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For the metal density, you can also refer to: From the above two posts, you will find the density of various metals and alloys. However, sometimes you may want to learn the weight calculation formula and keep it in your mind, here is it: In order to help you quickly find the metal weight formula, I made infographic which is not only practical but also beautiful. �-j^1W�f��ְ�����ϑ�����d� h޼�mO�8ǿ�_�N�sl�*�PJW�ޝT�EH�%�iR�aY���8�O��[@2�Ǟ��_&�1�DHNd� �*�%Q�DlR��ao���["x��7�GL�2`QТ|4��c4�$���J�U�P�Ft%�X�7d��8� ��^b?9:bhC��f�F��:i����j�;c����~��4���4-��6�˩_�18���Vc����qIA9��U"�P�XN������g�קKEY���G{���j�I���IU.�]5�_����Z��6z#�il>B뢕�E勊�/�2����. �Bp�J�,��ّhC{uA݂� �4�k������lׄ�[q~Xo�ϝ Weight of Carbon Steel Sheets & Plates Length (mtr.) ?��$WRO�۵�ɍ�rR_�H"�!����>��f����/��z��������٣��j�(_�v���|�� �� d�-��F-���M�P��x��^���?h���{af�"Wpd��W&���+'�PPC�5H�N�fe�K�3�:�7� �����|8��o�� M���$aZ *Xh��l�������bvn@8���ć�@�]�*�̛� ��w�� ��dY�1�N����a0Z��A��8Ȉٍ�() FXq�L�T0iP"D�hQ'0޴X�$33���Y��,�E�8֯[��h1u ���,:!������V���W���Un�)����= �a��V�6�:zx�K���r� :Y;x�ͷg���|����a�!�������T���L�ѝ̈́.Z��\m���Y� S���GU���&�ġy�U��Γ/�� Steel Plate Weight Calculation Material Alloy Steel Aluminum Beryllium Brass Bronze Cast Iron Columbium Copper Copper Alloys Gold Lead Magnesium Molybdenum Nickel Plastic Silver Stainless Steel Tantalum Titanium Tungsten Zinc Zirconium ^��@��e�v�Ԭ����M��:y��v�@A1��e�ѬCw�'�/�������v?���0����8���ǜ�8�{��Jٿ;s/�. x��Zmo�� ��� 25x25X 0.00000785 X 1000mm = 4.90 kgs/metre MS ROUND WEIGHT (KGS ) = 3.14 X 0.00000785 X ((diameter / 2)X( diameter / 2)) X LENGTH. Q��}���]�8�P�I}+����/8i��I\f}u����}��],���?8�N�'��y?N��6�?������5�`]QCF�A�S�w�1�:��jq0E�L�p�;�K��n)�E0E��(,��/�~���p�ա��3��Pږ��ë7�V�%����$mU�P��6��"m�?�ChU�-4��-��rUK%�J�05 t�ȳ�Q���V�N$�5Ӽ��W�{�{�Pc��ä'���UE��F�����;R� FT. in Kg. )×12m(length)• Calculation: 20×20×12×0.00617=29.616kg, • Formula: (edge length+edge width)×2×thickness×length(m)×0.00785• E.g: 100mm×50mm×5mm(thickness)×6m (length)• Calculation: (100+50)×2×5×6×0.00785=70.65kg, • Formula: Edge width(mm)×4×thickness×length(m)×0.00785• E.g: 50mm×5mm (thickness)×6m(length)• Calculation: 50×4×5×6×0.00785=47.1kg, • Formula: (edge width×2-thickness)×thickness×length(m)×0.00785• E.g: 50mm×50mm×5(thickness)×6m(length)• Calculation: (50×2-5)×5×6×0.00785=22.37kg, • Formula: (edge width+edge width-thickness)×thickness×length(m)×0.0076• E.g: 100mm×80mm×8(thickness)×6m(length)• Calculation: (100+80-8)×8×6×0.0076=62.746kg, • Formula: (OD-wall thickness)×thickness(mm)×length(m)×0.0267, • Formula: (OD-wall thickness)×thickness(mm)×length(m)×0.02796, • Formula: length(m)×width(mm)×thickness (mm)×0.00296, • Formula: thickness(mm)×(O.D-thickness)×length(m)×0.0267, • Formula: length(m)×width(mm)×thickness(mm)×0.0089, • Formula: length(m)×width(mm)×thickness(mm)×0.0072, • Formula: length(m)×width(mm)×thickness(mm)×0.01137, • Formula: length(m)×across width(mm)×across width(mm)×0.0065, • Formula: dia.(mm)×dia. (mm)×length(m)×0.00668, • Formula: dia.(mm)×dia. endobj If you want to know the difference between H beam steel and I beam steel as well as the methods to calculate the weight of H beam steel and I beam steel, you will get the answers from the following two quick links: If you want to get the weight of various metals from the chart, you can refer to the following page: • Formula: length(m)×width(m)×thickness(mm)×7.85• E.g: 6m (length)×1.51m(width)×9.75mm (thickness)• Calculation: 6×1.51×9.75×7.85=693.43kg, • Formula: (OD-wall thickness)×wall thickness(mm)×length(m)×0.02466• E.g: 114mm(OD)×4mm(wall thickness)×6m(length)• Calculation: (114-4)×4×6×0.02466=65.102kg, • Formula: dia.(mm)×dia. )×6m(length)• Calculation: 20×20×6×0.00617=14.808kg, • Formula: edge width(mm)×edge width(mm)×length(m)×0.00785• E.g: 50mm(edge width)×6m(length)• Calculation: 50×50×6×0.00785=117.75(kg), • Formula: edge width(mm)×thickness(mm)×length(m)×0.00785• E.g: 50mm(edge width)×5.0mm(thickness)×6m(length)• Calculation: 50×5×6×0.00785=11.7.75(kg), • Formula: edge-to-edge dia.×edge-to-edge dia.× length(m)×0.0068• E.g: 50mm(dia. MS Plate Weight Chart in Kg This plate weight chart apply exclusively to mild steel. (mm)×length(m)×0.00698, • Formula: dia.(mm)×dia. x Thk(mm) x 7.85=Kg Per Sheet Weight Calculation: Extra weight of chequers length (m) x width (m) x 2.1 = kg/plate endobj stream per Sq. JS�J�1���#�=�|;�uT$��I�s�HJUr%^'���[`�@����Vc�.��pEH�{���� �2D�V7�����,Dk�n&Ï�&�EpăeS®��R�6K�6�Jk��7"6s��������[��Ek�h$=G� ��7����*����2�#�f�`��䞳���ȸ�`�\wBC�"<7Ni���n]W�WZN^xamb�+QyE�a:���0�ݾ;!�����n�S�_(����&���KK��pĴ߱�>�A�� 2 0 obj If you’re working in the metalworking industry, even you’re engineers, you will try to find one calculator to help you calculate the weight of various metals and steels including ms plate, gi sheet, structural steel, ms angle, mild steel, steel bar, square tube, angle, aluminum etc.

