my cafe level 23

Most of these messages may just be random sentences but some are actually hints or questions with rewards. Note: There is no penalty for incorrectly answering any of the questions. Going to watson place if i'm not mistaken, Answer from: OcinAll the answers revolve around the woman . However, Ron comes clean about the earpiece and that he was cheating, so Bill won’t rejoin the team. You are given a table and Petrovich saws off one of its corners. The psychic needs a Canelé with Rose and Cardamom for the ritual. He doesn't seem to remember what happened after talk with Koffsky. The dinner turns into a shouting match and neither Felicia’s mother nor Petrovich notice when Felicia leaves, angry at them both for thinking they know what’s best for her. When you speak with him, Donald tells you that Watson has been calling him nonstop. The candidates for potential servers refresh every day in 2017.

After coming back from China (see Level 17), Alice is hit by bad luck. My Cafe - Restaurant Game When they go and deliver the dessert to Penelope's old residence, the whole thing turns out to be an elaborate prank on Henry, planned by Koffsky, Elsa, Donald, and starring Clyde as Bloody Penny. When you speak with the mayor, she says the park that she loves is about to be torn down to make way for a mall. Give him Tea with Galangal, Saffron and Anise. If you warn Watson about Mike’s plan, he’ll thank you for the tipoff, otherwise he’ll say that he hopes there’s no surprises in store tonight. After some time, Watson arrives, visibly confused. Mary divorces him although she believes he is innocent. Clyde, on the other hand, is a nervous wreck—he never really thought he had an unknown child somewhere, let alone that you would find them! Margaret told her to take the initiative for it surprisingly. You can also do this only once a day. Watson needs special order - Rose Tea. The antique dealer says he sold an old piece of paper he inherited and now has enough money to fund his wedding with Margaret. Carl gives Watson a note but Watson thinks it's not enough evidence so he creates a plan to sneak into Mr. Fisk's hotel room with help from the cafe customers. There's confirmation someone in town hacked the airport. When you talk to Mike and tell him Watson is about to start his shift, he’ll tell you he’s found a chest that he needs help opening.

Gives you 3 diamonds. Tells you he can figure it out himself and to talk to him later. In the end, they need to teach the cat to scratch on a scratching post with Tibetan Tea with Anise and Cinnamon. When they get back, Mike tells you that Cleo’s music video saved him, but he needs a Turkish Coffee with Grenadine Syrup because he’s so exhausted from community service.
Sure there will be those who are not willing to pay but there will be those who are hungry enough to bite your declared price tag. Thankfully, Watson did find the recipe fragment at the scene and gives it to you. Give this skill at least one point so you can have an added bonus whenever you play every day. I love how you can feel like you actually have your own cafe. He decides to return Bill's computer instead even though this makes him look like a fool.
After your customers return to the coffee shop following the fake fire alarm, Emily tells you she’s come up with new riddles and wants to test them on you. Requirements: Croissant with Cream for Margaret, Requirements: Tea with Cardamom, Milk and Lemon for Bill, either Vietnamese-Style Iced Coffee with Tapioca for Margaret, either Adrenalino with Guarana for Petrovich, Tibetan Tea with Anise and Cinnamon for Mary's cat, Requirements: Americano with Nutmeg and Whipped Cream for Watson, Rose Tea for Watson. But also mentions it'd be great to go on a picnic out of town or at a park.

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