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After many months of study and immersion in Jewish life, the two of them went to the mikvah to complete the process. Women’s lives are on the line. Reply, Thank you for sharing your story. So happy to see her, we spoke a few moments, then Amanda pulled aside the wrap she was wearing to show me that she was, by the grace of Hashem, five months pregnant! Because they know all of the secrets.”. I asked if I should make an appointment. All stories here are anonymous and not to be presumed to be from my own experience, or any other individual. That’s not the point. But most importantly: It is the Health Ministry’s job -and the Ministry for Religious Affairs’ job- to ensure that publicly funded places run by the Ministry for Religious Affairs adhere to the health standards set out by the Health Ministry. Required fields are marked *. Sometimes, it’s a small box that awaits me on the driver’s seat, containing a modest piece of jewelry. I blinked in the brilliant sunlight and surveyed the summer-clad swimmers and boaters all around me. But she had come home from the mikvah so wet: not just from the holy waters, but wet on the inside, slick with desire for him, and not wearing panties. Over the past few days, there has been, unsurprisingly, much conversation about mikvah, boundaries, sex and power. The Time I Convinced My Anti-Orthodox Father To Become A Religious Jew, Shavuos During Covid: How We Can Increase Our Unity, Reflections From a Jewish Woman Living Minutes From the Monsey Attack. Can a Gentile go to a Mikvah?

On another mikvah visit, the On Shabbos I asked the Rebbetzin where I could find a mikvah. Rachel Rosenthal is a PhD candidate in Rabbinic Literature at the Jewish Theological Seminary and a member of the faculty at the Drisha Institute for Jewish Education, where she teaches Talmud. She respected my request.

Ezras Nashim Debuts Ambulance & Other Orthodox Jews in the News.

The sister agreed and went to mikvah, and one short month later, at age 51, she called her sister to tell her she was pregnant!! Why Do Jewish Men Wear Yarmulkes (Kippahs)? While organizations like Mayyim Hayyim in Boston and ImmerseNYC in New York have made tremendous strides in opening up the conversation, the taboo still remained in too many communities. I explained the importance of a periodic Halacha Review and how often the Rebbe would advise couples to review these crucial halachos. Growing up secular, I’d heard some supposedly horrible stories about the Torah’s obligation for married women to visit the ritual bath and immerse each month. Of course I know where she is, but that isn’t exactly something you tell somebody.

As I prayed these words, I thought of all the Jewish women who had kept this mitzvah before me, and it suddenly struck me that I was a link in this powerful chain going back to the very dawn of Jewish history. Finally I had a great plan. At the end of the Book of Ruth, we are given a genealogy that ends with King David and, implicitly, Mashiach. Oh and I didn’t become preggers that month! At six years old, the intricacies of taharat hamishpacha, not to mention intimate sexual relationships, menstruation and procreation, were surely beyond her. Why Do Orthodox Jewish Women Shave Their Heads? Some of my local mikvah ladies resemble the one that Hadassah met– but I experience them differently. Alone in the bathroom, I relished having some “me” time. As such, one would normally expect that of all places, they should be up to government health standards. I am already looking into other viable halachic options from people I respect. Around eight months after this now amazing event, I run into a young woman. — Three wonderful and deeply touching stories all from ONE Halacha Review! I told her that certainly the Rebbe would give her a bracha for a child!

She found it so inspiring! At the JOFA conference last year, a session about opening the conversation about mikvah led by Sarah Mulhern and Maharat Rori Picker Neiss was standing room only.

She hadn’t touched Avi, shared a bed with him, let alone had sex in twelve whole days, same as every … A young woman, unfortunately going through chemo for a second round, had one child who attended the Free Hebrew School (kind of an equivalent to Release Time in New York).

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