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Case #4: Why was Evelyn's apartment ransacked? these are beneath a special agent of your caliber, so you will send out junior agents that you hire on these cases.

I've been unable to log into Pallyquest online--I think someone's hacked into my account! Can you help me?Difficulty: 4Duration: 3Interests: Athletic, CharismaReward: New outfits and an object for the HQOptimal team: Roger, Trevor/Nicole, Spencer, From: Clara after case #14 is solvedDescription: The Main Street beauty pageant is coming up! King Mike - *Should be unlocked somewhere in the jungle area, but I got him after completing a dispatch mission, 26. A phyloxera epidemic has destroyed most of this year's truffle crop. His rolls are messy and his sashimi is sloppy!

She will analyze is for you. Also, at the end of the next case you are taken back to HQ and you cannot return to the jungle again, so if there is anything else in this area you want to do or see, do it before you activate the pedestals too.Clues:Power the pedestals:- Push the switch for the pedestal Lyndsay is standing on.- Push the switch for the pedestal Evelyn is standing on.- Push the switch for the pedestal Magellan is standing on.- Push the switch for the pedestal Buddy is standing on.Items:Water pump salvage parts (4 required):-The radio near the steps to the top of the temple.-The tent at the campsite.-The wheel in the water on the left side of the temple.-Jack in the box in the bottom of the sun temple.Golden idol - Rotate the mirrors at the bottom of the sun temple to open the chests, it's in one of them.Laptop battery - Follow the footprints from the tent at the campsite to the top of the temple near the water pump.Horn - Unlock the chest in the moon temple.Activating the four pedestals automatically triggers the next case. The player needs to place elements in the correct order to reach... Get ready for the next adventure into the world of Kororinpa!

Yeti Preston - Solve case #719. Here they are and all the good information about them. Each agent you can hire has different skills and each mission requires different skills. Angry Birds Star Wars Join an epic adventure with the Angry Birds in the legendary Star Wars universe, re … The HQ Crew - Solve dispatch mission #4729. From: Chef Gino after dispatch mission #1 is solvedDescription: I need a new pizza for my menu, but my cheeses just aren't inspiring me. I'll try my best to help but there's only so much I can remember.Difficulty: 2Duration: 3Interests: Paranormal, NatureReward: New objects and a new paint for the HQOptimal team: Marlon, Petal, Wendalyn, From: Renee after case #7 is solvedDescription: Hey!

Is there anything we can do to revive our plants? As they're all heading back to the jet, who do they run into but Morcubus, Brandi and Esma. I say this specifically because I ran into some puzzles that I had a hard time solving because I was trying to get ALL the parts on the screen to move, but it's not necessary. Go forth, emissaries of hot chocolate science!Difficulty: 2Duration: 3Interests: Charisma, SmartsReward: New objects for the HQ and a new dispatch mission (24)Optimal team: Trevor/Nicole, Gordon, Travis, From: Barney after case #8 is solvedDescription: An old map I found in my attic has led me to undertake a magnificent journey of discovery. Since I am a high school girl and not a robot, if I get enough humans to sign my yearbook, then I will achieve 'popular' status. Or send team to help Gonk get food?Difficulty: 4Duration: 4Interests: Nature, AthleticReward: An object for the HQ and a new recruit (Gonk)Optimal team: Petal, Roger, Wolfah, From: The Amazing Daryl after case #13 is solvedDescription: My competitor, The Nefarious Beigestone, has figured out the secret to my exploding bellhop trick! But it seems like someone's trying to sabotage Mr. Suckers' chance at winning. But if you want to see the true ending, you do need to complete them all. Redecorate, whatever you need to do to get the chance of success to good or higher.At the end of the mission Walker will text and tell you that they found Evelyn but somehow she and Morcubus are connected in this realm. But...I don't know what it is. Take it up with EA and maybe they will take that into consideration if and when they make a sequel. Supercharged Justice - Solve dispatch mission #3821. If you are having trouble with the hacking mazes, slow down and try not to get too far ahead. We will return to better times and save my toast!Difficulty: 3Duration: 4Interests: Paranormal, SmartsReward: New outfits, a paint for the HQ and a trophy (Lab Crew)Optimal team: Marlon, Gordon, Nova, From: Ikara after dispatch mission #46 is solvedDescription: There's a big Hyperchef battle coming up and the secret ingredient is...well, let's just say that it's not going to be popular. Help me turn my son into a sushi chef so I don't have to disown him!Difficulty: 4Duration: 3Interests: Charisma, NatureReward: New HQ objects and a trophy (HQ Crew)Optimal team: Trevor/Nicole, Petal, Leaf, From: Dr. F. after dispatch mission #24 is solvedDescription: Mistake happened! This walkthrough for MySims Agents [WII] has been posted at 10 Jul 2010 by robolien and is called "FAQ/Walkthrough". The trophies are listed left to right on each shelf.There are some trophies that are found in areas you can't revisit, such as Paul in the mountains and Carl and Gordon in the bayou. Paul the Yeti - Examine the recliner in Paul's cave16.

