luke and susie outdoor gear review

I ran across a Documentry called," Figure it out on the Hayduke trail". You have brought back in me a hunger for the outdoors that has been missing for a very long time. I enjoyed watching your videos and just wanted to know if you have any gear left that you like to sell?

The trip where they camped in the snow and his buddy got wet and they had to cuddle for the night was fun to watch. Love your videos. Hey Luke and Susan I know you guy's are crazy busy,but have you ever thought of having backpacking safety and/or bush craft courses at Lone Wolf Mountain? Reply Delete. What is a good email for you the one I try does not work. thanks, Hey Luke do u have any 90 litter packs for sale and how much.

I dont know how to enter on your website so i thought that i would talk right to you guys. do you still have the Yukon tarp and Yukon hammock with net? Older Posts Home.

I am going to need a durable 1 person tent.

Thank You much, Dan. I'd be interested in seeing you put this through its paces (if you can get hold of one).

Luke, I have been watching your channel for about a month or two.

Again i am trying to enter into the knife give away, please count me in and i would enjoy it so muck if could win the knife. Hi,Have you tried the Grayl water purification bottle? It’s a bike/ hiking trail.

I also really appreciate that your vids are family friendly as my daughter and I frequently watch them together.

I dont know how to enter on your website so i thought that i would talk right to you guys. Anyway excellent work as always. I may use that stove for my next trip. I wish you and your family a merry Christmas, health and strength.

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For example; for a day hike I found "Direct Action Dragon Egg" backpack to be the best in that catagory.

I am from this area!

I'm also obese - alright I hope I don't lose you there. I have a goal -a dream really, to be able to hike the John Muir trail - not the whole 211 miles just the section that runs through Yosemite valley maybe to Mount Whitney.

I'd love to see a best-of-the-best list(without regards to price, and a best-value list (best for the money).

hi Luke my name is jeremiah ive been watching your channel for years.

Luke, I am 65 years old and I live in a nursing home, but I live vicariously through you. The Outdoor Gear Review at 10:21:00 AM No comments: Email This BlogThis! The video is entitled Alaskan Army Truck Adventure Dirt Every Day Ep. God bless you and your family this Chrisman season. I have very recently been diagnosed with a serious illness and because of this I am doing everything I have always wanted to do! Luke, have you done an episode about hot weather camping? I have three items on my Amazon "save or wish list" and they are the Teton 3400 Scout backpack in orange, One Tigris blanket and an Alps Mountaineering one person tent. My fiancee and I are both flight attendants, which gives us a ton of time to backpack and enjoy the outdoors, but it seems like you have a killer job that gives you a ton of time off too! hello liking your videos and information my question is where do i find solid fuel cubes??

Reply. The 65 liters or the 75 liters? Replies. I grew up in Boone NC I love seeing the terrain I grew up hiking. Just FYI, Luke, the Motor Trend Channel has an episode 57 on their rebuilt version of their "Moose" and took it up to Alaska. Theme images by, Hiking, Camping, Backpacking, Instruction and Adventure.

If or when you do make it here to Utah and still looking for things to do feel free to contact me.

What do you do as a just in case of getting stuck.

Great job with the videos! Hey luke, are you planning on doing a fjallraven gear trip?

Best wishes during this pandemic.

A little about myself : As many of you know, my name is Luke and I'm a family man first and an outdoorsman second. Also like the fact that you are in the Carolina's. Hey Luke I came across your channel today, and have watched several videos.

I hope this finds you, to get a response from you would be AWESOME!I am 53 years old and handicap - I appreciate the respect you have for the handicap.

Some other channels have poor recording quality or speak like they're a 5th grader giving a big speech in front of half the school. See More on Facebook. I want you to know that I really appreciate all that you are doing with your channel, I use to be an avid hiker when I was younger but I hope to get back to it when I have reached my weight loss goal of 200 pounds. of Michigan along the shore of Lake superior now which is beautiful in its own right.

Have been for a couple years.

pen knife vs multi-tool),# lightweight gear that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Super expensive, but worth every penny. Hi Luke. I live in the Carolinas and all I can really see are campsites that focus on RVing which is not the "nature immersion" I'm looking for. Did you make Glacier ? Rain and Storms with the Wildlands UL2 Tent, My Pick for the Best Ultralight Rain Pants - Outdoor Research Helium Pants, Expert Bushcraft, Survival and Wilderness Tips - Part 1. Reply. Do you know anything about OR have you had any dealings with the Rightline Gear Pop Up Tent? I notice they have been bringing out some good looking tents recently; the Abisko Lite 1 and 2 seem particularly interesting to me, obviously hard wearing, but at top end of a lot of peoples budgets; but you seem to get what you pay for. I would love to share my adventures with anyone that wants to see me relearn my skills one handed, or at least with a gimpy hand, lol..

Hi Luke, I second this request. Ps TOGR patches are awesome , got mine fixed on to my 40 let British Army Patrol Pack. Pray all is well, David, Thank you very much my friend. Seeing his father for the first time – the power of a cataact surgery February 10, 2020. I am the son of a marine who could firms alot of what you say and teach. Pete. Any relation to les stroud? I was looking your older reviews and I found the one from December 30 of last year (Thrunite TH01 headlamp). Replies. Enjoying your videos! He does a good mix of backpacking, hiking, and a tiny bit of bushcraft and isn't a gear snob by any means. Good Afternoon Luke, Hopefully you and your family are doing well.

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