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While investigating the Phantom Rider with Daimon Hellstrom, Moon Knight and the Avengers are attacked by soldiers working for Khonshu's rival, Seth, who is invading Asgard.

In the Battleworld domain of the Regency, Moon Knight was mentioned as one of the superheroes that were targeted by Regent during his rise to power. [142] She is killed by Nightcrawler, who teleports her into a spiked pit trap.

Moon Knight later returned in the form of a demonic apparition taking on his appearance in #37 (March 1976) to battle the Werewolf once again. Jake's personality has been one of struggle against the inner demon trying to get him to kill while juggling sobriety. [126], In the Infinity War crossover, the alien double of Moon Knight uses Franklin Richards' powers to become the multi-dimensional Moon Shade. He is a superhero who draws his powers from the moon and battles crime as a street-level hero akin to Batman, but also being possessed of an even more pronounced lack of mental stability. [144], United States Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, "Marvel Confirms 3 New Disney+ Series Including 'She-Hulk' and 'Moon Knight, "Wizard's top 200 characters. In the comics, Marc Spector is a former boxer, CIA agent, and mercenary, who found himself near death after being betrayed by his employer, Raoul Bushman, when they stumbled upon an archaeological dig, which Bushman intended to loot for profit. [65] Marc Spector himself busts up a drug deal while wearing an entirely black costume while going through an internal monologue about how crime-fighting is much easier without the burden of his reputation and "costume recognition. ", "A New Moon Knight Rises | News |", "It's 'differently abled' now: Review of Moon Knight #188–193", "Ty Templeton Digital Comics – Marvel Comics", "Moon Knight (2017–2018) #200 – Marvel Comics", "MOON KNIGHT #1 awakes to All-New, All-Different reality in 2016", "Charlie Huston: Shining Light on Moon Knight", Moon Knight #7 – Midnight Sun, Chapter 1: The Woodwork, Moon Knight #9 – Midnight Sun, Chapter 3: For The Occasion, Moon Knight #6 – The Bottom, Chapter 6: Glories Such As These, Moon Knight #12 – Midnight Sun, Chapter 6: This Trap, My Body, Moon Knight: Fist of Khonshu #1 – Night of the Jackal", Marc Spector: Moon Knight #38 – Blood Brothers, Part Four: The Avatar of Khonshu", "Moon Knight Voice – Marvel Universe franchise", "Marvel's Kevin Feige Breaks Silence on Scorsese Attack: "It's Unfortunate" (Exclusive)", "Pinball FX 2: Marvel Pinball – Vengeance and Virtue", "Review: Marvel Pinball: Vengeance and Virtue", "Marvel Avengers Alliance Chapter 9 Heroic Battles: Tips And Guide To Completing All Fights [VIDEO]", NYCC 2013 Marvel adds more characters to Lego Marvel Super Heroes Game, "Lego Marvel's Avengers is loaded with superheroes, villians [, "Moon Knight Joins Marvel Future Fight! [19] The series ended on May 31, 2017 after 14 issues before being relaunched with the corporate-wide initiative called Marvel Legacy. [91] Moon Knight proceeds to violently attack Nefaria who gets beaten up badly. It was the superhero Echo who saved him, but she lost her cover in the process. He tricks several mutant assassins into thinking he'll lead them to Khonshu, but instead turns into a werewolf. Tony Stark and second-in-command Maria Hill argue with former Avengers government liaison Raymond Sikorsky, now a representative of the Commission on Superhuman Activities, who desperately wants for Moon Knight to be apprehended with extreme prejudice.
You will receive a verification email shortly. [112]), with his loss of powers officially confirmed in 2007 during the Midnight Sun arc of Moon Knight, with Khonshu claiming that this loss of power is punishment for his disobedience. [113], Due to his multiple personalities, he is also resistant to some psychic attacks and sometimes receives prophetic visions.

The dig had uncovered an ancient temple where artifacts included a statue of the Egyptian moon god Khonshu. [25], In the character's first appearance, the criminal organization the Committee supplies Marc Spector with the name Moon Knight, his costume and weapons (using silver) to hunt down Jack Russell. Marc is at the height of his power when the moon is full. However, Moon Knight's most recent appearance may add yet another wrinkle to the story – more on that shortly. He later appears in issue #2 of the Great Lakes Avengers mini-series where Doorman offered to recruit him in the GLA, but he immediately rejects the offer.[60]. Thanks to Khonshu’s decision to save Marc and make him his champion, Moon Knight has been gifted with abilities superior to those of any mortal human. In the Battleworld domain of Egyptia, Spector is a member of the Moon Knights. Tiring of overthrowing governments and assassinations, Spector entered into the orbit of an extreme terrorist named Bushman who turned on him and left him to die in the harsh Egyptian desert. Moon Knight Powers. Daredevil is apparently able to see the apparition and leaves him. He is skilled with most weapons an… As we said, the question of 'Who is Moon Knight?' [135] The Kingpin discovers that Ronin is working for Daredevil and orders his execution. [volume & issue needed] Moon Knight first appears during the Warriors story-arc as an active participant of a gang war waged by the Kingpin and newcomer Hammerhead.

