music note tattoos meaning

Musical notation is often used along with other swirling line work to create a fuller, connected piece. The familiar 'treble clef' looks like a grandiose J

One music tattoo that seems to be growing in popularity every year is the cassette tape tattoo. Music Note. lines of the staff, and it's purpose is to indicate the pitch of the encounter on a sheet of music. Treble and bass clefs are often integrated into the image of musical instruments or record or tape players to symbolize the playing and sound of music.

// end hiding --->, Musical Notes Tattoo Drums not only show off a person’s love for the instrument, they can also represent the owner marches to the beat of their own drum. Tattoo designs - M >> Musical Notes.

If you know you want a music tat and you also know that you want to get a sleeve, then you have something to work with. Designs,