultaneous wear of Post-Tour Command at Sea and Command Ashore/Project Manager insignia is authorized when wearing Working Uniforms (NWUs, Navy Coveralls and Flight Suits), Service Uniforms and Service Dress Uniforms. An enlisted person who has qualified for his or her ESWS pin places the designator SW after his or her rate and rating; for example, Boatswain's Mate Second Class Jones, having qualified for his ESWS pin, is identified as BM2(SW) Jones. Basic Special Warfare Combatant-Craft (SWCC), Senior Special Warfare Combatant- Craft (SWCC), Master Special Warfare Combatant-Craft (SWCC). A gold metal pin designed like the flight surgeons' without the acorn. A cryptologic technician interpretive wears her Enlisted Information Dominance Warfare Specialist pin. From: Chief of Naval Operations . Perform an oral board held by the commanding officer, executive officer or lieutenant commander. Complete the PQS for damage control, damage control petty officer, repair party leader, and work center supervisor. A gold or silver metal pin with a small craft circumscribed by an anchor flukes on the sides and bottom and a three star pen­nant on top. Fleet Marine Force (FMF) Enlisted Warfare Specialist Insignia. Warfare and Other Qualification Insignia. cc.



Same design as Master Explosive Ordnance Disposal Insignia. Nametags will be made of plain black leather in 2"x4" dimension. The Command Ashore/Project manager Insignia will be worn adjacent and to the wearer’s left of the Command at Sea Insignia, with one inch between the facing outer edges of both insignias. o. Diving Officer Insignia (DV). Qualification was an attainable goal for dedicated enlisted serving on ships and afloat staffs.

Junior officers, typically Ensigns, assigned to the surface warfare community are known as "unqualified" or "non-quals" until they receive qualification as a Surface Warfare Officer and receive the SWO pin. When a member has been qualified as an EXW Specialist, an entry shall be made in the member’s service record NAVPERS 1070/613 (Rev.

IDC sailors at other commands should qualify for other warfare pins, which Ruiz sees as a positive step that will encourage that serve in non-participating platforms will qualify in other warfare qualifications offered by that command.

The acorn in center is silver. NOAA Corps officers certified as senior watch officer may wear the NOAA deck officer insignia after authorization by the Director of the NOAA Corps.

gg. This device is commonly called the "SWO pin" in the U.S. Navy.

The miniature Command insignia is worn with all uniforms except Full Dress uniforms. Marine Corps Combatant Diver (MCD) Insignia. Stars may also be placed on the wave area of the insignia. Fleet Marine Force Officer Insignia. We need to keep an open mind.". Surface Warfare Medical Service Corps Insignia. When two sizes of insignia exist, the miniature size insignia is normally worn on uniforms requiring miniature medals. Nametags are rectangular not exceeding dimen­sions of 1 inch by 3-1/2 inches, and may be of any color and design as long as the nametag is standard throughout the command. .

The surface warfare insignia is a military badge of the United States Navy which is issued to U.S. Navy personnel who are trained and qualified to perform duties aboard United States surface warships. The eagle continents and Rifles shall be highlighted with a highly polished silver finish. Other versions of the supply corps pin include the Naval Aviation Supply Corps insignia, the Submarine Supply Corps insignia and the Navy Expeditionary Supply Corps insignia.

Special Warfare Insignia (SEAL). Alan Suderman, The Associated Press and Ben Finley, The Associated Press.

The surface warfare officer badge is typically a prerequisite for tactical action officer (TAO) training. ddd.

7-06), bb. For NWU Type III and Navy Coveralls the insignia is centered below and flush with the "U.S. NAVY" service tape on the shirt. Comments or Suggestions about A silver metal winged pin with an an­chor on a shield in the center and a scroll at the bottom of the shield. Nametags are rectangular not exceeding dimen­sions of 1 inch by 3-1/2 inches, and may be of any color and design as long as the nametag is standard throughout the command. Aviation Experimental Psychologist and Aviation Physiologist Insignia.

h.  Naval Flight Officer Insignia (NFO) . For NWU Type III and Navy Coveralls the insignia is centered above and flush with the "U.S. NAVY" service tape on the shirt

A gold embroidered metal pin with a star shooting diagonally from bottom right to top left through an elliptical ring, on the shield of the traditional Naval Flight Officer's wings.

When worn simultaneously, the Command at Sea Insignia will be placed inboard toward the center of the chest denoting primary placement. 1. Who qualifies. rr. Same as the basic EOD Insignia, but with a star center on the bomb. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server.

Updating the Service Record.

e.  Naval Aviation Supply Corps. A gold em­broidered or gold metal winged pin with a shield with a set of small, crossed, fouled anchors in the center.

Breast or qualification insignia of other nations will not be worn on the naval uniforms unless specifically authorized by the Secretary of the Navy. A gold metal pin, with a spread oak leaf, a silver acorn on each side of the stem on two crossed swords, on a background of ocean swells. When wearing Full Dress uniforms, only one post tour insignia may be worn.

s.  Surface Warfare Dental Corps Insignia. Command at Sea               Command Ashore/Project Manager. However, if a command has enough IDC sailors and can show it captures the full scope of information dominance, Ruiz said his command would entertain the possibility of getting them an authorizing its program.

Nearly 150 commands had an EIDWS program, and officials admit there were inconsistencies.

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