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I'll let you know! –  Your thesis statement should make clear what the focus of your argument is. Rapper’s Flow Encyclopedia – MF DOOM Analysis, Rap Music Analysis #1 – Game’s “How We Do”, Rapper’s Flow Encyclopedia – Busta Rhymes, Rap Music Analysis – Earl Sweatshirt, “Earl”, Pt. Producers: Diamond D, Mos Def. Thus, I’ve accented them all. An analysis of Nas’ flow on the 2006 Busta Rhymes song “Don’t Get Carried Away,” which you can read here. Furthermore, Mos varies his placement of his block and his accents in the bar. The thesis may be located anywhere in your introduction, but is often best left as one of the last sentences of this paragraph.

If he hadn’t, it wouldn’t have rhymed as well with the following block (this time, made of multiple words,) “winter wind.” That block, “winter wind”, is again pronounced with an alteration: it is “win-tuh” wind, not “win-ter wind” (with an “-er-“ like in the word nerd.) Rap Music Analysis #8 – Common, “I Used To Love H.E.R.”, Rap Music Analysis – Eminem, “The Rap God”, #12 Rap Music Analysis – Big Sean’s Signature Flow, Rapper’s Flow Encyclopedia – Ludacris And Old School Rap, Rap Analysis #13 – How To Make a Pitbull Song, Gorillaz Analysis: Humanz vs. Times New Roman, size 12 font, double spaced, at least 900 words word count included at end. For more discussion of these concepts, see my other analyses. Take a listen, and look at the musical transcription of the verse all the way down at the bottom of this post. This means that 6.4 out of the 16 16th notes in a bar of music with the time signature 4/4, as this song has, is already dedicated to being used in that one block rhyme scheme. With that, he started with what could be called the “hook” of the rhyme, what he started with: that he (Busta) is like Shaq, who left the Orlando Magic for the very good LA Lakers, just like Busta left Jay records for the industry leading Aftermath Records. Javotti Media – The Cathedral Album Review, Rap Music Analysis – Prodigy and Mobb Deep, Rap Music Analysis #11 – Mos Def’s Block Rhyming, Rapper’s Flow Encyclopedia – Heltah Skeltah, Rock Rap Music Analysis. TECHNICALLY COMPLEX!

For instance, the word “interim” “should” (according to dictionaries or whatever) be pronounced with the vowel sounds “-ih-“, “-er-“, and “-ih-.” Mos, however, substitutes the “-uh-“ sound for the “correct” “-er-“ sound. A breakdown of Eminem’s song “Business,” which you can check out here. It’s now on her bio! Eminem, for instance, made all of his accents off a very common vowel sound: “-ee” – “Emcee”, “breathes”, “free-ly”, and so on. (Apparently they’re coming out with a new one soon, look for it.) In the part of the verse I’ve transcribed below, there are 202 notes. If we compare this to other rates we’ve seen, it ranks very high up there due to its long duration.

Contains samples of 12 songs see … All of his lines in these examples are related, they all lead clearly in their ideas from one to the other, and they always make sense. –  Your conclusion should briefly summarize your argument and re-emphasize the merits of your point of view. Rap Music Analysis #4 – The Rapping Voice As (An Extremely Expressive) Instrument, 10 Historic Hip Hop Items That Should Go To Auction, The 20 Most Verbally Complex Rappers – Rap Music Analysis, Rap Music Analysis – Importance Of The Rap Team, Rap Music Analysis – The 23 Most Repetitive Rappers, Rap Analysis #0 – How To Listen Musically To Rap. The topic sentences of body paragraph should be a strong statement that supports your thesis. 4.) This might not be the most glaring example, but it illustrates what we were talking about before from the opposite point of view. And over this time, we’ve gotten to look at a lot of great rappers. Time for another analysis.

Eminem, in the “Business” excerpt, was at 1.21 syllables per word, and Game in “How We Do” was at 1.19. . Eminem, for instance, made all of his accents off a very common vowel sound: “-ee” – “Emcee”, “breathes”, “free-ly”, and so on. Meanwhile, Mos is at 1.71, 15.5% longer words than the next closer rapper, Nas. Busta Rhymes/Dr.

