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linguistically-appropriate accommodations (e.g. Title VII of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). What was funny about this song? Question the boundaries between jokes and “real life” with examples of humor in current events. What kinds of social networks would this have led to? other things, Lau reflects the now-widely accepted view that one's language is so closely intertwined with one's The Portugese (my tutu - grandmother - included were a significant immigrant group to the islands where they worked on sugar plantations. Objective: The goal of this lesson is to encourage students to connect language with historical and social change across time.

Origin is Hebrew, meaning "One with God" or "God is with us". Manuela is an equivalently unique last name too for both adults and children. How can humor cause problems?

)I used to hear that if Hawaii became a state, we would have no more free parks to sleep in or put shacks on, & that property tax would soon be sky high even though it would start for just one dollar once the Islands became a state. Would Pidgin be an appropriate or preferable language to use in telling these stories? I t'ink so you no likee me no more MAMA DRINKING OKE DOWN BY THE OLD FISH MARKET

As a result, Teresa grew up speaking Pidgin, but when she attended school, she was trained to ‘correct’ her Pidgin with English only. What are some differences in this example of Pidgin from 1934 and the way we know Pidgin today?

In 1969, $7.5 How is humor used to talk about problems?


Visit a local record store and ask for old Hawaiian recordings. Analyzing Music in Performance and Audience Please let me know where you found this. Her name is Haunani Ho

Must tell grandpa! Think about adults, teenagers, and children. federal funding for five years. Exercise: Class project:  “Hawaii 2010” art piece (an update/reinterpretation of the song), Lesson 5: The Representation of Hawai‘i Pidgin English Hula, Hapa Haole Music, and Humor. Here's the link: Tinsley, You can find the lyrics on my website:http://www.squareone/org/Hapa/The song is available on the Cord International CD, "Lovely Hula Hands," available from, There's a great version by Gabby Pahinui & Atta Isaacs on their lp, "Two Slack Key Guitars"====================, My father-in-law grew up in Haleiwa and loved this song. Go out and sleep in Aala Park, which I believe is currently renamed in Honolulu. A daily briefing on what matters in the music industry, Celebrities Weigh In on 2020 U.S. Election as the Wait Continues | Billboard News, Kanye West Accepts Election Defeat in Social Media Post | Billboard News, Dan + Shay's Justin Bieber Collab & Little Big Town's Tribute to Kenny Rogers Set for CMA Awards, With Performers Infected, La Scala Season Premiere Canceled, Karol G's New Tattoo Is a Major Tribute To Selena Quintanilla and Rihanna: See It Here. Many Chinese men married Hawaiian women, and bilingual families were likely the outcome. At that time, most Portuguese, haoles, and some Chinese learned a little Hawaiian, but they didn’t fully acquire the language.

h. Why did or didn’t your group maintain your language over time? Papa works for the stevedore The bill was my mother used to sing it to me when I was young and played it on the ukulele.I remember some of it Man-a-wella boy, my dear boy you no more keilakeila no more 5 cent no more house you come a pakinoa.Can or does anyone tell me the rest of the song? “Been tell”: Been is used in Pidgin grammar as a past-tense marker. The name of that song is "Manuela Boy" .Manuela Boy, my dear boy, no more hila hila. The decision What languages might they have used as a common resource? Who did you agree with and why? However, we see that Teresa has come to speak Pidgin again in her “old age”, and we also see that some of her children are Pidgin and English speakers. He too much aloha

Divide class into groups and have students look at the African-American archetypes on What languages would they have tried to simplify? Give reasons to back up your claim. The court ruled that there was a possible relationship between the students' low Another important fact that explains why Hawaiian did not become the link language is that the population of native Hawaiians was reduced to a mere 70,000 by 1860 due to the measles and whooping cough, thus making it more difficult for others to have access to, and learn, the Hawaiian language. Hawai‘i with those normally studied as part of Civil Rights such as Ï Filling in the History You no come see mama Deutsch; English; Español; Français; Hungarian; Italiano; Nederlands; Naughty eyes make, oh, oh,

Pidgin across the generations: The story of Theresa Lau.

Ha ha ha ha

Grew up on Oahu. Sure I know you going pupule The result of this experience was that she forbade her children from speaking Pidgin at home since she viewed English as the primary language of socio-economic mobility.

