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Prices correct @ 21/01/2020. ‘On time’ If you are an on time kind of guy then were probably are not for you, Unfortunately the nature of the work we carry out is dependent on the job that came before and the job that came before yours may have been delayed due to additional work required to improve the longevity of the vehicle and the work carried out by us which intern will delay proceeding jobs. And forget the concours - use stone-chip paint underneath if you are going to use the car. The Live MG MGB Technical BBS is active now. How much are you looking to change the colour of? Above labour figures include normal de-rusting of hidden panels - any additional welding will be advised and charged as required & agreed. that's about $7000 Australian! Fully equipped bodyshop with low bake paint oven and ICI 2K and water based paint mixing scheme. MGB front top scuttle stripped to bare metal. Bexleyheath Sounds like a labor of love and you cannot put a price on that. if not, is $7000 worth it? (The minimum cost to refinish & respray this item is £500.00) Labour & parts: £370.00, Replace quarter rear wing only. We don't close for lunch.

I guess you could do all the prep work before top coat to minimize costs. Hi. As part of a reply to another thread ( ... ?f=3&t=224), I offered the following:" A quality respray will cost anything up to £3,500 depending on where you live and assuming you provide them with a bare shell! If they are going to remove glass and get it back exactly the same perhaps it might be worth it, but what if they 'cock something up'? ( just about what my car cost when I bought it.) Refinishing & spraying - see item 5. below.

New MGB bodyshell resplendent in Nightfire Red. I would rather pay the extra money and be able to look down the side of the car and see a nice flat surface. (The minimum cost to refinish & respray this item is £390.00) Labour & parts: £230.00, Fit new tailgate, refinish & spray, transfer glass, lock, badges, interior trim.Includes new main glass seal. car resprays. MG TF RESPRAY. © 2020 Pistonheads Holdco Limited, All Rights Reserved. Probably not if it is already black though. On Budget: The idea of a budget varies greatly depending on your circumstances and the truth is every paint job is only as good as the work that goes in to it. Gassing Station | Classic Cars and Yesterday's Heroes | Top of Page | What's New | My Stuff. Can't find much recent info on the cost of a colour change / bare metal respray. For any additional information please contact Stuart at LMG on 020-8303-4811, LMG Kent Limited I did have the engine bay fully sprayed with both cockpit and boot only 'flash sprayed'. One wing on the XKSS cost over half the cost of the entire E-type. 07429 725 093 We are a premier destination for those looking for MGB Roadster servicing and … This section also includes guide pricing for; finishing home vehicle restorations, fibreglass kit car paintwork and custom Paintwork. Reply Reply Author. This is for the externally visible panels only, plus a small amount of panel work (panels are generally in excellent condition - the original paint finish is badly faded).

I have a Citroen DS that underwent a baremetal respray 4 years ago.

And if the answer is yes, are you then going to change the interior trim too?

In-House paint mixing assures a perfect colour match. This thread is from the archive. I would do the rounds of 3 quotes, and go to a straight panel shop rather than just the 'Classic car garages', some believe thay are so specialist that they can command high prices.Put the paint job into perspective, is the car damn near perfect in all other areas?

MG specialists advised me to remove the front wings if going for a full re spray to ensure no corrosion on the seam where the wing joins the upper body in front of the … Original Poster. Fully equipped bodyshop with low bake paint oven and ICI 2K and water based paint mixing scheme. Which is why I left my car as it was for 27 years when it was bare-metalled and had a rebuild. Does anyone know the rough cost of wrapping one of our cars, … Excluding most Bank Holidays. MG Midget and Sprite Technical Full respray advice BBS discussion. Unfortunately the ‘how much will it cost to paint my car’. Excludes: Every time I've thought about doing this I've always come up short. Can't find much recent info on the cost of a colour change / bare metal respray. My E-type was bare metal resprayed 23 years back and has done 90,000 miles since, and is only just showing slight traces around the edges, none of which is serious. Refitting following offside wing repaint. So to help guide you please read the following options and information: When you employ a classic car restorer or paintshop you have three choices On budget, On spec, or on time you may choice 1 of them. Frequently Asked Questions phone1300 655 661. FULL OR PART RESTORATION. MGB GT ready to fit complete rear wing and inner wheel arch. Do they give a warranty? This section will give you some base line pricing for change of car colour, cars that just require paint work and body shell painting. Car will go from a Tartan Red to Silver Pewter Metallic. Austin A30 door after new metal, let in and contours accurately restored. A range of quotes. Ask yourself - do you dislike the colour so much you are prepared to spend half the car's value changing it? The work was similar to yours although no panels needed rework and of course the bodywork has less area. MG MGB Technical - Cost of MGBGT respray Just had an estimate from a reputable classic car restorer to respray my '79 BGT. In the past modified & tuned Mini, MG Midget, Mini 1275 GT, Cortina 1600E, Golf GTI X 2, MGB … Sorry, we are in CH but the car is in Scotland at present. (Minimum spraying cost £500.00) Labour: £395.00 : Additional labour & parts for lead filling on chrome bumper models. Average prices can range from around £1,000 for a basic respray on an everyday model, to £10,000 for a luxury … Cost in 2015 of colour change on MGB Roadster (or similar)? Replace front 3/4 of stepsill - Labour & parts: £230.00, Replace lower half rear wing, including derusting & anti-rust priming inner arch.

