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The front sighting element consisted of a wing-protected front post, and was adjusted laterally and locked into position during assembly at the arsenal.

The unusual 'dog-leg' shaped bolt handle is low profile and places the bolt knob just rearwards of the trigger close to the firer's hand, facilitating rapid cycling and fire.

Instead, as on the earlier Model 1895 (Chilean) Mauser, the bolt handle recesses into a notch in the receiver, which serves as an emergency locking lug in the event of failure of the frontal locking lugs. Design changes were few; the stripper clip feed, internal box magazine, bolt face, chamber and rifling dimensions were altered to suit the .30-06 Springfield cartridge and the US pattern 5-round stripper clips, the stock was slightly redesigned, lightening it somewhat, and the volley fire sights on the left side of the weapon were deleted. De contracten werden uitgegeven aan generaal bestek van Fremont, Ohio en Canadese arsenalen Ltd, de oude Long Branch Arsenal of Quebec, Canada. The location of the safety on the right rear of the receiver has also been copied by most sporting bolt-action rifles since, as it falls easily under the firer's thumb. De bajonet werd opnieuw opgeroepen tijdens de Koreaanse Oorlog voor het probleem met de verschillende Trench wapens nog steeds in dienst. Nearly 470 pages of text cover its unique relationship to the P1914/M1917 rifle (and bayonet-adapted shotguns) and the countries where it was issued. Cole this bayonet was manufactured in the 1960's (Vietnam Era) for shotguns to be used for guard and riot duty. Amerikaanse militaire bajonetten van de Grote Oorlog (Wereldoorlog I). One of the weapons given to X Force was the M1917 rifle. De M1917 bajonet is ontworpen voor gebruik met de Amerikaanse M1917 Enfield .30 kaliber geweer, alsook met de zeven verschillende Amerikaanse geul shotguns . In an ironic reversal of names, in Irish service the M1917 was often referred to as the "Springfield"; presumably since an "Enfield" rifle was assumed to be the standard Irish MkIII Short Magazine Lee–Enfield, while "Springfield" was known to be an American military arsenal. Stephen M Cullen, In Search of the Real Dad's Army, Pern & Sword Books Linmited 2011, Small Arms of WWI Primer 028: U.S. Rifle Model of 1917, List of individual weapons of the U.S. Armed Forces, "FM 23-6 Basic Field Manual: U.S. Rifle, Caliber .30, M1917, 20 October 1943", http://www.guns.com/2012/10/24/remington-m1917-enfield-rifle/, http://www.nramuseum.org/the-museum/the-galleries/america-ascending/case-57-world-war-i-allies-the-world-at-war,-1914-1918/us-winchester-model-1917-bolt-action-rifle.aspx, "Sgt. 3) developed and manufactured during the period 1917–1918. However, the onset of World War I came too quickly for the UK to put it into production before the new cartridge could be perfected, as it suffered from overheating in rapid fire and bore fouling. [12] Many were bought by the United Kingdom through the British Purchasing Commission for use by the Home Guard; 615,000 arrived in Britain in the summer of 1940, followed by a further 119,000 in 1941. M1917 bayonet Canadian issue – right side of bayonet and front of scabbard P.1853 SOCKET BAYONET SCABBARD: marked to the 44th Welland Batt. Weapons de M1917 bajonet werd gebruikt met, Wapens van de M1917 bajonet werd gebruikt met, Lijst van individuele wapens van de Amerikaanse krijgsmacht, "Het verzamelen van de VS bajonet, Model 1917", Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License, This page is based on the copyrighted Wikipedia article. The M1917 was also issued to the Local Defence Force of the Irish Army during World War II, these were part-time soldiers akin to the British Home Guard. $225.00 **Click on a Picture to see enlarged photo** SOLD B-3 . The M1917's barrel had a 1 in 10 in (254 mm) twist rate and retained the 5-groove left hand twist Enfield-type rifling of the P14, in contrast to the 4-groove right hand twist rifling of the M1903 Springfield and other US designed arms. When the U.S. entered the war, it had a similar need for rifles. The definitive book about the P1913 and M1917 bayonet! [14] This rifle was also used, unofficially, in small Middle-East and African conflicts as a military-assistance program supplied rifle. A combat-expedient repair method was to slip a bit of rubber under the bolt stop spring. In a manufacturing change from the Mauser 98 and the derivative Springfield, the bolt is not equipped with a third 'safety' lug. The angled lugs had no tendency to unwind with chamber pressure since the "angle of repose" of smooth, lubricated steel surfaces is approximately 8 degrees. Chinese Communist forces used M1917 rifles during the Korean War. at Abbotsford Air Shows, Photos – Aircraft etc. Getoond wordt de Amerikaanse Bayonet M1905 aangebracht op de 1903 Springfield Rifle en de Verenigde Staten Bayonet M1917 bevestigd aan het Model 12 Winchester Trenchgun (12 gauge pump shotgun). Presentation of new mace to “E” Division RCMP Pipes and Drums, Museums – Giving a Tour & Public Speaking. [9] After the fall of the Philippines, M1917 rifles were used by Japanese police forces[10] as well as by U.S. and Filipino soldiers with the local guerrillas before the liberation of the Philippines. The M1917 was well-suited to the rimless .30-06 Springfield round which came closer in overall length and muzzle energy to the original .276 Enfield high-velocity round for which the rifle had been designed than the rimmed, less powerful .303 British round of the P14. Het was pas tegen het einde van de oorlog in Vietnam, dat nieuwe militaire geweren werden ontworpen om de nieuwere mes bajonetten gebruiken. One advantage was that when the bolt handle was turned up the lugs cleared each other immediately so full effort was applied to the extraction cam. Numerically, it was the main rifle used by the American Expeditionary Forces in Europe during World War I. The rifle maintains the British cock-on-closing feature, in which the bolt's mainspring is loaded and the rifle cocked as part of the return stroke of the bolt, which aided rapid fire, especially as the action heated up. Hoewel in eerste instantie ontworpen voor de M1917 geweer was de bajonet gemonteerd voor gebruik op alle "geul" shotguns op het moment. A third manufacturer, Eddystone Arsenal – a subsidiary of Remington – was tooled up at the Baldwin Locomotive Works in Eddystone, Pennsylvania. Firm in the grip. M1917 bayonet Canadian issue – right side of bayonet and front of scabbard, FOR SALE – Firearms & Deactivated Firearms, Letters from William Arnott Stevens to his Grandsons, Documents of Lieutenant Earle Walter HUME, killed in World War I, Photos – Aircraft etc. The M1917's long barrel and issued 16.5 in (419 mm) blade bayonet proved too lengthy and cumbersome for trench fighting, while its weight and overall length made the rifle difficult to use for some smaller-statured soldiers. They were produced in Canada by General Cutlery & Canada Arsenal. Perfect for military re-enactors and discerning collectors. After World War II, the M1917 went out of front-line duty with the US forces. Both P14 and M1917 rifles are noted for several design features. The U.S. Enfield Bayonet. The M1917 Enfield like the Mauser Gewehr 98 had no magazine cut-off mechanism, which when engaged permits the feeding and extraction of single cartridges only while keeping the cartridges in the magazine in reserve. With the longer sighting plane, the M1917 proved generally more accurate at long distances than the M1903, at the expense of greater weight. An advanced design, for the era, of aperture rear sight and a long sight radius were incorporated to maximize accuracy potential. By November 11, 1918 about 75% of the AEF in France were armed with M1917s. Compared to the German Mausers or U.S. 1903 Springfield, the SMLE's .303 rimmed cartridge, originally a black powder cartridge, was ill-suited for feeding in magazine or belt-fed weapons and the SMLE was thought to be less accurate than its competition at longer ranges. As it entered World War I, the UK had an urgent need for rifles, and contracts for the new rifle were placed with arms companies in the United States.

