meredith kidnaps zola

His biting—and unsympathetic—retort: “What’d you think was going to happen?” In the middle, of course, sat the baby drama: Zola, who was being shuttled back and forth between her new mother and father, never spending a night with them together since they took her in. Danny was brought back to the hospital, where Owen ordered a CT. ("I Will Survive"), She first arrived at Seattle Grace Mercy West thanks to Alex Karev's Africa Project. He says she's supposed to have his back. Danny asks if that works. Richard wants Bailey to place the device. We've been trying so hard to start a family, and she needs one. Meredith and Derek were distraught, but they could not see her because the adoption was still under examination.

They walk off together. Teddy asks herself why they'd do that, but Henry is not complaining. Derek was paged to an on-call room where Richard and Larry Jennings are waiting for him. "You crazy bitch! He tells her he's having dinner with her.

He says it's not the end of his career, but she insists the FDA won't come near him again. He briefs her on how Richard handled them. He tells her to close Henry up now and he leaves the OR. Mark thinks it must be Yang, though Arizona says Kepner's kind of a dark horse these days. Grey's Anatomy Universe Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community.

(To the chagrin of Bailey, who was none to pleased about the Chief falling on his sword: “You’re throwing your whole career away for that damn girl,” she told him, as he passed his diabetes clinical trial over to her.).

Bailey says Cristina's just a race horse, nothing to do about it.

ZoZo ZoZola LimbaniLittle Miss ZolaLittle Miss MunchkinDr.

Cristina asks for the paddles and shocks, but no change.

She loves Zola, she loves him and if there's a flaw about her, it's that she would do anything for the people she loves. He brought up her mother, which is one of the red buttons. While that happens, Zola can't be in their home. Episode Information Zola was born with spina bifida. Miranda warns them not to screw this up like all other things they've touched lately.

Others The second monologue—this time, Meredith was speaking to Owen—was just as good, as Cristina’s good friend defended her decision. I wanna be a surgeon, and please—get it. The trouble between Owen and Cristina, however very much unlike Meredith and Derek’s issues, did get some level of resolution, despite getting there being rather traumatic for both parties.

She points out he had an arrythmia he didn't know about, so she'll have to run an EKG later. © Copyright 2020 Meredith Corporation.

I really, really, really don’t wanna be a mother. Despite remembering that event, Meredith told Zola to call 911, and she was taken to a hospital. he yells. Meredith watches them go from the doorway. She must have left her phone there. The epi revealed an underlying arrythmia. Owen promises to go see how she's doing while they're taking him for a CT. Richard agrees to that. She sits down and Bailey tells her she'll be watching Henry's surgery because the Chief loves an audience. Made me think about all my best friends and how we can just let loose like that, on each other—or someone we’re defending the others to. But juxtaposed against that nightmare that launched season 8’s two-hour season premiere was exactly what the show does portray rather accurately (most of the time): the relationship drama. She apologizes for being late, but he tells her to take her time.

"Nah, we should wake her up," Mark says, and they all agree.

Cristina asks for a crash cart and shocks him once, successfully restarting his heart. He asks himself how you get to the day where your child just disappears from one moment to the next. It makes him a bad hire and it means she has to worry about him because no one else is. Cristina asks how it went, and he tells her how it went. Teddy comes into the gallery and watches Cristina taking the lead. The residents will work together to assess and repair her injuries in the OR. Meredith said that Janet basically told her they were going to take away Zola or possibly send her back to Malawi. It didn't take her long to arrive back home. And then came the real gut-wrenching part that harkens back to all we know about her history with her mother Ellis: “Do you know what it’s like to be raised by someone who didn’t want you? She came to Seattle from Malawi with a group of African kids who needed surgery.

Lexie Grey † (aunt)Cristina Yang (godmother)Molly Grey-Thompson (aunt)Amelia Shepherd (aunt)Eric Thompson (uncle)Nancy Shepherd (aunt)Kathleen Shepherd (aunt)Liz Shepherd (aunt)Laura Grey-Thompson (cousin)Maggie Pierce (aunt)Christopher Shepherd † (cousin)Baby Lincoln (cousin)14 Cousins Alive Outside daycare, Callie, Mark, and Arizona are watching Sofia sleeping. She gets on the elevator. Henry's lab results will be back in a few minutes, Richard tells him, and after they give him a happy cocktail he'll be taken to the OR. Callie and Miranda approach Richard to talk about the Gunther, but Richard keeps on talking about how he wants Bailey to be on his trial. In the trauma room, the residents argued about how to treat her until she became unstable.

Despite that action being the result of her (growing) motherly instincts, it backfired on her, naturally: The end of the episode saw Zola being taken away from the couple, pending an investigation into what, exactly, happened. The father asks to see his son, but since he's in recovery, they won't allow him to see his son. They should keep an eye on him for now. They later watched from the gallery as Meredith watched the feed of the awards and learned she had won.