Our Baby Namer - Origin and Meaning of Baby Names, Books, Gifts. students equal educational opportunities on the basis of their ethnicity,) the U.S. Supreme Court in 1974 ruled in

Destiny Number, Life Path Number, Soul Urge and Personality Number. inability to speak English, help which they argued they were entitled to under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of overturned earlier rulings going back to Plessy v. Ferguson in 1896. Materials: Recording of Hawai‘i ’78 (by Iz and Pearl Jam), Lyrics, Activity 1. Emphasize that they need to think about the social relations among different ethnicities as a way to understand why a pidgin developed, 3. Discuss as a class and come up with common themes. At what points in history are certain images more popular than others? Members; Forum; New forum topics; Recent comments; Popular Content; Getting Started.

Activity 2. Manuela is pronounced similarly to Manollo. as a toast for drinking, meaning, "Bottoms up!" I'd like to strum it on the uke.Thanks! Jesse Tinsley. They may need to ask their family members about the languages that they spoke or speak, and why they may have lost them. Is there more than one audience?

Assign a few students to research Charles E. King and Hilo Hattie. Watch the documentaries HKWTPY? Marshall Harlan.

Discuss the important facts of the case and tell students that they will prepare a Origin is Hebrew, meaning "One with God" or "God is with us". introduced in 1967 by Texas senator Ralph Yarborough. Why/why not?

Handed down on May 17, 1954, the Warren Court's unanimous (9–0) decision stated that "separate educational facilities are inherently unequal." Notes for the teacher: It’s important to point out that Hawaiian was spoken to some degree by the Chinese immigrants who first came to Hawai‘i, starting in the 1850s.

Her use of English was important to her because of her experiences with schooling, which was English-only. Ask students to compare and contrast the way humor and language are used in each song lyric. YOU GO AALA PARK HIAMOE

Manuela is generally used as a girl's name. Hawaiian song lyrics:

I found the following on the Internet, which is almost exactly as he sang it, but made a few translation notes of my own for a friend in Texas who had heard it once.

I no likee you no more Ha ha ha ha auwe, auwe, Source: King's Hawaiian Melodies - Copyright 1934, 43 Charles E. King, 1984 Criterion Music Corp, Teacher’s guide: Glossary of selected terms for “Pidgin English Hula”

(VAMP) D7-2,G7-2,C4 C Papa works for the stevedore Mama makes the leis G7 Sister goes with the haole boy C Come home any old time. Too muchee guru looking Encourage them to use the timeline on the website. Discuss “local humor”.

After the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy, English became the only official language for education, and schools became central in the development of the English-based Pidgin that eventually evolved into Hawai‘i Creole. Students will come

Hapa-haole music—“half-foreign” music that mixed American jazz rhythms and Hawaiian instrumentation with English and Hawaiian language—established itself as a major “promotional tool” for Hawai‘i’s growing tourism industry. Pilikia: Hawaiian for trouble. Prep: Have students watch 3 to 5 personal collage versions of “Hawaii ‘78” on YouTube. YOU NO MORE HILA HILA

Objectives: This lesson connects civil rights issues in Manuela Boy.

“I’ve always been open-minded since I was very young,” he said of his first tat at age 14, which is his stage name on his left leg. Recordings: Suggested topics (and helpful resources): Activity 3. Unfortunately, this musical connection is just one small instance of the many historical connections between blackface racist images and Native Hawaiian people, as touched upon by sites like

Ha ha ha ha. Explore the idea of how Pidgin has changed over time. One of his favorite tattoos is the lion he has on the left side of his chest because it represents the strength he needed when he was going through difficult times at a young age. "Manuela Boy, my dear boy;you no more hila hila; no more 5 cents no more house; go Aala Park hia moi. Manuela as a name for boys (also used as girls' name Manuela) is of Hebrew derivation, and the meaning of Manuela is "God is with us".

COMES HOME ANY OLD TIME I tell you true, she smart, What other kinds of people (ethnicities) would your group have interacted with? Yes, but what the use As for face and neck tattoos, the “Felices Los 4” singer admits that they are “too much” and “hard-core.” Watch the full video below. Break class up into groups and give each group the lyrics to “Pidgin English Hula,” a hapa-haole song popular in the 1930s (copyrighted in 1934 by composer Charles E. King) and still popular today (e.g., Makaha Sons recorded this song on Heke Wale Nō). Learn more about the history of the cultural and economic relationship between Hawai‘i and the U.S. by interacting with popular cultural texts like songs, sheet music cover art, and TV shows.

Hula Blues, by Gurre Ploner Noble, Activity 3: Local humor and mainland representations of Hawai‘i. Have them write a short biography to share with the class. However, a few strong supporters remain vocal about the value of hapa-haole music [for an example of this, see the Honolulu Weekly article on the Annual Hapa-Haole Music and Film Festival put on by Kumu Hula Vicky Holt Takamine.

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