naruto shippuden pain arc

Arc de la technique interdite du clan Tsuchigumo. Naruto and his team are also after Itachi, but in the hopes of using him to bait Sasuke back to them. As the name suggests, the focus of this arc is Pain's assault on the Hidden Leaf. When Naruto was pinned down by Pain, Hinata decided to step up and challenge Pain. With this information, Jiraiya was able to discover the truth, but his throat was crushed by the Asura Path, before he was stabbed by the other Six Paths of Pain. Before departing, Naruto asked Pain why he had done everything, to which Pain replied that the world could never have the peace Jiraiya fought for because the world was too full of hatred, and, therefore, the only way to create world peace was through force. L'Héritage du Quatrième du nom - 1ère Partie, L'Héritage du Quatrième du nom - 2ème Partie,, Ceci est l'article sur l'Arc. But in the midst of all this, Nagato's legs were horribly burnt by Hanzō's Fire Release technique while he was saving Konan.

Seven Shinobi Swordsmen who are the hidden Mists former are brought into the fray. Sasuke managed to put the flames out on her and on Killer B. By now Naruto's sage mode was running low and Pain was able to sense it. He lured Yahiko and Nagato to an area which was surrounded by many Konoha Anbu Root shinobi, with Danzō leading them. This time it was Nagato and Konan's turn to take the Nine-Tails from the Hidden Leaf. While the other ninjas were fighting Pain, Tsunade ensured that they were being healed. It spans through volumes 45 to 48, or more specifically, covers chapters 413 to 453 of the manga and episodes 152 to 169, as well as episodes 172 to 175 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime with two stand-alone episodes shown in the interim. Believing that Pain had killed her, Naruto lost control of his anger and slipped into his six-tailed transformation. If Konohamaru wasn't there to rescue him, Ebisu would have been a goner. Every episode of anime is telecasted on the TV and it can be watched on many other entertainment sites by siging on the sites.

These episodes starts with the members Hidan and Kakuzu. Naruto finally makes his much-awaited entry and by Jove, it is one of the best things you will ever see. Years later, the three formed a gang in Amegakure, led by Yahiko, to abolish wars and bring peace to the world. Naruto is one of the best anime series.

Team Samui of Kumogakure arrived in Konoha with news that Sasuke's team had kidnapped Killer B, and was looking for whatever information Konoha had on Sasuke. After seeing Nagato's Rinnegan, Jiraiya believed that he was capable of bringing peace to the Ninja World. Sasuke cut off one of the beast's tentacles when it almost crushed Karin, but she was hit by another one, igniting her with Amaterasu. In these episodes Sasuke and Itachi finally go head to head. In this season all the young ninja are meet and introduced to Team 7, Kakashi, Sasuke, and Naruto. Seeing this, Jiraiya told Nagato about the time of never-ending wars, when a "messiah", the Sage of the Six Paths, appeared, and spread his religion across the world, which came to be the ninja techniques that the shinobi used today.

When Pain demands the Nine Tails be handed over, Tsunade refuses. In these episodes Orochimaru’s plan to crush The Hidden Leaf and this season goes into action and causes a small war. The Fifth Hokage called for Naruto to return to the village to aid in its defence, but the messenger toad Kōsuke was killed by Danzō before he could leave, to prevent Akatsuki a chance at capturing the Nine-Tails, as well as in the hope that Tsunade would lose her position in the attack. Naruto then said that he would become Hokage, and he promised peace for Amegakure as well. Mon nom est Sarutobi, mon prénom est Konohamaru !

Just before dying, Nagato entrusts his dreams to Naruto.

Konan decided to leave the Akatsuki, and took both Nagato and Yahiko's bodies, telling Naruto that she would believe in him. Kakashi was up against the biggest threat that the Hidden Leaf had faced.

Cet arc explique quand l'Akatsuki essaye d'attraper le démon à huit queux et le démon à neuf queux. In the anime, it is preceded by the Six-Tails Unleashed and is followed by the Past Arc: The Locus of Konoha. Episode 55 - Kakashi and Yamato proceeds to train Naruto, and teaches him the basics of the five elements; Fire, Wind, Lightning, Earth and Water. These are the episodes of Naruto Shippuden and in these episodes The Akatsuki have made their first move against the Hidden Sand. Sasuke and his team destroy the Summit and the real threat responsible for the Akastuki reveals himself. The Naruto anime comes under the genre adventure, comedy and fantasy. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. I started reading manga five years ago. The other three … Remembering this forced himself back to life with his own willpower, and writes a message on Fukasaku's back.

Meanwhile Tsunade remained at the Ninja Academy to summon and use Katsuyu to heal any villager who was injured during the attack. Out of desperation, and seeing Taka resemble his former team, Sasuke used Amaterasu to stop the giant ox. Nagato was skeptical about Jiraiya as it was a Hidden Leaf shinobi that had killed his parents, but Jiraiya was clearly different.

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