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Other images flit unbidden into my mind, like stills from favourite films: Brearley scampering up to join his delighted players after a wicket has been taken; Brearley vainly trying to keep up with Bob Willis' giant strides while suggesting a tactic; Brearley, his hands behind his head, wearing his England sweater and smiling broadly at something that has just taken place on the field.

By 1974 his figure had reached 42.70 and he was playing as commandingly as a decade earlier. Brearley moved to No.3, replacing Parfitt, in 1973 and filled a mysterious gap in his record by scoring his first Championship century. A significant episode occurred after the tour, for he remained there, “visiting the real South Africa, seeing places where cricketers seldom go”. From 1968/70 he reappeared for Middlesex after the Newcastle term. Yet 36 years later he is still learning about batting, still reflecting on past innings and not in a wistful, nostalgic fashion but in a practical context. The team in those years contained a cadre of seasoned professionals.

John Michael Brearley, who led England in the 31 of the 39 Tests he played, winning 17, recalled his years of representing the City of London School … "As a psychoanalyst who has tried to be relatively discreet about myself I quite enjoyed writing about my father, so that meant a lot to me on another level, but yes I think you're probably right. (I resist voicing out loud the prediction he never will.) Brearley is credited with leading his team to four County Championships, in 1976, ’77, ‘80 and ’82. I am interested in his spell as Middlesex captain from 1971 to 1975, the seasons before they won their first title. In 1975 he surpassed his previous achievements, scoring 1,656 runs at 53.41, only Boycott, among Englishmen, finishing above him. My father was a down-to-earth Yorkshireman, I learnt, and he was a very good man, and a very good father. His opinion of Stokes offers a perfect example.

"He's a sort of leader, no doubt occasionally for ill late at night, but also for good in the side. He was awarded a PH. Jones’s arrival gave Middlesex a much-needed dependable pace attack and Brearley’s runs brought him into the MCC’s team to play West Indies, though as a late deputy. Having passed the England captaincy to Ian Botham in 1980 (losing his Test place in the process), Brearley returned as captain following Botham's resignation for the third Test against Australia at Headingley in 1981,[11] going on to win the match and two of the remaining three matches of the series to win the Ashes 3–1. Outside, customers sit and drink their early-afternoon coffees while watching their rather comfortable world go by. Retrieved from web.archive.org.

Even now, the issue of race preoccupies Brearley and the whole D'Oliveira affair still intrigues him.

"There were bits of logic in the affair. He was a … His judgements are, as ever, nuanced, provisional and refreshing.

It consisted of a plastic protector with two side pieces protecting his temples. And, though out of sight, he was still in the selectors’ minds when they chose their tour party.

He went to Bantustan Transkei and also met Alan Paton, author of Cry, the Beloved Country. He tells me about science, technology, computers and genes. So there was a cultural bit of learning in addition to the township with the dogs barking and my being a bit afraid and not really sure I was supposed to be there. "You're still batting," I say. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. His batting record still irritates him and I warm to his openness and capacity for self-analysis. Ideas are freshly minted. After making 76 on his first-class debut as a wicketkeeper,[1] he played for Cambridge University between 1961 and 1968 (captaining the side from 1964 onwards), first as an undergraduate in the Classical and Moral Sciences tripos, and then as a postgraduate. By using BiJog.com you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. On that occasion he made 76 for Cambridge University against a Surrey attack that included Peter Loader, Tony Lock and Eric Bedser. His last book before On Form, the classic The Art of Captaincy, was first published in 1985. Retrieved from ESPN Cricinfo: http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/8039/scorecard/65061/england-vs-new-zealand-1st-sf-prudential-world-cup-1979.