In 1934 500 Remington Model 1934 were delivered and in 1935 2,500. The design carried over a Lee–Enfield type safety at the rear of the action and a bolt that cocked on closing to ease unlocking of the bolt during rapid fire. The US M1917 Bayonet with Scabbard is a Vietnam War era bayonet designed for use with the US Army Shotgun that was fielded by soldiers in the jungles of Vietnam. A 16.5-inch blade bayonet, the M1917 bayonet was produced for use on the rifle; it was later used on several other small arms including the M97 and M12 trench shotguns and early M1 Garands. This development named the Pattern 1913 Enfield or P13, included a front locking, dual lug bolt action with Mauser type claw extractor as well as a new, powerful rimless .276 Enfield cartridge. De M1917 werd vaak gebruikt tijdens de verschillende oorlogen van de Banaan . Additional surplus rifles were bought by European arms distributors and converted to 7.92×57mm Mauser, then sold for use in the civil war in Spain during the 1930s. These rifles were also used by the Hukbalahap.[11].

After the armistice, most M1917 rifles were placed in storage, although Chemical Mortar units continued to be issued them. X Force was the name given to a portion of the Chinese Army equipped and trained by the US during World War II. The M1917 has a 31.76 in (806.7 mm) sight radius. Many M1917 Enfield rifles were refurbished during World War II with newly manufactured High Standard barrels with 4-groove rifling and Johnson Automatics barrels which had 2-groove rifling.[18]. The M1917 Enfield, the "American Enfield", formally named "United States Rifle, cal .30, Model of 1917" is an American modification and production of the .303-inch (7.7 mm) Pattern 1914 Enfield (P14) rifle (listed in British Service as Rifle No. Future American rifles, such as the M1903A3 Springfield, M1 Garand and M1 carbine, would all use similar rear sights. RCMP Musical Ride 2013-08-28 Richmond, B.C. Nice bright blade.

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