Looking to undertake on a '65 MGB … Makes one wonder if they want the job. ... Spray painting is an artform and it takes much practice and decent (high cost) equipment to get it right. It is perhaps fair to say that the overall cost would be less than the cost of a new Miata. Notes: VAT to be added to all prices. In my various paints of various cars, the difference in price has been up to fourfold. Discussion. Mike. Brian, what sort of panel work did you need doing?

(note additional refinishing time included due to poor pressing quality of replacement panels) Repair front section of stepsill (small) - Labour & materials: £80 © 2020 Pistonheads Holdco Limited, All Rights Reserved. 21 Upland Road This site form part of MG - The Classic Marque      Site design by MG Enthusiasts, Additional labour to fit new front wing after sill replaced - £65.00, Refinish & respray sill & lower half rear wing (minimum spraying required for sill replacement with quarter rear wing), Refinish & respray sill & rear wing up to top beading (required if lower half rear wing replaced also). Your email address will not be published. Re: How much would it cost to respray an mgf? question usually leads to either dissatisfied clients or paint shops that only last 3years (thats why there so few of us too choose from). Post by F3eng1911 » Thu Feb 28, 2019 8:36 pm Hi. If you want the best of our abilities in every detail or you have an Aluminium bodied car Please Click here. Required fields are marked *. The extra money MIGHT well be worth it. Labour & parts: £480.00, Additional cost to replace outer half of inner arch Labour & parts: £220.00, Replace door complete, including adjusting, spraying & transfering trim, glass. If this is the case, then you'll have a car that will last you for many a year. When it comes to re-shelling an MGB a wide range of options are available. Depends where you go. Did yours have similar issues? New bodyshells prepared and painted to your specification. I dion’t like the current colour or finish. You'll regret it if not and the colour doesn't quite match. Even with panel work that is a lot of money. 128 months. Replace outer sill, diaphragm (inner sill), castle rail, jacking point reinforcer, chassis outrigger, jacking point and sill end filler, including removal & refitment of original front wing and removal of light rust from stepsill plus anti-rust painting of inner sections. Well if you are thinking about sending the car away, S&D are on Bristol Ave, Bispham, Blackpool, and they are good. Click here to visit our restoration galleries, where you will find more restoration pictures. We are open: Since restored XKE convertibles are regularly selling for over $100,000, what’s a restored MGB going to be worth in a … £120.00 : Rear wing MGB: £545.00 : Rear wing BGT: £545.00 : B post (not now included with wing) £60.00 : Labour to fit above: £120.00 Priming MGB GT in readiness for a full respray. Our highly skilled bodywork technicians can undertake any aspect of … Labour & parts: £1265.00, Replace bonnet & respray, including new under bonnet sound deadening. It is a hell of a lot of money to spend on cosmetics unless the shell needs a lot of renovation too.

New MGB wing treated with Hammerite prior to fitting.

body restoration, dent repair, welding Tel. I have been endeavouring to find out the cost of a 4a respray - exterior body only (no engine bay or boot) and on a body that is all metal and has fairly minor rust - the main problem is fading. It just depends on how good the body is, how thorough you want us to be, and the required level of finish. This business was not founded to be elitist it was founded from passion so when you don’t have the budget to chase perfection or the vehicle is not really economically viable to make great again, we may still be able to provide you with possible solutions. Our highly skilled bodywork technicians can undertake any aspect of restoration from complete rebuilds to localised body repair on any classic vehicle. Fully equipped bodyshop with low bake paint oven and ICI 2K and water based paint mixing scheme. Do your homework, look at what the shop produces (as you have been doing), and if possible, do some of the work yourself. Welcome to our resource for MG Car Information. With classics going up so much, I imagine associated costs have risen too. The truth is that any car can be painted from £3000 upwards. And if you do go ahead, do the lot at once. Front and rear wing, inner, outer and floor replacement on an MGB GT. Wow! Labour & parts: £910.00, Replace rear wing beading strip. Additional labour & parts for lead filling on chrome bumper models. (See item 5. for spraying cost.) © 2020 Classic Car Resprays, Bodywork and Restoration — Powered by WordPress. That way any rust will be spotted and restored beforehand.

For a decent bare metal respray you're looking at between 3-6K depending on how the car will arrive, we're doing a 69 911 which arrived as a bare shell & after some remedial work it's costing £4500, we also have a 66 912 & that is 12K so far. This thread was discussed between 20/05/2012 and 25/05/2012.

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