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My recommendation, to both dodge major damage and appease our onlooking comrades, is to go late. Because it’s a loss we need a decent, reusable top action that we can use pretty much anywhere. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. This should probably be a last resort; since the Scoundrel probably went after the Mindthief (who likely went on 75 of The Mind's Weakness) you might not both be able to commit to getting back invis cards (which means the Mindthief might have to rely on the invis cloak) unless the board was clearly out of control even during the Mindthief's turn 2. 39 means you’ll go in the middle of the round which doesn’t play to our strengths. Close person goes in with an invisibility option while the far person goes late with a high movement option (staggering invisibility). Play this when a  pesky monster stand near one. Before level 3: Anything fast / Anything else (use invis cloak) or Smoke Bomb / Lower attack option.

We don’t have a use for Dark right now and we can’t afford to get rid of a card with a decent Move ability. Traps are going to be doing at least 3 damage, so that’s big points for this card, but sadly you’re not going to be able to milk that every round. In order to understand a lot of the strategy you need to know about this card first so behold the secret to the Mindthief’s power! Unfortunately, The Minds Weakness makes this pretty useless since Augments naturally compete with each other. See my Affiliate Disclosure for more details. Although, you’ll have to couple it with a card with better initiative to make it useful. The 11 initiative is brilliant for going before the monsters. The top ability is pretty good and can potentially be amazing if there are a lot of negative conditions on our target. The bottom half is much like a border collie getting all the sheep to move along into the next dungeon. Little ice element sitting pretty there at the bottom. I won’t go into details, as it’s not important. Enemies are in the cafeteria line with Lunchlady Mindthief and today’s special is pain. Mindthief likes to be away from that type of hex. This Goomhaven Mindthief guide focuses on building and playing as a damage focussed Mindthief who stuns monsters!

However, don’t expect to get much out of the darkness effect. That means if you have a big group of idiots and you only feel like attacking one of them (because, you know… Mindthief) you can shove all of his buddies out of the way and leave only one behind. The Mindthief, despite having some cards for it, is not designed to be good as a support or a tank; she can be a good "controller" or damage-dealer, with a sort of sliding scale between prioritizing the two. The real place where Empathic Assault is useful though is with the power it has being a self-heal. The super low initiative of 09 is super awesome! As with all the Gloomhaven classes, it generally makes sense to improve your modifier deck as the first thing you do with your perks. The 16 initiative is going to come in handy for going early in the round. Nice. Take a moment and think about the gravity of that. Essential help in a two player campaign!

The best way to avoid that, make yourself unhittable! Curses are insanely good in Gloomhaven when played against enemies (and insanely painful when played against you) because they add a null card to the enemy deck meaning their attack does no damage. We don’t want to be hit at all, with or without a Shield! For a capstone card, it’s still not incredible, but it’s good enough. Not shabby at all for using 0 burner cards in that turn. You then use the Minor Stamina Potion, to pick the combo back up, and next turn use it again against another adjacent enemy. ( Log Out /  Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. ( Log Out /  The top ability is a cracking Loss for the final room and the bottom ability is highly useful until we get there. Even so, 4 damage is pretty decent.

A multi-target ability that dishes out some negative status effects with that Dark we have floating around for when we don’t use it on Dark Frenzy. This is it. And this has one of the worst Mindthief initiatives at 48. If you’re just starting out then you should stop reading this and come back when you’ve leveled up and have some decisions to make. The bottom is slightly more useful.

The mind control abilities of the Mindthief are so cool, but this one is just too situational to be of much use. Attacking for 4 with range and a heal makes this extremely useful in a tight spot. Because we need to run in and out of melee range, we need to make sure we have a decent amount of movement cards too. Very practical if you’re stunning one fool and moving to attack another though. It may be predictable, but it’s also practical. I usually pick up this card again with my Minor Stamina Potion, an item with which i wouldn’t have made it through the early scenarios! Cast your gaze upon the Range and let your eyes light up as you imagine hexes on the far side of the world that are Range 5 away! Although, it has terrible speed, making it much less useful. So take all of those improvements first. You’ll definitely have monsters that have got negative conditions on them, but it won’t be often they have more than one, and if they do they’re likely close to death anyhow. You wouldn’t want to rely on it to avoid damage, but it’s better than taking a full-strength hit. The vast majority of the time you’re going to benefit more from doing an extra 2 damage than you are from having a poisoned enemy. Deal damage and heal with just one ability slot is pretty awesome. So there we have it – a relatively brief look at a couple of enhancements that have radically changed our game. The bottom ability could be a better use of this card depending on the circumstances. It means that you need to be on the ball as Mindthief because there’s no room for error. I think it’s an okay strategy, but not amazing. An 18 hex loot is always epic to pull off, especially when there’s no limit on the amount you can pick up with it! You get to keep using it! Another rock-solid bottom card. Where we are taking cards that consume Ice, we need to make sure we have enough cards to create it. It also gives experience. The doubled up and now supremely awesome Submissive Affliction and Perverse Edge combo works incredibly well, not only carving through enemies but also gaining experience (I ended our last game with 24 natural XP, and then 8XP was added on for completing the mission on normal), thanks to the Minor Stamina Potion and a few other tricks. It’s a team game after all. The top action of attack 2 and push 3 will usually grab a good deal of damage. Combos like the Submissive Affliction/Perverse Edge combo work fantastically well when STRENGTHEN is on the table. Scurry + Submissive Affliction: Attack, Move, Attack. The 20 initiative is just ok. With Phantasmal Killer also creating Dark, we can now max out Dark Frenzy and Shared Nightmare more often. Learn how your comment data is processed. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It is the primary determinant in how the enemies move. Great for crowd control. It’s your only Heal card and the ol’ hit points can be a bit of a scarce resource for our intrepid hero. While mind control abilities certainly are not at the center of the class and its play style, they are keeping in line with the flavor of the Mindthief and her kit, and thus worth a mention.

Both the abilities would suit a Mindthief build focussed more on support rather than damage, so it’s not for us. The bottom move 4 is very useful with the addition of jump. You can play it safe. With initiative 27 being very mediocre, you can view this as a very average attack card with a possible situational upside that can clear out a trap and dish out a bit of extra damage. I would almost never recommend doing that, because you’re likely going to find yourself alone (never a good thing for MT), but if you’re behind and need to catch up, knowing that you’ve got that kind of mobility in your hand is a very good feeling. You’ve earned it, you sly devil. There’s going to be a time and a place for this one, and you shouldn’t be deceived by the reusability of this card because in most scenarios you’re only going to get one good use of it before it gets put into your lost pile through resting. Scroll to continue reading.

Another standard Attack card like we just talked about with Submissive Affliction. If you actually want a melee ability, no worries. We drop Gnawing Horde. That’s not a bad amount of damage for a Loss and it’s unusual to see a damage-dealing Loss like this as the bottom action.

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