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After the intial set-up, taking the Maxjax from storage to ready-to-lift is only a matter of minutes. - 4 Simple operation People only need to turn the key switch on the control panel to operate the equipment. Despite the slimmer proportions, you still get ample drive-thru and clearfloor design for a look at that's as clean as it is practical.

The dual telescoping arms can extend to those hard to reach lift points and auto lock in to position when the carriage lifts.

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Concrete Requirements, BendPak on TV It is portable in the sense that you can move the posts (columns), they have wheels, to another location, generally for storage.However, in order to use the lift the posts need to be secured to the concrete floor using anchor bolts. When shopping for a 2-Post Lift you first need to measure the ceiling height of your garage to determine whether or not you have enough height to install this automotive equipment.

Set-up only involves wheeling the posts into position and bolting them down. A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Super-slim side columns define the look of the GrandPrix. Lower base plate in order to fit for different vehicles. All rights reserved. », The Best Two-Post Lift for Low Ceilings », GrandPrix vs. Portable Two-Post Car Lifts ». The result is a slimmer, safer, 100% industrial-grade lift that homeowners and professionals alike can be proud to put in their garages. Warranty Claims

You can buy most items in HAUVREX related to garage equipments to save your energy to purchase somewhere else. Just like any regular 2 post car lift the MaxJax has extendable telescope arms and auto locking arm restraints.

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Directions, 1​ (800​) 253-2363 Toll Free 6.

Dannmar MaxJax is in a category all on it’s own.

- User Information Legal Enquiry Guide, © 1999-2020 Alibaba.com. Safety is always paramount when lifting a vehicle, so, like the others this car lift has safety locking bars. Mon - Fri, 7​am to 4:30​pm PST, Policies Orders & Shipping Refurbished Privacy Policy Terms Style Guide RATZ Check Site Map Contact Locator

Dual-capability Bi-metric arms can be adjusted for symmetric or asymmetric vehicle loading at any time. - · Door opening protection rubber as standard. 6.AA4C products warranty: We provide 12 months trouble-free warranty and online support for all of our machines. | No additional purchase necessary. Quad lifting cables ensure your GP-7LCS is as reliable as any two-post lift ever made.

1​ (805) 933-9970 Local 2-post lifts are the favorite of shop owners, they make professional repairs much easier than any … Shop for BendPak/9000 lbs. Contact, Chat Live

These stop the arms from moving once you engage lift. The Maxjax stands in a category of its own, offering two post clear floor convenience, compact storage and portability. 3.Manual lock release from t w o sides and single side,electric.

In reality many of you would not have to move the posts or at most only move one post to gain floor space back.

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The GrandPrix was invented to give you more versatility to work from home. | Affiliate, Product Listing Policy How many products will give us the lowest price9 40' container quotation will be lowest price.

Offering complete clear floor under car access and column widths that can be set from 105 inches to 135 inches the Maxjax is ideal for any car enthusiast who likes to do their own maintenance, repairs or detailing.

1​ (888) 856-5820 Support Copyright © 2020 BendPak Inc. All rights reserved. To this end, compromises have come in the form of "portable" two-post models. The Maxjax can access lift points as low as 3.5″ and will lift to a 45 inch maximum height. Well, not just the home mechanic, any auto enthusiast, hobbyist, service shop that has space restrictions would benefit from a portable two poster. Intellectual Property Protection

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Qingdao Yijiaan Industry And Trade Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Junliye Import And Export Co., Ltd. Yingkou Jaray Machanical Equipment Co., Ltd. Shanghai AA4C Auto Maintenance Equipment Co., Ltd. Yantai Langda Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Shanghai Reach Automotive Equipment Co., Ltd. Shanghai Xinghui Auto Maintenance Machinery Co., Ltd. Yingkou Tongda Auto Maintenance Equipment Co., Ltd. Qingdao Desiree Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. Yancheng Honzo Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd. Qingdao Hachieve Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Weiyuan Mechenical Equipment Co., Ltd. Hauvrex Automotive Equipment (Lin'an) Co., Ltd. used 2 post car lift for sale floor plate.

5. It's also backed by a full service team to support your every need, before and after your purchase.

For a couple more options on low ceiling 2 post car lifts (not portable), read this. It can be installed in virtually every garage on the planet and still offers an impressive 58" rise. The Challenger CLFP9 two-post car lift is low enough to fit inside spaces with lower ceilings, yet durable enough to lift a variety of heavy vehicles for service or storage purposes. GrandPrix vs. Portable Two-Post Car Lifts, Telescoping Low-Pro™ arms for sports cars, Bi-metric asymmetric & symmetric arm configuration. Government Buyers This ensures that in virtually every single circumstance, as long as the lift is properly operated and maintained, failure in the form of uneven lifting or sudden drops is entirely eliminated. · 2 -stage Screw-up pads suitable for low chassis vehicle as well as .

