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Has put me off using them in the future. To my surprise I was browsing their site for the same sunglass and saw in description that it comes with a case and cleaning cloth bffff mine didn't . Took a little longer to arrive due to it being sale time. However, compared to what you can get at Zara for the quality and pricing - mango shoes are usually an epic fail in most cases. Still no refund so I’m chasing my credit card company to perform a chargeback for the full amount. I hate them and going not to buy shoes from mango. DURABILITY: 5  MATERIAL: 5  I'm considering shopping the Mango sale, but I've read some bad reviews of their customer service and return process, so I want to find out more about their sizing, in order to … Latest trends in our women’s footwear collection: sandals, ballerina shoes, heels, boots and booties.

Your poor processes and ineffective staff are making your clients losing money - this should not be accepted and I demand my money back. Minus a point if possible. Days went by with no notice from them regarding refund. FREE STANDARD SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER US$50 + FREE RETURNS ON ALL ORDERS - RETURNS EXTENDED TO 60 DAYS. Still waiting to hear back from my last two emails. Have never waited so long at other companies for an order JUST TO DISPATCH. I selected Australia to ensure confidence in my experience but no such luck. I have never experienced this “normal process” at other clothing companies. Will definitely buy from here again. I have been waiting for it for weeks and it has finally arrived.

And the shoes are not expensive for the great quality they have :). I bought a pair of black snakeskin sneakers a while ago and they were so stiff! Called customer service couple of times to follow up and they kept saying they don’t know much and it’s under going normal process.

... LEATHER - MANGO SELECTED Leather boots with tall leg. MATERIAL: 1  I have to buy on your website a product for 699 EGP from the Master Card, but the amount was withdrawn without registering the order on your website in EgyptMy name/ mustafa mohamed Abdulaziz mohamedMy phone 201010545114And 201285218725My, REFUSES TO PROVIDE CLEAN WATER FOR THEIR WORKERS?! FREE STANDARD SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER US$50 + FREE RETURNS ON ALL ORDERS - RETURNS EXTENDED TO 60 DAYS.

Yes, you definitely need a pair of pink satin mules. So comfortable, its fit on you.. i love mango's new collection...esp. US$249.99.

And its versatile and tough. All the reviews I read said their sizes run small, so since I am usually a M, I placed an order for an L for a few things - everything was way too big and boxy cut. I noticed with this brand either hit or miss when it comes to their fashion. I ordered a top six weeks ago now and returned to exchange for a smaller size.

Literally I had checked the refund box. DURABILITY: 4  Horrible client service! The webpage says "easy returns" and "we are here to help".. what a joke!There is no return address to send the items to, customer service in Sydney does not pick up even within the"said" operating hours and there is no provision to leave a message.I love the coat I ordered and am so disappointed to not be able to exchange or return for my size! COMFORT: 4  Bad is not enough to describe their Customer Support systems and effectiveness! I told them that i did not receive my items they were not able to provide me the address of the delivery company and they have never refund me! but when u email it says the order number needs to be 6 in length - it is a shambles - if it was a cheap shop I would not mind but it is not. These strappy sandals feel like they were plucked straight out of the '90s. After an email and a phone call to explain the error and request an exchange and completing the forms required for the courier pick up, I have now been charged for the courier pick up and refunded for the remainder cost of the shirt rather than the exchange I had requested on the returns form.

Will be wearing it tomorrow!!!!!!!!! I have tried for 2 consecutive nights to get through on their CS line with no answer after several attempts each night.

I only wore them a few times and I never find myself wanting to take them out.

Something you would expect takes a couple weeks maximum. I received my black high waisted wide legged black faux- leather pants and I was do Excited!!!! The fit and length was Excellent!!! Helpless and frustrated with their online payment system. DURABILITY: 2  Very disappointed that in the current climate ( or any time) businesses are able to continue to operate in this way. The shoes like a stone they have no elasticity. I asked about it (Twitter was all they answer) and they told me they’d sent my exchange.

Awful! Overall I like their products, but quality is not good.

This time, I found myself deep in a rabbit hole of Mango shoes. DURABILITY: 1  Communication from the customer services team is incredibly poor with very slow response times. some of my co-workers might disown me for this.

We just found our new summer going-out shoes. ... LEATHER - MANGO SELECTED Leather boots with tall leg. The other day I was scrolling through Mango's shoe section, and I have to say, I let out an audible gasp at what I saw (in a good way, I promise). You'll feel special every time you put on these pretty flowery heels.

In fact, most of their clothes are overpriced and are not worth the money. I like mango quality and their style! US$249.99. Horrible customer service. Nothing new if I would say that Mango and Zara's customer service sucks. Almost a month later and the order has still not been dispatched.

Got these nice boots today, my favourite of all the boots they did this season. Sent back an item for refund. After wearing them 2 days my toes started to irritate. for the shoes w/ neon colors...they are so all the colors...^^. CRAFTSMANSHIP: 2, OVERALL RATING: 5  Are they epic incompetents or fraudulent? I bought mango shoes, kitten heel shoes, from mango store. Large majority say avoid like COVID so be advised!!!! Mango even confirmed they had received the top and were processing the exchange but have heard nothing since.

CRAFTSMANSHIP: 5, OVERALL RATING: 4  mango have a really chic shoes collection, well not all of them really comfy, hehe but thay really lovely!!

we as consumer spend our money to buy stuff but majority of the time the staff don't really bother to do their job and companies like Mango and Zara don't really care . Too shabby and worn to wear outside the house after 3 wears. Hi! Sweater pilling after just one use. Lost £120 because my order address has not been changed on time despite writing to them straight after and multiple calls (over 1h wasted)... waited 20 minutes twice for a call and they hanged up on me! Always i can find smth new that fits me great! Please be careful when ordering. Worst quality clothes I have ever had the misfortune to ever purchase!

The shirt I recently bought online came with a hole in it and the seams are done horribly. iI will not spend a penny anymore in their shops. You'll wear these way more often than you think. Once you feast your eyes on the following pairs of sleek cowboy boots, contrast-heel pumps, and printed sandals ahead, you'll see exactly what I mean when I say that "my heart hurts" over these incredibly stylish (and affordable) shoes. Almost a month since I placed my order and there is no tracking information. They charged me $5 to return it. Free delivery from £30 and free returns - RETURNS EXTENDED TO 60 DAYS I am not even expecting here that they will change a bit because I know they don't CARE. DURABILITY: 4  COMFORT: 2  My sister just got me these nice pair of gladiator heels and i want to wear it everyday!!!! Ahead, shop every pair of Mango shoes I can't get over, from contrast-heel pumps to retro strappy sandals. I bought mango shoes, kitten heel shoes, from mango store. COMFORT: 5  NEVER EVER IN MY LIFE I WILL EVER BUY FROM HERE AGAIN. Monsoon) so you don't need to go down a size ime.

I mean small or big items customers buy service and trust should always be the first priority right? Horrible wait time, and it’s wasting my time.

After wearing them 2 days my toes started to irritate. CRAFTSMANSHIP: 4.

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Mango Steam Bristol Shoe Bench - Heather Grey - Texture Woven Fabric Top and Durable Steel Legs at !They are Perfect!!!! I'm talking about heels and I would know, because I worked there for a long while and I adore this company. Contrasting heels are a microtrend that we're predicting will soon be everywhere. Have received a coat- no button hole - customer services extremely inadequate. I hate them and going not to buy shoes from mango. Each pair I discovered was even more amazing than the next, leaving me indecisive as to which pair to order (I already had seven pairs in my shopping cart).

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