Can you provide the answers for fellow gamers questions, + Add Your Cheats and Codes / Ask a question. Travis - Examine the bucket at the top of the first stairs in Patrick's construction site14. Trouble shooting MY SIMS PC 9 messages. You can write and submit your own guide for this game using either our full-featured online editor or our basic text editor. They're only found at 10,000 feet!Difficulty: 1Duration: 3Interests: Athletic, NatureReward: New outfits and a trophy (Wolf rider Gino)Optimal team: Roger, Petal, Gonk, From: Patrick after dispatch mission #1 is solvedDescription: I've done a bad thing.

Please help!

But it is a lot of fun to play and it …

23US Election 2020 - Biden in the box seat to win, 123An SOS to some old friends (former members, come chat). There are no more cases to solve. The Walkthrough has been commented 2 times. You are given the option to bring them both or leave them behind. We need to find out what the letter F stands for in 'Dr. How to complete the characters have left :( HELP!!!!! Help for MySims Agents on Wii, Nintendo DS. My latest tour is in danger of being cancelled. I need an apprentice! I just don't have enough time for all my kingdom pals-I mean magical...research. Entirely new lands and creatures may be discovered. Eyes on the prize, eyes on the prize.Same deal with the lockpicking puzzles. You just have to know where to look.

That is to say, you will solve a puzzle to analyze the substance.The premise of these puzzles is based around molecules. F.' He says it stands for 'robots' but we all know that's ridiculous. Talk to her again when missions are complete and she will give you your reward, or if you fail the mission, the chance to re-assign it.When you start hiring detectives, you will assign them to different floors of the S.P.A and all the agents on a floor work together as a team.

Roxie in the S.P.A. is the analysis queen. Help please.

Case #8: Who is stealing from the junkyard?

MySims Agents for the Nintendo DS hosts similar gameplay to its Nintendo Wii counterpart. These are not usually tested by us (because there are so many), so please use them at your own risk. Don't worry, I still have a luxuriant beard. How you do this depends on the dispatch missions available. The thought of unauthorized fingers all over my food gives me the creeps. Sorry, but the good news is that these puzzles aren't very hard either, so you shouldn't have major problems with them. This site is not affiliated in any way with Microsoft, Sony, Sega, Nintendo or any video game publishers.Privacy Policy | Terms of Service. A sushi chef must have the sharpest of blades to be able to slice perfect cuts of fish.

Normally I can just channel my despair into beautiful and haunting poetry, but lately I'm coming up blank. I need someone to help me get past this block before my brain explodes!Difficulty: 4Duration: 4Interests: Smarts, ParanormalReward: New outfits and an object for the HQOptimal team: Gordon, Marlon, Skullfinder, From: Marlon after dispatch mission #27 is solvedDescription: I need some help.

We've got a cat stuck in a tree, send that new recruit of yours, Travis, to take care of it and I'll keep you updated on his progress.Difficulty: 1Duration: 2Interests: Charisma, SmartReward: New outfits and new dispatch missions (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)Optimal team: You don't really have a choice on this one. On the right side it shows you the levels of each interest that floor has.As the game progresses you will have many more agents available than there are spots at the S.P.A. so get used to firing, re-hiring and shifting them around depending on the dispatch missions you are trying to complete.When you talk to Jenny she tells you the details of each mission, such as the description, difficulty and how long it will take. Normally I'd do it all myself, but I'm not getting any younger and I need my beauty sleep.Difficulty: 1Duration: 2Interests: Smarts, AthleticReward: New outfits and a new recruit (Elmira)Optimal team: Gordon, Roger, Makoto, From: Pinky after dispatch mission #1 is solvedDescription: I found a blue thing!

They are our most pretentious ingredient!Difficulty: 4Duration: 4Interests: Nature, SmartsReward: An HQ object and a new dispatch mission (49)Optimal team: Petal, Gordon, Violet, From: Watanabe after dispatch mission #37 is solvedDescription: My restaurant is successful and brings me much honor, but there is one problem: my son Jimmy. The next question I see asked often is "can you rescue Evelyn?" I need you to find out who did it, and where they put it!Difficulty: 2Duration: 2Interests: Charisma, ParanormalReward: New outfitsOptimal team: Trevor/Nicole, Marlon, Pinky, From: Paul after case #7 is solvedDescription: It's time I took stock of my life and faced my past.

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