mazda 5 electrical problems

Tire pressure monitoring system does not reset. Replaced under warranty. Headlights on the Mazda 5 are too difficult for me to change and I have to take the vehicle to the dealer. Table 1 shows the 12 most common electrical system problems. Dealer replacing. When vehicle is shut off, the engine shuts off, but the auxiliary (radio, heat, ac) stays on. Complete replacement of compressor with kit. Replaced ignition switch. TPMS sensor was damaged by Walmart tire shop during flat tire repair. Trunk light does not turn on.

Sliding door soft-close motor bangs/jumps when temperatures go below freezing, occasionally causing sliding door to latch improperly. Rear A/C was not blowing out any air whatsoever. But, my service advisor said differently: "Yes, these fail all the time. Problem still exists. Navigation/Audio system would crash and not reboot without shutting car down for 30 minutes, then restarting. The airbag system idiot light was flickering - turned out the seat sensor had worked its way unplugged. Airbag light flashing. Replaced resistor which controls blower. Only the AM reception stopped (no stations could be tuned in). Doors won't lock when walking away from vehicle with smart key. Driver’s side brake light wasn’t working due to bad connection. The lock still worked, just made a racket. Week later car won't start, boosted.

Shop ran diagnostics but could find no reason for the problem.

They are held in with small clips and an inexperienced person will take a long time to get the job done. Found corrosion in door harness per TSB. When vehicle is stationary the ignition does not turn off when pressing start stop button. Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (25%). 2. iPod playlists play wrong songs in playlists; Heater air flow selector will not stay on full defrost when interior is cold. We are 106,000+ car owners sharing real-world car information.

Clockspring circuit failed within 2 hours of leaving dealership, causing horn to sound until it burned out.

had to replace all cables as they could not pinpoint exactly which one was the problem. Dealer updated software and it seems to have solved the problem. Back to dealer-New battery.

Clock Spring needed replacing for the Air Bag, failure of sliding door lock cylinder required replacement last week, both low-beam headlamps blew out at same time.

Replaced rear hatch mechanism. Bluetooth option became unavailable - grayed out. The optional navigation system did not work. Bad design of bulb retainer. Still doesn't work like it should but Mazda says that's all they'll do.

Very frustrating. Suspected lamp socket problem. Drivers side blind spot monitor system goes off when there is nothing around you. The ac didn't work right.

Large grille holes, condenser not protected. Mirror had to be replaced. Local shop diagnosed as low refrigerant. There was a leak, but it's too small to locate it. removed driver and passenger switches,disassembled,cleaned, fine now. Poor integration with iPod. See our lemon odds and nada odds page to see vehicles with no repairs or vehicles with more than three repairs. Back center console a/c motor not working. Seems to have fixed the problem. Windshield-mounted automatic brake sensor defective, had to be replaced. Replaced battery Navigation/radio screen not working. Heater control switch, would not stay in the full defrost position. It was a lemon. Bluetooth module giving problems, USB playlist always starts from first track. When driving approximately 65mph or sometimes less the tire pressure, traction control, emergency light comes on.

Dlr ordered replacement from Pennsylvania warehouse. The dealer said I should call their customer service. Card was replaced and it's working better. Boosted. Nav voice command would not work - error every time the car was started. When the shift is in p position. Theres no air blowing from the back center vent. Took the dealer four tries to reset the sensor. intermittent message on dash display that smart city brake support has malfunctioned. I will have to wait until the return of below freezing temperatures in the fall when the problem will return, as it did last year. Vehicle would not start. Recharged again. It stalled out twice after going through a small puddle two weeks in a row. Power door lock on rear passenger door stopped working - lock assembly & actuator replaced. dealer cant fix.

Clean contacts.

The bluetooth module needed to be replaced. Tach sensing signal for remote start adjusted.

Cable problem. Very disappointed with Mazda. DRIVERS SEAT CUSHION HEATING PAD NEEDED TO BE REPLACED UNDER A TSB FAILURE. Key fobs lost programming when battery was changed. Dealer said its working OK. radio antenna was loose blind spot monitor system on the left side gives to many false readings even when nothing is around the car. Needed to replace the entire system. A/C not sufficiently cold, told w/i parameters. Dealer replaced driver side heated seat cushion. Doesn’t occur in motion as touch controls are disabled during movement. still have navigation problems, GPS freezes up and sometimes appear sideways, in rain when stopped car, radio stayed on and doors would not lock. Last May, I told them the light for the heated, leather driver seat was not working.

Left car for 20 days and would not start when I returned. Infotainment screen went black. Old one was not recovered. TSB issued, and was discovered through owner-initiated research. Brought to dealer where they charged $60 to run diagnostics, but said no problems were discovered. Mazda extended warranty. Would not properly locate the car. Opted to buy a new 2018 Mazda with Costco pricing! Replaced under warranty and that strangely solved the problem. Takes numerous tries to turn car off. Complaint was ignored by dealer and no repair was attempted. Heater air flow selector will not stay on full defrost when interior is cold. Owner replaced power lock actuator successfully. It's been over 3 weeks, but haven't heard back from them. Control module between seats was stuck and needed to be replaced under warranty. There was a TSB for the problem. Waiting until starter fails completely to replace. Passenger side sliding door would not lock. A complaint is logged with the dealer regarding the steering wheel audio controls, which are beginning to perform incorrect functions, such as volume changing track etc. Passenger sliding door would not - unlock ( at times ). Bent pin in harness going to body control module.

Air conditioner clutch and compressor failed. It was repaired under warranty, of course. Mazda CX-5 Electrical Problems. Took forever to cool down, and the techs only ever said it was working right and there was nothing they could do. Cause bitter cold temperatures in Central Quebec. after previous issue with no start and AAA called to start car, took to dealer, dealer said battery was OK....however, car would start slowly, i coughed up the money out of my own pocket for a new battery, and guess starts like it was new. replaced Coil, Pulley with bearing and Clutch plate. Mazda CX-5 owners have reported 197 electrical system related problems since 1996. Car returned from last repair with TPMS light on. Battery checked out good. Dealer replaced failed rear vent motor under warranty. The number one most common problem is related to the vehicle's electrical system Dealer replaced assembly under warranty.

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