Brearley was the captain when the incident of the aluminum bat had occurred. He says quietly that he has not retired from psychoanalysis. If you were going into the jungle, he would be your first choice to go with you. This is not uniformly characteristic of the genre. He researched philosophy at his old college, St John’s s and taught at the University of California and Newcastle University. The child, as the question implies, is the father of the man, and I was a curious boy. They did not take too kindly to the arrival of a new captain who had just taken five years off to teach philosophy, whatever the 'ell that was. Very much par for the course. Reminded of one particular innings, he says nothing but simply screws his face up as though he is eating a particularly bitter lemon. Despite my mother’s warning, my nine-year-old self would have thought it pretty spectacular that I’d be doing just that by the age of 30. He also served on the Cricketers’ Association committee, believing that, in financially difficult days, cricketers must fight to make their voices heard. Brearley was educated at the City of London School (where his father Horace, himself a first-class cricketer, was a master). Indicative of his willingness to understand those around him in much deeper fashion, Brearley learned Gujarati as a symbol for the love of his wife of almost 4 years. © PA Photos/Getty Images. He was a teacher, but he went on this destroyer across all sorts of submarine-infested waters, all the way to South Africa, where he was put off the ship and told to teach at a school there. [10] However, his opening partnership of 129 with Geoff Boycott in the final used up 38 of 60 allotted overs; although it was recognised that a potent pace attack of Andy Roberts, Michael Holding, Colin Croft and Joel Garner needed to be countered, the speed of the partnership greatly added to the pressure on the rest of the order. Mike Brearley And Mana Sarabhai. During the Sixties, the Middlesex dressing-room was not the most harmonious place in county cricket. In his first three years back his average was in the thirties. Because there's still a lot you don't know about cricket. In competition with Boycott, Barber, Dexter, Barrington, Smith and Parfitt it was hardly surprising that he came nowhere near the Test team. Brearley, however, decided that cricket would be secondary to academic development and so has actually had three cricket careers – orthodox progress from school prodigy to the heights of the first-class game, a more-or-less fallow spell, then successful return to full-time play. The loss did not keep Brearley from continued prominence on and off the field. Like its predecessor, On Form, the new book overflows with intellectual curiosity and is particularly rich in revealing the enormous enjoyment its author still derives from cricket. He was the President of the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) in 2007–08. Later our conversation turns to cricket and race, another topic about which Brearley learned and argued as a young cricketer. I’d had this fantasy of being a psychoanalyst since the age of 21 or 22, when I was doing philosophy at Cambridge. The Wisden award was the start of a memorable period for Brearley. He also came joint op in the Civil Service examination. I make comparisons with the Dreyfus case in France and Brearley floats the extraordinary possibility that the murder of Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul might ultimately lead to the ending of the war in Yemen. It is a measure of his talents that, like an old-fashioned scholar-sportsman, he has climbed such peaks, despite the sterner, modern approach. Mike Brearley is a man of many facets: cricket, psychoanalysis and Gujarati food (he can cook brinjal, peas, dal and rice). In his last four years at school, Brearley topped the averages by wide margins, sunny 1959 bringing 1,015 runs, five centuries and an average of 84.58. "There were times during those Middlesex years when I felt like giving up," says Brearley. He began the tour promisingly, but, batting all over the order and often playing at short notice, he later experienced a run of failures. [12] In 1998, he became an Honorary Fellow of his Cambridge college, St. John's[13] and in 2006 was awarded an honorary doctorate by Oxford Brookes University. Enjoyment, as ever, is a dominant theme. Please review our, You need to be a subscriber to join the conversation. This was then made famous by an Indian batsman and later, commentator, Sunil Gavaskar. But it is Brearley asking me the question.

Brearley has written the book on that series and it is well-trodden ground. Wicketkeepers with most appearances, Quiz! This constant improvement as a batsman is a source of satisfaction to Brearley. Young Brearley played for the City of London School XI at barely 14, when he first aired his now-familiar assured strokes. Far from it. He wanted to wear my shirts and he even batted with a stance like mine, not coached by me but just picked up. Mike Brearley: I'd fantasised about being a psychoanalyst since I was a young man We asked the 78-year-old writer, psychoanalyst and former England cricket captain what his … © PA Photos. When I think of my younger self at the age when I was becoming curious about psychoanalysis, I think of my grandson, who is now 16. Mike Brearley the England captain met Mike Brearley the schoolboy in Calcutta on Wednesday evening. He delights in the batting of Virat Kohli and Ben Stokes and cannot remember when he has been as enthralled by a series as he was by England's five Tests against India last summer. John Michael Brearley OBE (born 28 April 1942) is a retired English first-class cricketer who captained Cambridge University, Middlesex, and England. It was later popularised by the Indian batsman Sunil Gavaskar. Joe Root asks his opinion and he's the sort of person who lifts the team, the sort to whom they look in the field. I am, after all, chatting to Mike Brearley, under whose captaincy that quirky, talented, incorrigibly restless batsman played some of his finest innings. "Final: England v West Indies at Lord's". "He was of Indian origin and he took me to his home.

His leadership extended past the field well after his playing days ended.

At Nottingham, it was Julien’s gentler pace that dismissed him for a duck, but he batted composedly in the next three innings before being dropped. He’s very bright and interesting to talk to, and we have a lot of nice conversations, sometimes about philosophy, sometimes about religion, sometimes about books he’s read.

On Cricket, Brearley's second book in little more than a year, was published recently. Jackson in 1892/93 – he made another hundred at Lord’s in 1964, reaching a record Cambridge aggregate of 4,068. A hint of glory came in 1975 when, uniquely, Middlesex reached both one-day finals in the same year. Brearly applied seeking to improve not only his physical skills but his mental ones as well.

We speak warmly of the imperturbability of Frank Worrell and his ability to calm his fast bowler Wes Hall when Brian Close was giving him the charge on the last day of the 1963 Lord's Test. While at St. John's College, Cambridge, Brearley excelled at cricket (he was then a wicketkeeper/batsman). "1st SF: England v New Zealand at Manchester". He spent most of his playing career with Middlesex County Cricket Club; Mike was highly regarded for his excellent wicketkeeper and impressive management abilities. "During the tour I had quite a lot of time off and I spent Christmas Eve in one of the townships near Johannesburg with a bloke who worked at our hotel," he recalls. He thought it comical that I would get upset, and in that way my own fatherhood, with the benefit of my career in psychoanalysis, was different. He visited a car factory in Johannesburg and asked the black workers what they were paid before finding out from Tom Cartwright, another tourist who had no time for apartheid, what a corresponding worker might earn in the car plant in Coventry.

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