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Your email address will not be published. Also form of Carol. Of Course I Am Right I Am LOLA ... - 99 Cool Name Shirt ! Carol (#1788 VIA LATEST LIST), Charlotte (#6), Dolores, Loleta, Lolita, Lolla and Louise (#800) are the prominent related forms of Lola (#239).

This Guy Love Her LOLA ... 999 Cool Name Shirt ! Lola Montez was a racy and famous 19th-century courtesan. This Guy Has A Smoking Hot And Awesome LOLA She Bought Me This Shirt, Keep calm and let Lola handle it Name, Hoodie, t shirt, hoodies, i'm called Lola Because i'm way to cool - Lola tshirts, Keep calm and let Lola handle it T Shirt and Hoodie, Its An LOLA Thing. I LOVE the name Lola, but the meaning is slightly depressing, and it is so popular right now :( (where I live) I feel Lola is becoming the next Layla or Lila (both beautiful names though). Also form of Louise. I've heard it's regional - not across ALL of Argentina/Spanish-speaking countries, but definitely something to consider! The meaning of the name Lola is Sorrows. I May Be Wrong ...But I Highly Doubt It Im LOLA - Awesome Shirt !!! Great name, but I know a dog that goes by this. Lola (Tajik for tulip) is also a feminine name in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan. See also Lolita. The word "lola" is the word for … That's funny my daughters' names are Lola Blue and Scarlette Marie.

Diminutive form of Dolores. Nameberry is a registered trademark of Nameberry, LLC. It's so sweet and cute! It is derived from the Persian لاله or lâleh.". LOLA, LOLAYear, LOLABirthday, LOLAHoodie, LOLAName, LOLAHoodies, LOLA,LOLAYear, LOLABirthday, LOLAHoodie, LOLAName, LOLAHoodies. Other suggested similar-sounding names are Ala, Ayla▲, Cala, Dola, Eila, Erla, Gila, Hala, Illa, Iola▼, Jola, Kala▼, Kyla, Lal, Leya, Liba, Lil, Lilac, Lilas, Lina, Logan▲, Lona▼, Loni▼, Lora▼, Lori▼, Lorra, Lotta▼, Lou▼, Lowra, Loyda, Lyda▼, Lyra▲, Lysa, Lyza, Mela, Nila, Noela, Nola, Noola, Nowla, Nula, Paola▼, Pola, Sela, Tola, Tyla, Ulla, Xyla, Yola and Zola▲. The origin of the name Lola is Spanish. Please add to or correct the information provided by other members of the Nameberry community. Keep Calm I am ... LOLA - Awesome Keep Calm Shirt ! I am Spanish and my daughters all have welsh names so I thought this would be a clever tie in. We are considering Lola as a nickname for Elowyn. Short form of Dolores (Spanish) "sorrows".

God Know My Name LOLA -99 Cool Name Shirt !

Lola as a girls' name is pronounced LOH-lah. I have this little sister Lola. Be warned, though: "Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets," to quote a song from the show Damn Yankees. I can't see it on a teen or adult sadly. Team LOLA Lifetime member Legend - T Shirt, Hoodie, Hoodies, Year,Name, Birthday, Hiphopper Lola Womens TShirt Womens TShirt. Adoption of these relations of Lola was well-received 78 years ago (USAGE OF 2.91%) and is now significantly lower (USAGE 0.87%, DOWN 70%). - T Shirt, Hoodie, Hoodies, Year,Name, Birthday, LOLA LOLAYEAR LOLABIRTHDAY LOLAHOODIE LOLANAME LOLAHOODIES TSHIRT FOR YOU, Its a Lola Thing, You Wouldnt Understand !! These names tend to be less frequently used than Lola. This is the culture in which the name originated, or in the case of a word, the language. From Maria de los Dolores (the Virgin Mary, or Mary of the Sorrows. So all other meanings associated to it (other than the plural for "dolor", aka pain or sorrow) are later "reinterpretations" (or rather fabrication as they're completely arbitrary) of it to make it more appealing. Its A LOLA thing, you wouldnt understand !! You Wouldns Understand.New T-shirt. Thats exactly why i wanted this name for my baby girl! © 2020 Lola is one of the most truly international Spanish name for girls, enjoying mass popularity around the world. LOLA .Its A LOLA Thing You Wouldnt Understand - T Shirt, Hoodie, Hoodies, Year,Name, Birthday, TeeForLola Lola Thing New Cool Lola Name Shirt, Lola are Gods way of putting Angels on Earth, it's a Lola Thing - You Wouldn't Understand, Its An LOLA Thing.

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