marker kingpin 13 vs salomon shift

This is another similarity to the Shift. So Marker Kingpin 10 tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than Atomic Shift MNC 13, as seen on the chart below. Juana Golden Outdoor Gear May 23rd, 2020 - 01:18:36.

If you have snow on your toe and step in you'll likely pre-release. Duke PT: Marker Sole.ID technology, compatible with alpine boots, alpine touring soles (ISO 9523), and GripWalk. These are fast-moving times for skitouring equipment. There is also a latch so if you only set the first stage by engaging the cam then the brakes can pop from stowed-away tour mode and deploy into ski mode. The Tecton/EVO brake pad holder's tolerances are tight so much so that brakes may not deploy as they get hung up on excess material. With the expansion of the user base comes the discovery of gear issues. Tecton allows for tour to ski mode changes without having to remove the ski.

Also note the raised rectangle, Shift adjusted with the silver piece lined up with the two arrows ever so slightly tighter than if the silver piece was flush with the housing. The Duke PT’s unique toe piece is a major step forward for the German ski binding manufacturer. MnO has some useful hints on how you can adjust the AFD to have it stay in place, 2. For you weight weenies out there, the 16 DIN version weighs 1000g in uphill mode, and 1280g in downhill mode, while the 13 DIN shaves some weight to come in at 850g and 1090g, respectively.
I'd get the SHIFTs and call it a day there. If you find it hard to do so you might be wedged under the black toe block and not up and flush against the wings. There's now worthy one boot to do it all (my picks the Tecnica ZeroG Tour Pro and the Atomic Hawx Ultra XTD). New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Backcountry community, Press J to jump to the feed.

Read more: Shop Talk - Salomon S/Lab SHIFT MNC 13 Now on Amazon: Salomon S/Lab SHIFT MNC 13. The Duke PT won’t be available to the skiing public until fall of 2020. Marker bindings already do not have the best reputation; their behaviour of late does nothing to help that. When you’re ready to descend, you re-engage the alpine toe piece, which auto-locks with a latch. I'm on my 3rd season skiing the kindpin and love it. Marker says you either leave the toe flipped forward, useful for shorter tours, or remove it completely to save 25o grams per binding (one initial pro tip: don’t lose it!). Newsflash - the Shift skis like a STH. Frame bindings, which are essentially an alpine binding on a track that allows for touring, are still relevant for skiers who refuse to ski in anything but plastic-soled boots (or boots without tech inserts). I am about 50/50 backcountry/resort skiing in British Columbia (Red Mountain Area). Setting up Shift forward pressure to correct spec is crucial. The toe lever has to be completely vertical to be fully locked out. Just snap it out of the plastic retainer clip bracket and stick it in the Vipec/Tecton holder.Old heelpiece. Change your default forum handle here! As compared to Shift, Marker's Kingpin weighs less and is perhaps less complicated. Atomic Shift MNC 13 are $289.96 more expensive than the average downhill ski bindings ($179.99). For the last couple of weeks, we’ve been noticing some rumors and hints swirling around the internet of a brand-new binding that Marker has been working on. Fritschi had a video saying you can hit the Tecton/Evo tour mode lever then stomp down to engage brakes. If you're going to be doing more hardpack or if you're a big person then get Shift. Home garage fix is to file the old toepiece target down a bit. I would consider this: used alpine setups are cheap, and a good backcountry ski is going to be light enough that it doesn't make a great inbounds ski. While the Duke PT stokes the touring binding fire, it also does a huge service to skiers.

This should aid in mitigating a problem discussed more in my Tecton review from last year wherein if you fell forward while in tour mode there was a chance that your boot would be dented. The radical and kingpin are really overbuilt, specifically for crossover into the resort market, many AT bindings are not.

For hours and hours on end. CAST doesn't need believers; they already have that. See if I care.

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