That's because most hydraulic cylinders found in car lifts are longer than the length of the lift's overhead crossbeam.

Adopt double cylinder,4x4 higher and stronger chain,the wire rope balance system.

The 2-post lift market is the fastest growing out of all car lifts.

Alibaba.com Site: International - Español - Português - Deutsch - Français - Italiano - हिंदी - Pусский - 한국어 - 日本語 - اللغة العربية - ภาษาไทย - Türk - Nederlands - tiếng Việt - Indonesian - עברית, AliExpress Follow Us 2. 1,075 low ceiling 2 post lift products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba.com, of which parking equipment accounts for 13%, car lifts accounts for 12%. ,LTD is a professional manufacturer and trading combination enterprise in auto maintenance equipment area.

There are two basic models to consider, a Baseplate 2 Post Car Lift or an Overhead 2 Post Lift.Both of these car lift models must be anchored into the concrete floor for proper stability. · Parachute valve that equipped in hydraulic joint ensures safety in case of oil hose broken. Lift carriages are connected to direct drive hydraulic cylinders.

The GP-7LCS is a truly one-of-a-kind design.

Offering complete clear floor under car access and column widths that can be set from 105 inches to 135 inches the Maxjax is ideal for any car enthusiast who likes to do their own maintenance, repairs or detailing.

That's why GrandPrix lets you switch between both. 浙B2-20120091.

Its extremely low-profile columns don't sacrifice lifting capacity: the GP-7LCS offers the full 7,000-lb. Our crucial placement of the cylinder frees up a lot of space along the sides, allowing the GP-7LCS to use a lot less steel. The GrandPrix GP-7LCS low-ceiling two-post lift is truly one-of-a-kind. | Showroom

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2 Safe and reliable The limit switch on the post and the anti-drop device offer double safety for this equipment.

No chains or carriage balance cables are used.

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Rubber support with f ir st , second and third level spiral to adjust the height. BendPak lifts are supplied with concrete fasteners that meet the criteria of the American National Standard ANSI/ALI ALCTV-(Current).

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No plate or cables or pipes across the top Variable width to suit different width of vehicles and narrow buildings. It ensures all products with reliable quality and warranty service for our customers. Events Garage Spotlights “Capacities range from 10,000 to 18,000 lbs.” Rotary Lift two-post lifts have been third-party tested by ETL and ALI certified to meet ANSI safety and performance standards.

lift of the other GrandPrix models and boasts a full 58" rise. Hydraulic hoses have quick release connections for easy set up and storage. All this is built into an extremely compact lift. Thread Status: Not open for further replies.

Some operators prefer to center their vehicles, while others prefer the asymmetric style that permits more door clearance.

You can submit the order list in our website ,after we get the list ,we will issue the PI to you to save your time! Two-post lifts have long been standard equipment for professional service bays, but many DIY'ers have been waiting for the day a model would come along that fits in an average-size garage.

Taobao Global - But in all likelihood, these lifts lack the GrandPrix's backup safety features, the sheer ruggedness of its construction and its full lifting height. These benefits make asymmetric lift ideal for trucks, vans, and commercial vehicles. When you really want a two post car lift but your garage ceiling is too low, the MaxJax portable two post lift is the option that stands out. The GrandPrix GP-7LCS low-ceiling two-post hoist is truly one-of-a-kind. Note: Not all BendPak lift models meet the standards as prescribed by ANSI/ALI ALCTV-2017 or ANSI/UL 201.

The incredible, game-changing upside of the GP-7LCS is that it stands at just 8' 10". For more lifting height, we recommend the 68" rise GP-7LC, which fits in garages with ceilings as low as 10'.

Even if it doesn't offer as much rise as high as other two-posts, its impressive 58" is still more than what you get with low-profile, mid-rise scissor lifts. 148'' x 24'' x 31'' (3759 mm x 609 mm x 787 mm).

What Makes GrandPrix Different Than Other Two-Post Lifts?

Convenient monthly payments make your equipment purchase simple. There is plenty of choice for two post car lifts and portable car lifts but there is very limited choice for a 2 Post Portable Car Lift. How safe are your 2 post car lift9 Our 2&4 post lifts have been tested and CE certified for safety . Just because it's a short design doesn't mean the GrandPrix comes up "short" on safety. In fact, it features twice as many steel lifting cables as other two-post lift and four-post lift models.

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When not required the lift can be easily packed up and stored out of the way keeping your garage clutter free.

What Makes GrandPrix Different Than Other Two-Post Lifts?

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