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Afterwards both mom and kittens are free to join the other girls.

This keeps them out of the way of predators, and helps them spot potential prey without being seen.

[45] Polydactyly in Maine Coon cats is characterised by broad phenotypic diversity. Article from: We will not answer texts or phone calls for now. Sadly, this is far from the truth. Our cattery was started because of our love for the Maine Coon breed and cats in general.

There's a wide range of different types available, so pick the one that you and your kitten are happiest with.Scratching postsScratching is a natural behaviour.

Maine Coons possess a rectangular body shape and are slow to physically mature; their full size is normally not reached until they are three to five years old, while other cats take about one year. No records of the Maine Coon's exact origins and date of introduction to the United States exist, so several competing hypotheses have been suggested, the most credible suggestion being that it is closely related to the Norwegian Forest cat and the Siberian.

We are a small home based cattery located in Waterbury, CT.

Kittens are allowed to go to new homes at a minimum of 12 weeks of age and they will have had all required shots except for a rabies shot, plus tested for FELV & FIV. Abby came to us from Bellacoons, Pennsylvania, This is Katia, our new breeding queen. They are very affectionate and get along with almost every other pet. Maine Coons have inhabited America for centuries, even during the early colonial period. NEWS! Most of the vaccines above need to be boosted again at the 1-year mark, after which the frequency of re-vaccination may change, based on the vaccine itself (its reported “duration of immunity”) and all of the cat-specific factors outlined above. Stewie died 4 February 2013, from cancer at his home in Reno, Nevada, at age 8. [4][5] Professionals notice certain health problems recurring in the breed, including feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and hip dysplasia, but reputable breeders use modern screening methods to minimize the frequency of these problems. We specialize in European Maine Coon cats. Our email has changed for now.

Location: Marshfield Hills, MassachusettsWebsite:, Associations: TICA, CFAPhone Number: [39] The hip dysplasia registry (public and private) collected by OFA through April 2015 also showed that there were 2,732 cats that suffered from hip dysplasia, of which 2,708 (99.1%) were Maine Coons.

This training takes time and patience, for both you and the cat, and it's easiest when your cat is young.

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