118 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<1DAB5648A5455F4B80206E7310AA1A92><71DFF67E8B933D4FA7413C46E6ADF4D7>]/Index[95 48]/Info 94 0 R/Length 107/Prev 702145/Root 96 0 R/Size 143/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream per Sq.

/ m. Length in Meter / Ton. � ���B������X�����tmMޏ� 6 8 10 12 16 20 22 25 28 32 36 40 50 0.222 0.395 0.617 0.888 1.578 2.466 2.980 3.854 4.830 6.313 7.990 9.864 15.410 4510 2532 1621 1125 633 405 336 260 207 159 125 101 65 ... M. S. PLATES Thickness in mm Wt. .İ�}�kye���(�l��Ȭa����y���}��F�m �߰`�������ҵ5���!

h�b```f``�������� Ȁ �@V��E'��9��b_Us���d��\����?�F�V � �&y�� iS���,*���j``�`�h�����C���@Z���Z�0�30�_a���`��鰎Q��+���i�&��n`��l�"fy@�ͫaz�����4#E i��>�D 6g��rʿ` ( 9� endstream endobj startxref W = 40.8 t (1) where . � ��؆aT����a���F2V Z$q^ P.S: Among all of the metal weight calculation formula in the following part, there are two kinds of metals that are not mentioned, which are I beam steel and H beam steel. endobj 20*5 0.241 0.790 20*6 0.287 0.942 25*3 0.183 0.600 25*5 0.305 1.000 25*6 0.365 1.197 25*8 0.470 1.550 25*10 0.609 1.998 25*12 0.731 2.398 32*3 0.243 0.798 32*5 0.395 1.296 32*6 0.457 1.499 32*8 0.671 2.202 32*10 0.854 2.802 32*12 1.005 3.297 32*16 1.342 4.403 ���~�Ә�n��ȇ�%��c���5lN6A��)�����H`}�8Y��5�Ꞡ!l�nJh_�sa�� )�6�m�‰���r������k���%�X:�zB�V�1��p����8�Z�:��`TT�T���P����O� Your email address will not be published. 5 0 obj �(�[H�%|�{`2�«����*���%���4�z��0U�N�S� �6����(�l��Ԟ�-��1��nq������A'�'���ǩ�������j]�

Weight per sq. FLATS Size in mm Weight in Kgs. Online metal weight calculator which helps to calculate the weight of Steel Plate metal. Example - Weight of Steel Plate. [email protected], Your email address will not be published. If you want to get the weight of other metals, like stainless steel, aluminum, you can check out this article to learn how to calculate the weight of different types of metals.

