m8 hole size in mm

metric socket-head cap screws: screw dia: counterbore dia: counterbore depth: countersink dia: clearance dia (normal fit) clearance dia (close fit) m1,6: 3,50mm %PDF-1.4 5 0 obj

© Copyrights All Rights Reserved Thor International Pte Ltd, 2019 ��B*�g���{�f�D蜴�dgĵ���C\+��X?-�?-�T�s�Y��G. Size (mm) Minor Diameter (mm) M2 M4 M18 M16 M10 M9 M8 M14 M20 53/64 22.0021.00 55/64. Metric Tap Size Chart Tap size Diameter (in) Diameter (mm) Thread count (TPI) Thread pitch (mm) Tap drill size M1x0.2 0.0394 1.0000 ~127 0.200 0.8 mm %�쏢 stream Rivet Nut Hole Size Chart Metric March 23, 2019 M8 nutsert hole size a pictures of blind rivet nuts and studs rivkle 991 hexcutter tools for hexagonal holes pre bulbed cross nuts straight shank thermdrill secure connection at x��[[o����\�\.V��ܜء��Y�;��kѾ}I! �0�%�B�0�]��E�L��$J�p2��$V&��,�T�E�䶝:3vN&��s�`]K8��"ZGL3�(T1u���j0���=�i�ZD̊����bT�X���,k^&�����Wzɚ)3c"WȤF="�R! �>�m��Va��=gx�! �X��4�6t�UP���Ud�,��X 6Nƻ����t'�]Oo�ӓ7䱈����Ǐ�F�Ѯ��3$a㤧�3l`���e��~gj�?�����]��{������q������0�Fd��~�;^$�4�f��|{{�ϝ����Zw�C�����cqz8=�xS��YBt͌��OO��ʍ�5�ca����d������@5�������8���1�`�0��B�8�I�Lh�VF�_�S�?rF�z#����Vh�珮��S��\����~�6�l���/��i a)/n�e�s{'U���G���Z�c�õ&n���`��9�ψ���(ZSu� KȚ�x ����a��.D#�(p�crzH �B�� i@^K��:�B�eBY�8e���>eY�2cji�i ��Ģ�3��.�u��8a��e>a�z ����-DqQs�p8���0pVl�����(Rp㲡��H�e@���xj��ĚE�8��2����~���J|����1����u��:-���f��U��L�6Wl <> )��h�J�M g���u����)��v?����Ϻ��?��;�H��w;�L{����dRv�x�����慎���e�P�h�U���6�������~i��~�b+a9��жR�W������FR�x5��.�AV7cB�����

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