It should be very, very clear that this is not true for all rappers. Your email address will not be published. This statement does not have to be complex, but it does need to be both clear and direct. This exact thing just doesn’t seem to happen for Mos Def. Avoid the simplistic approach of “Line one means . A rapper’s flow is thus able to be very well described by where they place the accents in the bar – at the end of a line, or in the middle of a line, or always/never/sometimes in the same parallel musical position from bar to bar – for instance, always on beat 3, and more. .”  “Line two means . Check out, @JeanGreasy. Bey, then still known as Mos Def, wanted to send a message to the Bush administration, as well as the celebrities cozying up inside the venue, about their response to the disaster.

Anyone who has ever tried to rap knows that longer words are harder to fit into raps. Hope you enjoyed it! From bar to bar, one could never predict in advance quite where Mos is going to put the block rhyme in the bar. So, as we’ve seen, Mos is a pretty technically complex rapper. This means that each word is about 1.71 syllables. In order, Game’s “How We Do”, then Eminem, Nas, Dr. Dre’s rap as ghost-written by Obie Trice (with his opening verse on “Shit Hits The Fan”, Time Bomb (who?)

– “Hypnotize” Rap Sheet Music Transcription, Kanye West – Jesus Walks – Rap Music Transcription, Drake/Lil Wayne – Successful – Rap Sheet Music, Common “I Used To Love H.E.R.” Rap Sheet Music, Talib Kweli Sheet Music – Twice Inna Lifetime, Dr. Dre/Eminem – Bitch Please II Rap Sheet Music, Rap Music Transcription – Run-D.M.C., Peter Piper, Rap Music Analysis #6 – Dr. Dre Musical Analysis, Rap Music Analysis #10 – Dr. Dre’s Orchestration, 2000-2009, A G.O.A.T. Just saw this – thanks a lot! However, some have been unfortunately, almost criminally (okay, definitely criminally), overlooked. Martin Connor is a music teacher & writer from Philadelphia, PA, with a music degree of high distinction from Duke University who is currently studying for a master’s degree at Brandeis University in Boston, MA, while focusing his research on the vocal melodies of the rap genre. Eve & Dr. Dre, “Let Me Blow Ya Mind” Rap Analysis!! A database of who the 23 most repetitive rappers in the industry are, available here. Writers that wrote poetry during the, My Relationship With My Sister, Jordan And I, Smartphone : Knowing Users Increases Profits. Reference Poem pg 1067. Allusions. 2.) It comes in bits and pieces. Analysis Of Langston Hughes 's ' Hip Hop ', Langston Hughes and Mos Def are writers of different epochs but still have a lot in common; the black experience. Amazing analysis. Unfortunately, nothing. Hip Hop by Mos Def. but moving on. For instance, if you say, “I’m the best rapper ever”, you’ve already limited yourself to saying things that only end in rhymes with “ever,” or “best”, or “rapper,” and so on. Today we take a look at Mos Def. Because this limitation doesn’t seem to exist for Mos Def. But I believe it is the manner in which Mos Def executes these accents which makes it even more remarkable. If you liked this article, you might enjoy these other ones, which are among my most popular: 1.) This one goes out to all my new followers on Twitter, as well as Jean Grae, who showed me some love for the analysis I tweeted at her. He has contributed freelance articles to HipHopDX, Complex, and Pigeons and Planes, and had multiple articles from his website, go viral on BET, The Source, XXL, and MTV. However, since it is still so similar to the archetypal block we’ve identified, I consider it simply a variation of what came first.

They may be used to help ground a literary work in the real world or make it seem more immediate and personal. The level of engagement is determined by aspects like organic clicks, active sign ups or even potential leads to your classmates who can pay for the specific paper. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!?!?! GO AD-FREE WITH WHOSAMPLED PREMIUM! He welcomes all comments, compliments, insults, and restaurant suggestions at [email protected]. First, let’s do the numbers. These include Black Thought of The Roots, Eminem (who didn’t get the look he should’ve), Busta Rhymes, Mos Def, and Talib Kweli. Well, the technically complex rapper will have a high rate of accents per note, will have a wide array of techniques at their disposal in their rapper “toolbox” (musical phrases, metrical transference of those phrases, through-composed form, syntactical phrase manipulation, and more), and will executive fairly complex rhymes (block rhymes, multisyllabic rhymes, and so on.)

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