W = (40.8 lb/ft 2) (3 ft) (8 ft) = 979 lb. "w��3�cJ�K�M9��LkU�"|{��uuT��4�[Ǿ]�U�l��N�{S��}�:�nfbdȾ�H;ԇ���ԦR��B���m�D�I���]]�8[�fU��s&^�Gna.�6��E� ����-*��NJ‘� �K �. Copyright © 2020 MachineMfg | All Rights Reserved |, Density Table of Metals (Iron, Steel, Brass, Aluminum) and Alloys, Density Table for Commonly Used Sheet Metal Materials, The Ultimate Difference Between H-beam And I-beam Steel, H Beam & I Beam Weight Calculator (Weight Chart in Kg), Theoretical Steel Weight Chart (Full List). Table 26 – Plates: Sizes of Mild Steel Plates Chequered Plates Metric units 8.08kg/mm m 2 - 0.7507 kg/mm ft 2 Width x Length (ft) 4x 8 4 x 10 4 x 16 4 x 20 5 x 10 5 x 20 Thickness Weight Weight / pc mm kg/ft2 kg kg kg kg kg Kg 2.3 1.73 55.2 69.1 111 138 86.3 - 3 2.25 72.0 90.1 144 180 113 - 3.2 2.40 76.8 96.1 154 192 120 - (mm)×length(m)×0.00617• E.g: Φ20mm (dia. <> MS SQUARE WEIGHT (KGS ) = WIDTH X WIDTH X 0.00000785 X LENGTH. (mm) x 0.02466=Kg.PerMtr. stream %���� Per Feet Weight in Kgs.

Weight in Kg. <>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> 0 ��%������a8T�6��;� h>�7��e��I�yA@*ë�?�M��2Rƌh�g$ ��1{Y߱���̦�\g3�5oRvu�nYZ^��p�Č(`� ��M�����؅���SV�n�e�yU <> �@^�� � %PDF-1.5 endobj

���"�iq9`7�{�fӦ��,����c�㜣����P�E�b���ElK"�3�+�_m���T�]�~YMfS�>��ߏ�>���g����b��#A}t�T�*͵ac�Y�~�||t���W6����'��>]��р��M�^ y����^�+��0lt�\�����~ق� �?�"k�����#�=0���.-&��]~xI^�X��07awۋ�reP�NH�T&h�(�0n@��A��ɂ[��G �tXx�㐻k�ߥg�u��h�ߊИ5��1�̭,4Ĥ�oJki�������g1y�0�)��]�Ʃ�����G�ִ"[A�V�pM��ʘ� ��(w�N��B��w��p/���*��?�,�]eK�a�0&8R!��n'^�a�or�Y/:�+��-'�)�cQҏ؄VP�~$��ě�Tf�?����er 142 0 obj <>stream If you’re working in the metalworking industry, even you’re engineers, you will try to find one calculator to help you calculate the weight of various metals and steels including ms plate, gi sheet, structural steel, ms angle, mild steel, steel bar, square tube, angle, aluminum etc. (To the bottom). '�0�C �y�b���*�,��[p/���]� �x?=��p;9�e��D�]K�ﯞ����. endstream endobj 96 0 obj <>/Metadata 53 0 R/Outlines 138 0 R/PageMode/UseOutlines/Pages 91 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 97 0 obj <> endobj 98 0 obj <>stream (mm) XW.T.

Wt. �g�;�j�um׊� <> What you need to do is calculate the sectional area and find the metal density. Calculating Steel Plate Weight. Below is the calculator for you to calculate the weight of various metals. Per Mtr.

x��]T���fE�"*(vDEDl(bE���]�l� E]QYDDEED�X A�X���mu�������'��l&���{��/ߙ�N^r3-���;����y��W_u�hidh��Q������dє��I�~���97�J|�� �8���;q_`Y�/��b�V����X�c[��WN�h�H��(Q�Li�/�5 Required fields are marked *, Copyright © 2020 MachineMfg | All Rights Reserved | Terms & Conditions. 3 0 obj ��`nv�H�ߏ.�E�l]5?�o���}����|��Df�ҙ8SѼ��i1�ԑ���ߵ���^��ݲb.� ʔ^=ʴQ��t(��b���P��}�'N����N"˕5�Q���n�/�A����-�_ 4 0 obj feet of hot rolled mild steel plates can be calculated as. h�bbd``b`���� �zĚ$�N�d��XA��x"A?��"�`2l@B����b $�f�X~@"5H�:0012�Y��H+B������ 'Vh 95 0 obj <> endobj m. in Kg. ?Qt��?��c�zʭ3B R��Ahb74dTQ�BK@��d7�KT��I\K�1%�r�M�cZL���[��婈�����꛾�N�Vb3]H�!0r��[��W�@x뙲(�T���dǜbL�3~9���^5���I�b��N����,I�ϒM�H�z����/AA�I����Ic���1$�+�ա�6�y���U�/�{�i�@�s��t*�U���p�{�9oq��E�}wҮ���=�85�'�p��t���nI��TgJ%���k�:�'�s5���1WW��}��� �=�S̭�P�"���b6GdO����~?aL�+|�@�׈�=�},������ ����q� u��W���C���䚮R��1�V�[��&��T"�N�=*������{�]��ǝV�?O������уC �$ dL�UUB��0I�� �3�$��2�I J�������,!"�g?�KL�!

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