mount and blade medieval conquest vs 1257

Dind't run in any immersion breaking bugs 46 days in campaing.

It has Cultists, and Heretics, and a whole bunch of nasties, but it has far better AI than native, it's hard to attain enough denars if your army grows bigger than your purse can handle. Of course they had swords & castles!

All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. They have way too much HP. In my opinion it is pretty good, but I\m not that picky.

Still has too many bugs, with the storage not working and the deplomatic missions not working.

Overall, I wish to thank the mods for this great piece of art! But hey, they added Harambe memes, that must account for something in an ambitious mod right? SoldierOFortune_PL from the review tab said:"mod seems like new version of 1257ad ,with bugs". Viking Conquest is fine if you roll back prisoner prices to where they were in 1.03 and increase the regulars_xp_multiplier to 5.0-7.0. This guy has taken my favorite mod and made it better. This guy has taken my favorite mod and made it worse. © Valve Corporation. Try Prophesy of Pendor. - Unable to ask for permission from Teutonic order lords to vistit their daughter/sister, since the only answer you get will be: "Isma'il the Andalusian - personalityclash speech" ...u high bro ? I can't find any :\. As far as 5th-10th Century goes, I think Brytenwalda and Viking Conquest are the only mods/dlc that cover that period. Hey can we please not have attitude toward a mod that you don't like just cause of an error in formating.

Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. brytenwalda blows. Try PW mod its an roleplay mod you need to roleplay that year like mining ores robbing people selling stuff defending your castle wich one you want to join be a lor of a group and things like that, Singleplayer mods that are historically accurate.

Please refrain and respect people opinions. No reviews were found matching the criteria specified.

weapon lengths are broken. I've never played 1257, but if I wanted medieval realism that is were I would go first. It needs upgrade to be playable.

All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Lol … Not only that, but so many parts of it are just so repetetive and plain. Half the menus are almost unreadable or outright silly for the sake of """design""", sounds and spoken parts are broken and utterly ridiculous, gameplay "enhancements" enhance absolutely nothing and the AI got worse (somehow.). Guys, do you know any early medieval (V-X century) SINGLEPLAYER mod? Both of these mods are based around 1257 Anno Domini. Prepare to fight a lot in the arena for bigger prize money. Anno Domini 1257 - Angry peasant edition has been released for Warband 1.158 and up. You will have difficulty killing the bastards even as a knight at high speed. Listen to the Haters.

Join now to share your own content, we welcome creators and consumers alike and look forward to your comments. 1 Mount&Blade and Warband 2 With Fire & Sword 3 Viking Conquest 4 Bannerlord Add a photo to this gallery Brytenwalda strays into the realm of simulation of dark ages Britain. - Unable to left click at some lords name from Holy Roman Empire faction menu, Kingdom of Denmark and some other factions. Instead, he will just sit and wait for me to come even tough was he that attacked. There are a lot of factions using the same troops too. The mod is playable now, thanks to the author. Anno Domini 1257 - Angry peasant edition(v1.11) released! I found it too hardcore for me, but I would rate it at the top for mods (solid, well thought out, true to its period and balanced in its way). Don't listen to the Haters. Anno Domini 1257 is a total conversion mod for Mount&Blade: Warband set in 13th century Europe, Middle east and North Africa during the Crusades and Mongol Invasions. Mount & Blade: Warband. Simply amazing, tho I'm kinda sad that the Low Countries have been screwed up so hard :/.

For the the release to be completed i still need to: 1. YES IT IS. Edit: Seem like things got better after hot fix 1.11, some bugs wiped out. spears that are worse than the original game. fan boys unite to argue against me! © Valve Corporation. horses that can barely outrun people.

1257 is hardly in V-X century range Viking Conquest dlc is in mid 800s (IX) Brytenwalda is in mid 500s (VI) I don't have Anno Domini 1257, but they use swords and they have castles, right? Or cut back on your troops. Every patch seems to make it only worse.

Really great mod.

Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America).

80% of the factions never go to war. The following are the troop trees of the various factions. It has some new features, realistic animations, upgraded graphic, but that's all. And that's just from the top of my head. This is basically a "meh" version of 1257 AD. Oh god, you put a question mark. great example of awesome use of history in a game then breaking it so its not even fun to play. They just spawn as reinforcemnts when the infantary dies... For now just play original 1257AD

2. Wait for the other dev to finish rebalancing the items and muslim troop trees. (I gave 7 before). Medieval Conquests boasts a dynamic factions system where the unexpected can happen, using several mechanics to determine weither the factions can rise, and a ton of other features and changes. Medieval Conquests is a mod set during the High Middle Ages, it attempts to provide you with an exciting adventure both in SP, & Drop-in Co-Op/Multiplayer if you wish, you can now conquer Europe with your friends or against your friends, or against randoms! Too many bugs and moronic stuff here. Old items (some new buggy heraldic armors,), old banner textures and alot of bugs ( like ships running wild on land in the world map mode). I was just curious what people considered pros and … Uesugi. 1257 AD - Enhanced Edition. This is basically a "meh" version of 1257 AD.

Only weird thing until now is that when the enemy attack me, he won't charge my army. Medieval Conquests boasts a dynamic factions system. The makers of the mod worked long hours to give you the finished product.

In my opinion it is pretty good, but I\m not that picky. Medieval Conquests. - Your clones still show up in your manor if you play as a king. Otherwise, it's really slow-paced and troops level up rarely. - Archers and crossbowmen STILL use buggy looking heraldic armors. Feb 1 2015 News 21 comments. The game starts in March 1257AD, and is historically accurate to that point. We suggest you try the review list with no filter applied, to browse all available. Edit 1: After patch 1.16, everything just got worse, now even the factions menu is buggy.

All rights reserved. It has some new features, realistic animations, upgraded graphic, but that's all.

Mar 23, 2013 @ 1:36pm There is an unknown mod called Crusader that could be historically accurate.

Also, Arches/crossbows are OP. Fix a annoying bug at game start that causes the player to gain 22-26 levels. Old items (some new buggy heraldic armors,), old banner textures and alot of bugs ( like ships running wild on land in the world map mode). You really have to like the setting to like this mod. #11. Seriously, I feel like I got tricked after playing this. That is good or bad as you see it, life was nasty brutish and short (and frankly, horses of that period could barely outrun people, they were ponies by modern standards.)

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