Spector dies and thus begins a cycle of his own deaths and resurrections at the hand of Khonshu, often with different alters taking the dominant role in Moon Knight's various lives. "Marc Spector - he was a mercenary, he was left for dead in the Egyptian desert. Moon Knight even once went on the run from Norman Osborn's Thunderbolts – a team of characters that have been bandied about for inclusion in the MCU for years, and who could even come to fruition in Disney Plus's The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (though likely not with Osborn in tow, if some version of the concept does show up).

As a result, Spector was resurrected and given superhuman abilities. Auto-renewal and other terms apply. Answering the question of 'Who is Moon Knight?' Elias Spector (father, deceased), Mrs. Spector (mother, deceased). [2] The character was ranked by Wizard magazine as the 149th-greatest comic book character of all time. Born to a respectable family, but eschewing its history and beliefs Marc Spector cut his own path through life by becoming a boxer, a Marine, and finally a CIA operative. It turns out the impostor is Moon Knight's brother Randall Spector in the alias of Shadow Knight. The character received a complete origin story, and most of his notable recurring villains were introduced, particularly his arch enemy Bushman. The psychiatrist controlling the exam, along with the government and Tony Stark, has no intention of granting Marc Spector approval for registration.

In the epilogue to the series, Spector leaves Hollywood. It's actually stated that Marc Spector has been dead from the beginning, and just as the moon reflects light, Spector has been "reflecting" the form of a living man, making him effectively immortal. (Image credit: Marvel Comics) As the so-called 'Fist of Khonshu,' Moon Knight possesses super strength that waxes and wanes with the phases of the moon… They are also expert detectives, and even use similar gadgets, such as boomerang-like projectiles (Batarangs for Batman, and Moonrangs for Moon Knight). And like we said – he's even recently been the host of the Phoenix Force. [21] Issue 200 had several artists from Moon Knight's run contributing art. When a new Committee hired Taskmaster to assassinate Moon Knight, Spector regained the use of his legs to beat them. Now even more violent and prone to maim villains in addition to defeating them, Moon Knight came under the scrutiny of S.H.I.E.L.D. [11][12][13] As of #14 of this series, Mike Benson took over writing duties[14][15] with Huston acting as story-outline adviser according to Benson in an interview with Marvel published as a one-page excerpt in various Marvel comic books throughout late 2007 and early 2008.
Marc Spector’s CIA career and mercenary work added to his boxing skills to endow him with not only strength and endurance, but also with a high degree of tactical and strategic skills, as well as combat and weapons expertise. In his fight against Electro, Moon Knight was electrocuted into a state of unconsciousness.

He meets fellow inmates Gina, Marlene, Frenchie, and Bertrand Crawley, but sees Moon Knight on TV, then begins to question his sanity. When Khonshu revived Moon Knight, he imparted special abilities onto his newly-anointed champion. isn't exactly simple – partially because even he doesn't always know himself. [46] Midnight is turned into a cyborg by the Secret Empire, then is seemingly killed in a battle with Moon Knight, Spider-Man, Darkhawk, the Punisher, Nova and Night Thrasher. As such, he's been called up to the ranks of the Avengers a few times over the years, first as a member of the team's West Coast division, and later as one of the covert operatives of the Secret Avengers. [71], Moon Knight returns to New York after faking his death with Jake Lockley as his dominant personality, but still struggles against his violent nature and is hounded by Khonshu in the form of a small imaginary tormentor resembling a man in the Moon Knight costume with a bird skull who goads him to kill.

Intent on looting the dig, Bushman kills Dr. Alraune. Madame Masque is about to beat Moon Knight, but just then he develops an Echo personality, who tells him to not let her die in vain. Moon Knight then uses the Sapphire Crescent to kill his own brother before he could kill any more hostages. The series was originally written by Chuck Dixon, who left the title after issue #24. What are Moon Knight's powers? Learn more, Everything you need to know about Moon Knight, the next big MCU superhero, explained. [97], Spector has returned to New York and now utilizes two costumed personas. Spector abandons his Moon Knight, Grant, and Lockley identities after the effects of Russell's bite (lunar cycle-based strength)[40] fade away, and functions as an independently wealthy man opening art galleries around the world, with the help of art historian Spence. Disgusted by the organizations practices and hurt by his own brother Randall’s betrayal, Spector ejected whatever morals he still possessed and fell into mercenary work around the globe. Afterewards, Marlene tended to his injuries.[105]. [104] Raoul and Sun King kidnap Marlene and force Moon Knight to visit an island dedicated to Ra. To remain in contact with the street and criminal element, he also creates the identity of taxicab driver Jake Lockley and has acquired civilian allies such as Bertrand Crawley, Gena Landers, and her sons. A Moon Knight ongoing series was launched in April 2006, written by Charlie Huston with art by David Finch.

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