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Be early though as limited table settings. The cost for both options is also $22.00 for everyone over 4 years of age. The exhibits do sound fascinating and as you say could be confrontational as well. I’m one of those old fuddy duddy Renaissance, Impressionist and Surrealist art lovers. The rest of the museum is free for children to roam around although I would have to say some exhibits and artwork are definitely R-rated. They are open everyday in January. Cellar Door – Good to drop in if you’re looking to taste their Moorilla wine and Moo Brew beer. I like how there are so many “out-there” pieces, and the outdoor section, including some interactive exhibits, caught my eye the most. It was one of my favourite spots to visit in Hobart. The outdoor art is my favourite part of Mona.

This man’s back has become a living canvas and he is as still as a static painting hanging on a wall. You’d love Mona then…. Right up your alley:). It picks up the artwork you are closest to automatically upon refreshing, so you don’t have to search for it. For instance, in 2014, for our Matthew Barney exhibition—a major coup for Tassie—the artist spent a lot of time trawling through our collection of Egyptian antiquities, and incorporated a number of these into the final show. In Tasmania, or somewhere.

Plus, whatever we say about him can only be propaganda. Sorry, there are no tours or activities available to book online for the date(s) you selected. I struggle to see the artistic statement in a lot of modern art, but I do admire the simple ‘cleverness’ of it all. When is Museum of Old and New Art (Mona) open? Thanks for introducing me to mona, and hopefully I get a chance to visit one day! We don’t need God to induce the numinous. It's a must-do on a trip to Hobart. There were also a number of installations outside to see; a lacy metal-work truck (tractor? If you click on the link to the Mona website, it shows you how the website is mining your data, including you IP address and location! The ferry leaves from Brooke Street Pier. Brunswick Hotel is a fantastic option for families on a budget. Born: 12/09/61 Died: TBC Quotable quote: ‘Artists are just like human beings, only not as smart.’ Special skills: Table tennis, moving like Jagger, and writing stupid little bios about himself, c.f. Each is named after an influential Australian artist or architect, and features artworks from the Mona collection. Weekends: The customer service department is on open Sat-Sun: 10:00 am–5:00 pm. Fully recommend the Charcuterie plate and Mezze plate and purchase some nice cheese to accompany the Charcuterie plate. It is however always so windy out there and can get cold so make sure you bring a little jacket or cardigan, even in summer. Can’t say I loved it but I definitely enjoyed it a lot more. Sounds like a very interesting museum! Monanism (the collection) changes quite a lot. The northern suburbs and Hobart are connected via the intercity cycleway.

While it sounds interesting, I’m not a huge fan of “shock” art. No, I didn’t like all I saw, but I needed to see it. Sleep over at Mona, in one of our slick Pavilions overlooking the River Derwent, named after Australian architects and artists.

Our tour operator paid the extra fifteen or so dollars for the mosh pit but I would suggest that it isn't worth it (unless you are a big drinker and aren't embarrassed downing multiple drinks in 20 minutes). At the time of writing, the only additional tickets you will need to purchase is if you wish to see James Turrell’s artwork at Unseen Seen and Weight of Darkness.

That’s what Gregory Barsamian is on about, the artist mentioned earlier: the illusion we call consciousness; the ‘I’ that conceals an unknowable morass of impulse and process. To quote Socrates: ‘The smartest people know how dumb they are.’ Okay, what he really said was: ‘I know one thing: that I know nothing.’.

Opening hours. A bit scary! Hotels near Battery Point Sculpture Trail, Hotels near Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Pennicott Wilderness Journeys - Iron Pot Cruises, Pennicott Wilderness Journeys - Tasmanian Seafood Seduction, Pennicott Wilderness Journeys - Bruny Island Traveller Day Tour, Wineglass Bay & Freycinet NP Full Day Tour from Hobart via Historic Richmond, Surfing, Windsurfing & Kitesurfing in Hobart, 2-Hour Small-Group Walking Tour of Hobart.

For discussing the art, we use custom-built technology, courtesy of Art Processors: the O, a handheld device each punter is given for free, that tells you about the work on display. ( Log Out /  Definitely not your usual museum. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Wowzers! All other art pieces do not require queueing. And also, he says Mona is his ‘fitness marker’, his chance to show off... ...To show off, specifically, to ‘chicks’. Opening hours. We did not view this section as the kids were with us and they are not permitted but I have heard some fantastic reviews!

Oddly I think, I have found that as I have aged I have become more accepting of modern art and some of it I actually like.

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