("I Bet It Stung"), For Halloween, Zola went as a butterfly. Now April and Jackson are alone at the nurses station. The name came from the first doctor who stepped up, who was a quiet guy called Gunther who turned out to be the alpha dog. And her pager she had to turn in because she was fired. When Alex finally told them the surgery had gone well, Meredith burst into tears and Derek finally forgave her for what happened with the clinical trial. Mark leaves too, while Teddy says Cristina is doing the exact opposite of what she should be doing.

Or they could just both forget about it and move, Owen says. When my mother left my father, she didn't tell him she was leaving and taking me with her until we'd landed on the other side of the country. The CT revealed blood in his brain, so a neuro consult was called.

Tony Phelan Owen thinks she'll forgive him because he saved her life. Derek occasionally struggled with being a white man raising a black daughter.

She tells the kid is out of the woods and that he needs to make up with his friends, as one of them almost killed him today. Directed by This episode's title originated from the song. ("She's Leaving Home"), After Ellis was born, Meredith took her three kids and moved back to Seattle. Count

Entertainment Weekly is a registered trademark of Meredith Corporation All Rights Reserved. Episode 2 He's on the phone with Adele and tells her he's on her way home. Meredith. And very memorably, there was that epic ferry crash several seasons ago, among many, many other crazy messes the doctors at Seattle Grace Mercy West have tried to clean up. Summary: Meredith kidnaps Zola and runs to Addison for help, setting off a chain of events that would last a lifetime to an unbeknownst Meredith and everyone else around her.

Bailey tells them the patient's leg was amputated in a pit of dirt, her abdomen is pulp and her pelvis is probably crushed. Arizona joins them and asks them how it's looking. ("Change of Heart"), After Derek decided to go to DC to work with the NIH, Zola spent some time sleeping in the bed with Meredith. ("How to Save a Life"), Zola, Bailey, and Meredith moved to San Diego temporarily after Derek died. (Granted, she didn’t really go anywhere, but she was unreachable for four hours.) And it was actually the Owen-Cristina situation that led to two rather amazing monologues during the episode. After her surgery, Zola was awake and recovering. This episode scored 10.39 million viewers. He presented, but wasn't making any sense. I was holding her yesterday, and she was crying and then she stopped. Offers may be subject to change without notice. She closes her eyes and nods. Bailey says Torres can supervise as it's her patient, and Richard agrees. Zola quickly bonded with Derek after he and Meredith decided to try to adopt her. He's not working late and this time, he means it.

Meredith first mentioned this when Janet had to take her. For starters, and the biggest representative in this category, of course, are the disasters that the show regularly features. He took her in for surgery, which went smoothly. Callie ignores this and tells Bailey something just happened to the Chief.

With Meredith and Derek, they were still reeling from the fact that she messed up his clinical trial on Alzheimer’s. They when went trick or treating with baby Bailey, plus Sofia and her moms. He has been off the project for a couple of weeks, but he can walk her through the process. The residents keep fighting each other in the OR. Bailey advises her to wait outside in case she wanted to go in, as they're acting like he just came back from the war.

He takes a deep breath and asks her when the appointment is. Shortly afterward, the stream was disconnected. It's about the trial.

Zola was fine with their relationship but requested that Andrew not bring his guitar like the last time he stayed over. Later, we we saw Owen enduring the abortion with Cristina and holding her hand while she cried through it. She was six months old at the time. Miranda blocks him, and Callie informs her they're doing a Gunther, which is like a team building exercise. No, no, it’s not funny that a patient would have been screwed up, it’s just humorous to watch Kepner scramble for it all—and so earnestly! When Zola was gone after Derek died, Sofia asked when she'd be coming back and insisted on getting her a Christmas present. There are also extra pacifiers in there, which she'll need when she puts Zola in the car. Janet comes back in. Cristina says he should be fine. That was a miscommunication, he says.

Miscommunication too? Meredith took those present to her kids and told them about their grandpa. All necessary, but not that riveting. ("Suddenly"), For Zola's first birthday, her parents planned a party with their friends. "Sit down!" 73 (\"White Wedding\")After she had recovered from her brain surgery, she had a second surgery to repair a hernia. Derek gives Meredith a look and walks past her without saying anything as he leaves the room. And she realized she didn't know anything about Zola's genes, so she wanted Bailey to map her as well. He gives her a file and asks her to read the first page. Derek defends her, saying she's the best mother a child could have. She does, very much, but she has to go do something right now. This means the end of his trial, she says. They go inside and greet her. She's sure something's wrong. He asks Lexie for more retraction. "We're gonna be great together," he tells Jackson. He's asking her one more time.

Before leaving, she sits down on his bed and starts telling him how happy he made her. A shocked Callie comes over.

Take the Lead. There's no one looking out for him, and that's when accidents happen. ("Blood and Water"), While getting water in the middle of the night, Zola caught Andrew DeLuca trying to sneak out of the house after a night with Meredith. Not a bad idea, Arizona says. They need to do everything they can to make sure they won't take her away, even if it means that he gets custody of her. He yells at Cristina not to touch him, nor his gurney. He yells at her to get out of the OR, now. As Cristina leaves the room, she notices Owen at the end of the hallway. Derek asks what's wrong with Zola.

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